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Meet: Best White-Haired Male Anime Characters

Anime is known for having unique and flashy hair colors and hairdos that defy the laws of gravity but among these white hair stands out the most, and if there is a white-haired character in the Anime it is a given that they will steal the spotlight in no time. 

Almost all the famous Anime have one white hair guy that has incredible strength, a flashy personality and not to mention a superior aura around them.

Having white hair usually denotes strength, whether it comes from a distinguished family, exceptional combat skills, or unusual magic.

It can also be a sign of impending death, as in the case of a character who has experienced trauma in the past or is hiding something sinister. 

White hair guys are fan favorites for a reason! There are many memes going around the Anime community about white hair supremacy and that if a character’s air is white in Anime there is a 100% chance that they are highly skilled.

White hair may also represent death or power in Anime as well. Here is a list of the best male characters with white hair:

The majority of well-known anime have a white-haired character with superhuman power, a showy attitude, and outstanding auras.
The majority of well-known anime have white-haired characters with superhuman power, a showy attitude, and outstanding auras.

Male Anime characters with White Hair

#10 Decim Death Parade

Decim is the protagonist in the Death Parade who works as a bartender at Quindecim, He is not human but an Arbiter for the dead. His group works with folks who died at the same time.

Thereafter, the victims would participate in a game to determine whether their souls would be reborn or sent to the hereafter.

At first, Decim seemed like an average side character but as the story progressed he began playing a major role in the Anime as an ally and a support system to some characters.

It turns out that despite his non-flashy persona he is a very nice and caring person. 

#9 Ginko Mushishi

Ginko works as a Mushishi, moving from place to place to assist those in need of help with issues brought on by them by Mushi.

Ginko is typically laid-back, although he can become rather serious while defending people from Mushi.

Yoki, who is now known as Ginko, was swallowed by the Tokoyami before the plot began, changing one of his eyes green and making his hair white.

Mushi is drawn to Gingko. This motivates him to lead a nomadic life since prolonged stays in one area might result in the gathering of potentially harmful Mushi. In order to keep Mushi away, he also smokes nonstop.

Ginko is generally relaxed back, but when it comes to defending people against Mushi, he can be quite serious. He emphasizes that the Mushi are not bad, but rather that they are simply a part of nature that strives for survival just like all other living things.

#8 Griffith Berserk

Griffith is Berserk’s main villain. He founded and is the commander of the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary force.

Griffith is a symbol of the evil side of mankind when a person sacrifices all that is morally upright in order to pursue their most ambitious goals at whatever cost.

Griffith’s persona is what really pushes Berserk’s plot, and a variety of elements combine to make Griffith the fearsome nemesis he is.

Griffith primarily has the appearance of a gallant knight commander and a haughty overlord, as seen by his arrogant face, expensive silver armor, and icy, analytical eyes. Griffith is skilled at using his inherent charm to get the respect and admiration of those around him.

He even used well-crafted speech and body language to accentuate his magnetic personality and gain supporters everywhere. He never fails to draw attention when he walks or rides in a parade on his horse.

#7 Zen Wistaria Snow White with the Red Hair

Zen Wisteria

Zen is the ultimate prince charming of a romance Anime. He looks heroic in his position as the Prince and is a fantastic swordsman, wise and cunning, but not overly distant.

Additionally, he is far more stylish than his sibling Izana. Although Zen fills the archetype of a Graceful prince, he also has character traits of his own. 

One thing that fans admire about him is his healthy relationship with Shruyaki; he has saved her on several occasions, but he also pays attention to her, and he respects her requests for him to refrain from interfering.

Most of the time, he maintains his cool, but sometimes, when he is with Shirayuki, he can easily feel embarrassed and even a little bit jealous.

While he may keep an eye on her and worry, he gives her the space to take care of the things she believes are important. Shirayuki also aids Zen and keeps him grounded, striking an excellent balance between the two. 

#6 Gintoki Gintama

The main character of Gintama is Sakata Gintoki. He is a late-20s samurai who wants to spend his days unwinding. Apart from his proficiency with a samurai sword, he is relatable in most aspects since he is sluggish and often sticks his finger in his ear or nose at unexpected moments.

In addition, Gintoki is known to be delinquent in his monthly rent payments since he is poor. Gintoki does his best to fulfill each task to the best of his ability despite his evident disinterest. 

His ability to be a well-rounded character who reacts to situations genuinely is one of his strongest qualities. In comic episodes, for instance, he is sarcastic and sloppy.

