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Phantom Troupe Strongest Members (Ranked)

Hunter x Hunter has given us many memorable characters, some of which belong to the series Phantom Troupe.

For those who have yet to watch the Anime, the Phantom Troupe is a gang of thieves renowned for their allegiance to each other and severe ruthlessness. 

The Phantom Troupe boasts the trademark of a twelve-legged spider, which is a metaphor that is used to describe the spider as the head of the troupe and the twelve legs as its loyal members.

Therefore, the phantom troupe is often called “Spider” too.

When he utilizes the book
When he utilizes the book “Bandit’s Secret,” his Nen activates.

It consists of thirteen extremely talented Nen users, the majority of them are from Meteor City. To join the gang, one must murder an existing member and replace them with a tattoo of a twelve-legged spider with a number.

Some fans Love them for their prowess as thieves while others despise them for their cruelty and for killing people without a second thought.

The phantom troupe includes some of the most powerful characters in Hunter x Hunter and their strengths, abilities, and weakness are often a topic of discussion in HxH fan communities. 

#1 The Phantom Troupe leader Chrollo

Chlorro Fight scene

The specialist and head of the Phantom Troupe is Chrollo. Skill Hunter, a specialized Nen ability, serves as the basis of Chrollo’s hatsu.

Because of this ability, he is among Hunter X Hunter’s finest opponents. His Nen comes into action when he uses the book “Bandit’s Secret.”

While using this ability, Chrollo conjures nen, which he then steals and stores in this book. Despite his Hatsu’s boundless potential, its severe limitations prevent it from being too powerful and unbeatable. But he is quite skilled at working past these limitations.

He was able to fight Silva and Zeno at the same time and succeed in holding them off. He was able to beat Hisoka when they finally faced off because of the various Nen abilities he picked up using his nen. The Troupe’s strongest member without a doubt.

#2 Hisoka the former member now a Hunter

Hisoka has Nen skills that might confuse and deceive his adversaries.
Hisoka has Nen skills that might confuse and deceive his adversaries.

Hisoka has incredible strength, durability, and speed, making him one of the most physically talented characters in the HxH universe. Not to add that his battle with Gon showcased his prowess as a great martial artist. 

He only joined the Phantom Troupe to beat Chrollo, so he bounced as soon as he had the chance. As a result, he is not a real member.

But as a former Phantom Troupe member, he comes after Chrollo in terms of strength given his clear defeat against the phantom troupe leader. 

Hisoka possesses Nen abilities that may baffle and mislead his enemies. He routinely uses this skill in battle because he enjoys being able to conjure such potent illusions. 

Hisoka’s goal is to confuse opponents when they try to understand the actual nature of a Nen ability; as a result, Bungee Gum makes Hisoka’s aura sticky and malleable, making it a highly adaptable ability with a variety of uses. 

Hisoka’s Nen is sturdy enough to serve as defense and sticky enough to serve as an offense to trap an opponent.

Hisoka can create illusions by using Texture Spice to apply different textures to his aura; this allows him to hide his wounds while fighting, which frequently baffles his opponents.

#3 Feitan Portor the de facto Leader

Feitan may transform his Nen, or aura, into the intense heat by using a transmutation Nen he calls Rising Sun.
Feitan may transform his Nen, or aura, into intense heat by using a transmutation Nen he calls Rising Sun.

Feitan is one of the Phantom Troupe’s members and one of their greatest fighters. He is one of the troupe’s founding members from Meteor City and has the Spider’s #2 mark.

Feitan was selected as the de facto leader when Chrollo Lucifer, the Troupe’s leader, withdrew from the organization to retrieve his lost powers, however, he later returned Chrollo’s leadership to him.

Feitan has a transmutation Nen called Rising Sun that allows him to transmute his Nen or aura into the extremely scorching heat.

The intensity of his Nen depends on how painful and extreme the injuries inflicted on himself. Feitan demonstrated his proficiency with Transmutation Nen during his battle with Chimera Ant Squadron Leader Zazan. 

In physical prowess, Feitan is the fastest member of the phantom troupe but his strength relies more on his aura and nen ability.

Feitan can change the Nen around him since he is a Transmuter. Feitan can cloak himself under the Pain Packer Nen set of armor when he’s angered.

Only rage can activate the Pain Packer, which raises the conjuration component’s aura potential.

The damage Feitan has sustained determines the heat and duration of the Rising Sun; this raises the aura potential for the transmutation and emission components.

#4 Illumi Zoldyk the Zoldyk Assasin

The Phantom troupe’s ember Illumi Zoldyk is Killua Zoldyk’s older brother.  His cunning still ranks among the best in the whole series.

Due to his assassin training, he has extraordinary skills including a high tolerance for electricity, strong poison resistance, incredible physical strength and agility, and sophisticated armed and unarmed fighting methods.

Even though he possesses a wide range of skills, his area of strength is as a manipulator. The trademark ability of Illumi is the manipulation of people using needles.

