Anime Villains Who Are Kind Of Justified

The culture of animated films has demonstrated that antagonists are really not entirely terrible beings who simply desire to wipe out humanity for fun.

The majority of villains genuinely have a number of qualities that reveal their true selves. Regardless of whether people adore or despise them, the villains always signal that a major event is about to occur.

In this article, the most notable antagonistic characters who we can say are wholly justified are mentioned. Let’s take a quick look at them in the given below section;

Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodCharacter: Scar
Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy
Episodes: 64 lists
InuyashaCharacter: Kagura
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 167 lists
Jujutsu KaisenCharacter: Mohito
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Episodes: 24
Data table for villains who are justified

To have a detailed analysis of these characters, let’s start reading further;

Misunderstood Villains: Unmasking the Heroes Behind the Villainous Masks

1. Scar

Scar belongs to one of the most notable Anime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood which was a top-rated Anime having 4 nominations and 3 awards.

Scar is angry and disappointed at this scene
Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Scar is completely within his rights to seek to eradicate State Alchemists after witnessing the genocide of his countrymen. They are mostly to blame for the fact that there are now just a few tiny, dispersed communities of Ishvalans left after they massacred several of them.

Scar is totally conscious that what he’s carrying out isn’t morally correct, but it makes sense why he expects the State to compensate for what they’ve done.

He solely battles State Alchemists and doesn’t slaughter innocent civilians, yet he’s also prepared to stand his ground against any opposition. He was ready to allow Winry to get one chance to shoot him once she attacked him with a handgun, but he threatened to murder her if she missed.


Scar possesses a dark skin tone and the characteristic red eyes of his ancestors. He has a muscular body and a medium height. The flanks and back of his hair are firmly shaven, leaving a silvery head on above.

The guy known as Scar is unmistakably sullen, nasty, and enraged. His wrath for those who devastated his land nearly kills him.

2. Kagura

Kagura is the favorite villain character from Inuyasha Anime, having a rating of 7.9/10 on the IMDb winning 2 awards, and getting nominated once as well.

Kagura, the antagonist from Inuyasha
Kagura, the antagonist froKagura had a sincere desire to be free, but Naraku captured her heart and used it to subjugate her.m Inuyasha


Kagura initially gives the impression of being another one of Naraku’s minions.

Kagura genuinely desired to be liberated, but Naraku enslaved her heart and manipulated it to control her. He might torture her every time she misbehaved by breaking her heart. Nobody can actually hold her responsible for obeying directions.

She did so to ensure her own survival and discreetly assisted Sesshomaru whenever she could because she thought he might be the one to kill Naraku. Later on, in the season, Inuyasha and the other protagonists came to the conclusion that she wasn’t entirely bad and offered to accompany them, but she declined.

She will, regrettably, regain her heart, however, Naraku assured to gravely harm her so she would not really survive for very long. Kagura was not at all upset regarding passing away, though, and she seemed delighted to be free of Naraku.


Usually, Kagura puts her long, black hair up in a headband. She is dressed in an extravagant robe, which often has 3 layers.

She keeps wearing green embellished earrings and also has elongated ears. Despite her hatred for Naraku, Kagura is nevertheless highly cunning and vicious.

Like her ruler, she exploits others to accomplish her own interests, but ultimately all she desires is independence. She absolutely hates being controlled and completely dominated around as a result.

3. Mahito

He is from the Anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, a top-rated Anime with a rating of 8.6/10 and has won 9 awards while being nominated 14 times.

Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen
He kills innocent people without feeling guilty to affect their souls.


Mahito is a particular grade Doomed Soul with superhuman ability and strength that was developed from the animosity of mankind for each other. He possesses the power to transform into several forms, control cursed energies and spirits, and restore his separated bodily pieces.

To further his own trials and views, he harms humanity significantly. For example, he executes innocent individuals without remorse in order to influence their spirits. He eventually desires to transform Itadori Yuji into Sukuna’s body in order for her to surrender to him and enter into a bonded commitment.

In the Jujutsu Kaisen animated series, Mahito plays a significant villainous role. Mahito, a key antagonist on Pseudo-team, Geto, created problems for the Jujutsu Conjurers and is famed for having killed Nanami. Due to this particular action of his, he was hated so much by the audience as well.


Mahito is a human-like afflicted demon with grey eyes and patchy skin. His lengthy, bluish-gray hair extends all the way to his shoulders. He has sutures all over his physique in addition to his mouth. He seems to have no regard for even his personal existence and shows no compassion for the lives of others.

Mohito and Domain Expansion

Final Verdict

  • Many of these antagonists are slightly justifiable in their actions, regardless of the series of unfortunate events they’ve created.
  • Although these individuals have committed some very heinous crimes, few people can really hold them responsible for what they have committed.
  • Even though some of these are unpleasant to empathize with, they all have reasonable grounds for being destructive.

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