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Best Anime About Soccer (Ranked)

Anime and soccer may seem like an unlikely combination, but there are actually several Anime series that feature the sport in a prominent way.

From thrilling matches filled with action and drama to heartwarming stories about underdogs chasing their dreams, these Anime offer something for every soccer fan.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Anime about soccer, and what makes them so compelling.

Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or simply looking for an exciting new Anime to watch, these series are sure to impress.

These Anime provide something for every soccer lover, from action-packed games to touching tales of underdogs pursuing their ambitions.
These Anime provide something for every soccer lover, from action-packed games to touching tales of underdogs pursuing their ambitions.
AnimeNo. of EpisodesIMDb Rating
Hungry Heart: Wild Striker528.1/10
Captain Tsubasa528.2/10
Giant Killing267.6/10
Victory Kickoff!!397.8/10
Inazuma Eleven1278/10
Knight in area376.8/10
Blue Lock248.4/10
Best Soccer Anime

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Being Seisuke Kanou’s younger brother, Kyousuke was expected to develop as a soccer player at his brother’s pace. This expectation proved to be too high for Kyousuke to fulfill. He is now living in the shadow of his brother’s success after falling behind.

Kyousuke makes a promise to himself as a student at Jouyou Akanegaoka High School that he would never play soccer again.

The manager of the boys’ team, Mori Kazuto, and the captain of the girls’ soccer team, Miki Tsujiwaki, both notice Kyousuke’s potential and want to see him get back in the game for various reasons.

When given the chance to play soccer once more, Kyousuke must decide whether to give up the game he once loved or rekindle his passion for it in order to become the finest striker in the world.

Captain Tsubasa

Football almost consumes all of 11-year-old Tsubasa Ozora's thoughts and dreams; he wants to be the best football player in the world and win the World Cup.
Football almost consumes all of 11-year-old Tsubasa Ozora’s thoughts and dreams; he wants to be the best football player in the world and win the World Cup.

Because it helped promote association football, Captain Tsubasa rose to prominence as one of the most popular Manga and Anime series ever created, especially in Japan. After seeing the series, several amateur players have decided to pursue careers in sports.

Tsubasa Ozora, 11, aspires to be the finest football player in the world and win the World Cup; football occupies practically all of his thoughts and aspirations.

Tsubasa decides to move to Nankatsu with his mother in order to follow his ambition, where he will need to be the finest version of himself to succeed.

Along with foes, he runs into friends. who are passionate like Tsubasa and who will be great companions in encouraging him to pursue his goals.

Tsubasa’s ultimate goal is to represent Japan in the FIFA World Cup, but he knows that talent alone won’t get him there.

Giant Killing

The way the game is portrayed in Ginat Killing is excellent. You can witness the scene exactly as it would occur in a real game, and it fits.

If you’ve ever watched football, you know what I mean when I say that the motions are dynamic and the entire pitch moves.

Everyone moves about, with the exception of the goalie. The animation is straightforward yet excellent because it speaks to you immediately about emotion, intensity, movement, and urgency.

The Giant killing follows the story of Takeshi Tatsumi who served as captain of the soccer team East Tokyo United, which was once invincible.

But as soon as he departed to join an amateur squad in England, it disintegrated. Years later, he returned to the group to help it succeed once more. But given how many bitter people despise Trump, can it really be that simple?

Giant Killing is remarkably underappreciated in the sports Anime genre. If there had been more episodes, it would have been incredible.

The only thing you can do is not have high expectations for it; otherwise, it will make for an excellent viewing experience.


This is one of those Anime where you can watch the main character get better throughout the entire plot, which simply makes it more enjoyable to watch and makes you want to cheer for him or his pals as they learn a lot and get better at football.

Kazamatsuri Shou has never been very skilled at playing, But he has always wanted to play professional soccer.

He was selected to Musashi no Mori Junior High, a prominent school recognized for its elite soccer squad, but he was never able to advance above the position of third-stringer. 

He may now play soccer after moving to Sakura Jousui Junior High, and thanks to the encouragement of his new friends and teammates, his unwavering resolve, and a lot of hard work, Shou’s soccer abilities are improving quickly and putting him on the path to realizing his ambition.