But it’s a little trickier than that. His most often used needle has a circular head and a silver shaft; he uses it to alter both his own and other people’s appearances. His cunning still ranks among the best in the whole series. 

#5 Machi is the first real spider introduced in the series

Machi is particularly skilled in Nen, a technique that allows her to manipulate her own life energy to enhance her physical abilities and perform incredible feats.

Her Nen ability is called “Thread,” which allows her to control and manipulate threads to bind her opponents and even cut through solid objects with ease. Machi is also known for her calm and composed nature, making her a formidable opponent in battle.

One of the things she can do is use these threads to sew up wounds and even reattach severed limbs. It’s super impressive! She can also control her opponents’ movements with these threads, like a puppet master.

She can use them to trap, capture, strangle or cut her enemies. The threads are also very strong and hard to break or cut, and the longer the thread, the weaker it is. Overall, Machi is a powerful character with a very versatile ability!

#6 Uvogin can do heavy damage

The Phantom Troupe’s eleventh member is Uvogin.  Uvogin possesses the most physical strength of the entire phantom group. Uvogin performs better while fighting with a partner, but prefers to do so alone.

Uvogin’s Nen ability is called “Big Bang Impact,” which allows him to increase the strength of his punches and physical attacks to devastating levels.

His punches are so powerful that they can cause massive explosions and even level buildings. He also has great durability, able to withstand heavy damage, and continues fighting.

He is considered one of the strongest members of the troupe, and his brute force makes him a formidable opponent in battle.

#7 Nobunaga the swordsman

Nobunaga is a master swordsman who excels in using the katana. He is also an enhancer.

Although he lacks any specific hatsu, he has said that everyone who comes into his strike range would be slain right away. 

He is proficient in the art of Iaido, which entails a series of controlled actions that include drawing his sword, striking or cutting an opponent, wiping away blood from the blade, and ultimately putting the weapon back in its original position.

He is adept in En, and his ability to cast spells with a range of up to 4 meters is quite advantageous to his combat technique. Anyone that enters his En range is promptly taken out.

#8 Bonolenov and his dancing conjuration

In addition to his legendary power, Bonolenov is renowned for his extraordinary speed and sensitivity.

Bonolenov not only sprints into a fight, but he does so gracefully as well, which makes sense given that he originates from the fictional place of Gyudondond, whose martial technique is recognized around the world.

While Bonolenov can use more Nen types than just two, he does so in battle by using the holes he made on his body to produce distinctive sounds known as Battle Cantabile, which can call forth Nen armor, weapons, and more.

Bonolenov is able to call forth armor and weaponry thanks to the Prologue music. Jupiter, on the other hand, conjures forth the actual Jupiter to destroy his enemies.

#9 Shizuku “The Clean-up Crew”

Shizuku’s Nen ability has turned her into the Troupe’s “clean-up crew,” but it doesn’t make her any less deadly.

She is also a strategist and one of the Troupe’s most intelligent members, which enables her to overcome any power gaps with her opponents.

The Troupe greatly benefits from Shizuku’s Nen power, a summoned vacuum “Blinky” with the capacity to inhale any non-living item.

Shizuku is capable of using Blinky as a horrific weapon, resulting in one of the most agonizing deaths inflicted by any of the Spiders, even though it’s most effective outside of battle.

Shizuku can use Blinky to exsanguinate opponents after inflicting precise bleeding wounds, proving that a powerful vacuum can be just as lethal as a blade.

#10 Kalluto is the least strong

Kalluto may be the youngest member of both the Zoldyck family and the Phantom Troupe, but he’s not to be underestimated.

Despite his delicate appearance, he possesses incredible strength and skill in battle.

He may think of himself as the weakest member of the troupe, but his mastery of Nen techniques and his own unique Hatsu ability make him a force to be reckoned with.

He is also incredibly skilled at spying on his fellow members without detection, which is particularly impressive given his young age.

In battle, Kalluto’s movements may seem like a graceful dance with fans and confetti, but it’s all a clever distraction from the true power of his weapon: paper that is strong enough to cut through steel and sharp enough to sever limbs.

Though he may be physically weaker and have less experience than the others, Kalluto has proven himself to be a valuable member of the Phantom Troupe, with a formidable ability.

Member NameNen Ability
Chrollo LuciferSkill Hunter
Feitan PortorPain Packer
Hisoka MorrowBungee Gum
Illumi ZoldyckManipulation
Kalluto ZoldyckPaper Manipulation
Machi KomacineThread
Nobunaga HazamaUnknown
Shizuku MurasakiVacuum Blade
UvoginBig Bang Impact
BonolenovNen Beast
Phantom troupe members Nen abilities


  • the Phantom Troupe is a group of skilled thieves and assassins known for their extraordinary strength and combat skills.
  • Each member of the Troupe possesses unique abilities and powers that make them formidable opponents in battle. 
  • It’s difficult to determine who the strongest member of the Phantom Troupe is as all members have unique abilities and powers, and they also have different fighting styles.
  • Each member has their own strengths, and it would depend on the situation and the opponent they are facing.

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