Gintoki, on the other hand, is a superb swordsman who is also incredibly obstinate and protective of his friends and family when a major issue occurs.
Gintama Funny moments

#5 Inuyasha – Inuyasha

One of the most adored characters on the list is this cute half-puppy, half-human master of the sword.

Inuyasha is proud, unyielding, and egotistical.
Despite his desire to keep it a secret from everyone
Inuyasha is proud, unyielding, and egotistical.

The white-haired protagonist of the Inuyasha narrative is one of the most known Anime characters, and its tale has enthralled a lot of fans over the years.

Inuyasha is haughty, stubborn, and conceited. Even though he’d rather like to hide it from everyone. But he does have a soft side, and he will fight to save Kagome, who he cares about more than he will ever acknowledge.

#4 Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul

In the Tokyo Ghoul films Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul A, and Tokyo Ghoul: re, Kaneki Ken serves as the series’ main character.

He was a human by birth, but after coming into contact with Kamishiro Rize, a female ghoul, he was attacked by her and had to have emergency surgery.

He soon discovers that doctor Kanou had implanted a piece of Rize’s Kagune into him, making him the first of many human-ghoul experiments.

Kaneki refuses to eat humans as a method of sustaining himself because of his morality and commitment to mankind, even when the meat is gained by non-violent means. Instead, he drinks a lot of coffee and, when absolutely necessary, will cannibalize other ghouls.

Although Kaneki may not be the most badass on the list his character is the most beautiful one, The development of Kaneki’s thoughts throughout the series is always fascinating.

His search for power and what it implies can go rather deep. It’s also intriguing to see how he struggles with embracing both his human and ghoul sides.

#3 Kakashi – Naruto

A sad origin story emotionally and physically wounds a character, explaining the villain’s journey into evil. A villain also possesses immense strength to destroy innocent lives.

Kakashi has both a tragic backstory and immense strength but he still chose to become a hero. He saw much death in his childhood as a kid soldier.

Despite having had a sad upbringing, Kakashi overcomes his trauma and uses the lessons he learns to save others from experiencing the same forced lifestyle that he did.

He was everything that made a classic villain. Instead, he rose to prominence as one of the most valiant and beloved Anime characters ever.

#2 Killua Zoldyk – Hunter x Hunter

From being an assassin who would kill anybody on command to someone who values life, he had an evolution.

In Hunter x Hunter, Killua shows some of the most impressive character growth. Because of his upbringing, mannerisms, and complex motives, Killua is relatable and charming; some fans even wish he was the real protagonist.

He evolved from being an assassin who would kill anyone on demand to someone who appreciates life. He declines to join the Zoldyck Family’s assassin business and goes back to his family.

Killua is a talented nen. Killua was exposed to a lot of electricity while growing up as part of the Zoldyck assassin training.

He, therefore, acquired tolerance and is now able to use electricity in his Nen talents. As a result, Killua acquired amazing skills like godspeed, which let him move more quickly than his adversary could respond.

#1 Satoru Gojo Jujutsu Kaisen

The strongest jujutsu sorcerer is Satoru Gojo, according to Jujutsu society. He acquired this alias because of the vast quantities of cursed energy that he has.

The size of Gojo’s cursed energy allows for numerous daily uses of Domain Expansion. However, most sorcerers are limited to using it once.

Gojo is not in any way a morally dubious person. Even though he has a deity mentality and is self-centered, his goodness has never been in question.

Gojo is viewed as a lighthearted and kind teacher to his students but not so much to his superiors, despite being one of the best sorcerers in the world.

The finest example of this is his disdain for Yoshinobu Gakuganji, the principal of Kyoto Jujutsu High and a senior jujutsu player.

Here are some other iconic male characters with white hair who are bound to make you fall in love with them:

Character’s NameAnime
Toushirou “Shiro-chan” HitsugayaBleach
Atsushi NakajimaBungo Stray Dogs
Tengen UzuiDemon Slayer
TomoeKamisama Kiss
Shouto TodorokiMy hero Academia
Allen WalkerD. Gray man
Zero KiryuVampire Knight
Hatsuharu SohmaFruits Basket
Garou One Punch Man
Best Anime characters with white hair


  • White-haired Anime characters are strong and pristine; they are frequently portrayed as badasses like Killua. Kakashi, Kaneki, and Inuyasha are three characters that share a good heart.
  • It’s also common with characters that have experienced a lot, with the implication being that their hair became white as a result. Ken Kaneki is an example of this.

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