Victory Kickoff!!

The plot revolves around several elementary school children who aspire to become the best soccer team in the galaxy as their main objective.

It is one of those classic sports Anime stories. when one team tries to beat a stronger team with certain obstacles in the middle to be the best team around.

The show has humor, gripping game action, and a commitment to treating each character with respect and providing them with an opportunity to express who they truly are. It’s a fantastic sports Anime that never skips on character development.


It is an unpretentious sports Anime that doesn’t focus just on the game itself, but also on the personalities surrounding the series, introducing us to their anxieties and joys.

The Anime follows the story of Tsukishi Tsukamoto, our main character in Days, who is a nice guy despite not having many friends or many activities on his plate.

Soon after beginning high school, Tsukamoto receives an impromptu invitation to play from Kazama, and shortly thereafter he decides he wants to join the Seiseki Soccer team.

Problem is, Tsukamoto has never played before and they are a pretty talented squad. Can he actually overcome his flaws and join the squad with only pure passion and tenacity?

Inazuma Eleven

He and his comrades have to battle a range of formidable foes, such as other schools and competing teams, along the road.
He and his comrades have to battle a range of formidable foes, such as other schools and competing teams, along the road.

This list would be incomplete without this Anime. Inazuma Eleven is an Anime and Manga series about a high school soccer team.

The story follows the main character, Endou Mamoru, who is the goalkeeper for the school’s soccer team. Despite the team’s lack of success, Endou is determined to lead them to victory.

Along the way, he and his teammates must face off against a variety of strong opponents, including other schools and rival teams.

Through training and hard work, they eventually become strong enough to compete at the national level. The series focuses on themes of teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of never giving up.

The Knight in the Area

Brothers Kakeru and Suguru both share a ferocious passion for soccer. While Kakeru decides to become a manager after having trouble on the pitch, Suguru develops into a rising star in the Japanese junior soccer system. However, a harsh turn of events forces Kakeru to reconsider the position he has chosen.

Kakeru practices harder than anybody else with the hopes of one day being able to represent his country at the World Cup by joining the national squad. However, he is not acting alone in his pursuit of fame.

Nana, a soccer prodigy who goes under the name “Little Witch,” is Kakeru’s childhood pal. Kakeru is inspired to strive for his objectives by Nana’s achievement.


Ashito Aoi is a young, promising soccer player from a small village in Japan.

When he causes an incident during a crucial game for his team, which results in their defeat and elimination from the tournament, his chances of getting into a high school with a good soccer club are shattered.

Nevertheless, he attracts the attention of a significant visitor from Tokyo who just so happened to be there.

Ashito is greeted by Tokyo City Esperion’s youth squad manager, Fukuda Tetsuya. Fukuda recognizes Ashito’s boundless potential and extends an invitation for him to attend the trials for his squad in Tokyo. The boy’s journey to revolutionizing Japanese football quickly comes to light.

Blue Lock

Blue Lock Trailer

Yoichi Isagi will find an invitation from the Japan Football Union when he gets home from his game. Isagi is one of 300 U-18 strikers chosen through an unfair and prejudiced selection procedure for a contentious initiative called Blue Lock.

The ultimate objective of the initiative is for one of the chosen players to become the star striker for the Japanese national team.

Each diamond in the rough participant must compete against others in a series of solo and team events to emerge as the best.

Isagi sets aside his moral objections to the initiative because he feels obligated to succeed, even if that means mercilessly shattering the aspirations of 299 young strikers.


  • Soccer, also known as football in some countries, is a common sport that is featured in many Anime series. Often in these series, the sport is used as a metaphor for the struggles and conflicts that the characters are facing in their personal lives. 
  • Soccer Anime often depict the characters as they train and compete in matches, while also dealing with issues such as teamwork, friendship, and determination.
  • Apart from the others in the List Blue Lock is a recent release with good animation and a different story relating to sports.
  • Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven are one of the most popular on the list that has been dubbed into various languages like Mexican and Arabic.

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