Haikyu!!: Main Characters’ Age, Height & Birthday

Haikyu!! is a sports Manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate that began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from February 2012 to July 2020, and has been collected in 45 volumes.

The English network Animax Asia broadcast the Anime adaptation for the first time on April 6, 2014. Taku Kishimoto wrote the script, which is directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and Masaka Sat.

Haikyu!! is a coming-of-age sports Anime that follows the volleyball team from Karasuno and their ambitions to win while utilizing the surprising assaults of Hinata-Kageyama.

The story follows Shōyō Hinata, an unremarkable high school freshman who is inspired to become the volleyball team’s “blocker” after seeing his idol, Tobio Kageyama, play in an inter-high match. 

Each episode focuses on one of the main characters and how they deal with their relationships, challenges, and growth throughout the series.

This series excels at showcasing personalities from diverse teams and the difficulties they encounter during the tournament.
This series excels at showcasing personalities from diverse teams and the difficulties they encounter during the tournament.

The characters in this series are wonderful and extremely complex. The narrative delves deeply into each character’s life as the team as a whole becomes closer, not just Hinata.

Even the minor supporting players wind up playing a pretty significant role. This series also excels at presenting characters from various teams and the challenges they face throughout the competition.

Since these other characters are shown so often, fans most often choose other teams’ members as their favorite characters.

What is Haiku!!?

Haruichi Furudate’s manga series Haikyu!! was written and designed by him.

From February 2012 to July 2020, it was serialized in Shueisha’s shnen manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump, with chapters collected in 45 tankbon volumes. Shoyo Hinata, despite his modest stature, is motivated to grow into a renowned volleyball player in the novel.

A 25-episode anime television series adaption produced by Production I.G broadcast on MBS from April to September 2014. From October 2015 to March 2016, a second season of 25 episodes aired. From October to December 2016, a third season of ten episodes aired.

Is it Haikyuu!! worth seeing?

The plot is straightforward: an underdog team attempting to rise to prominence.

But, I believe the character design is what makes the anime worthwhile. Each of the characters has their own personality, personal difficulties, and problems to contend with. The introductions are truly amazing and motivating.

The anime is quite funny in some sections, and you will undoubtedly laugh out loud at each and every episode, regardless of what is presented to you

Furthermore, the show contains imperfections, which is why it is so endearing.

Main Characters’ Height Age Birthday 

There are many reasons why the heights of Haikyu!! characters are important. The height of each character is a factor that affects how they play volleyball. And if you’re a fan of Haikyu!!, then these facts are definitely worth knowing.

Shōyō Hinata155’4.1″ (162.8 cm)June 21st
Tobio Kageyama155’11.1″ (180.6 cm)December 22nd
Daichi Sawamura175’9.6″ (176.7 cm)December 31st
Kōshi Sugawara175’8.6″ (174.3 cm)December 13th
Asahi Azumane176’0.7″ (184.7 cm)January 1st
Kei Tsukishima156’2.1″ (188.3 cm)September 27th
Tadashi Yamaguchi155’10.7″ (179.5 cm)November 10th
Yū Nishinoya165’2.7″ (159.3 cm)October 10th
Ittetsu Takeda295’5.6″ (166.5 cm)January 10th
Tōru Oikawa176’0.6″ (184.3 cm)July 20th 
Ryūnosuke Tanaka165’9.8″ (177.2 cm)March 3rd
Chikara Ennoshita165’9.1″ (175.4 cm)December 26th
Hisashi Kinoshita165’8.8″ (174.7 cm)February 15th
Kazuhito Narita165’10.9″ (180.2 cm)August 17th
Kiyoko Shimizu175’5.4″ (166.2cm)January 6th
Hitoka Yachi154’10.9″ (149.7cm)September 4th
Issei Matsukawa176’2″ (187.9 cm)March 1st
Takahiro Hanamaki176’0.7″ (184.7 cm)January 27th
Hajime Iwaizumi175’10.6″ (179.3 cm)June 10th
Shigeru Yahaba165’11.6″ (181.9 cm)March 1st
Keishin Ukai265’10” (178.2 cm)April 5th
Shinji Watari165’7.4″ (171.2 cm)April 3rd
Yūtarō Kindaichi156’2.5 (189.2 cm)June 6th 
Akira Kunimi156″ (182.8 cm)March 25th
Kentarō Kyōtani165’10.4″ (178.8 cm)December 7th
Tetsurō Kuroo176’1.9″ (187.7 cm)November 17th
Morisuke Yaku175’5″ (165.2 cm)August 8th 
Taketora Yamamoto165’9.6″ (176.7 cm)February 22nd
Kenma Kozume165’6.6″ (169.2 cm)October 16th
Shōhei Fukunaga165’10.2″ (178.3 cm)September 29th
Sō Inuoka156’1″ (185.3 cm)November 1st 
Lev Haiba156’4.5″ (194.3 cm)October 30th
Yūki Shibayama155’4″ (162.5 cm)December 16th 
Kaname Moniwa185’9.4″ (176.3 cm)September 6th
Yasushi Kamasaki186’1.5″ (186.8 cm)November 8th
Kenji Futakuchi166’0.5″ (184.2 cm)November 10th 
Takanobu Aone166’3.5″ (191.8 cm)August 13th
Yutaka Obara176’1.3″ (186.2 cm)December 15th
Kousuke Sakunami165’4.6″ (164.1 cm)August 30th 
Kanji Koganegawa156’3.4″ (191.5 cm)July 9th
Wakatoshi Ushijima186’2.6″ (189.5 cm)August 13th
Satori Tendō186’1.9″ (187.7 cm)May 20th
Tsutomu Goshiki165’11.5″ (181.5 cm)August 22nd
Kenjirō Shirabu175’8.8″ (174.8 cm)May 4th
Reon Ōhira185’11.9″ (182.7 cm)October 30th
Eita Semi175’10.7″ (179.5 cm)November 11th
Hayato Yamagata175’8.6″ (174.3 cm)February 14th 
Taichi Kawanishi176’2.1″ (188.3 cm)April 15th
Haikyu!! main characters and their respective ages, birthdays and height.

Shoyo Hinata

Shoyo’s epic Haikyu moments

Hinata is a happy and vivacious person. Only Nishinoya and Tanaka are more prone to loudness and excitement than him.

Hinata tends to be quite simple-minded, which occasionally causes him to make snap judgments. 

Nobody else in the series comes close to Shoyo’s grit and determination. His unrelenting commitment to winning is his greatest asset in volleyball.

Despite being focused on the game, Shoyo really has a positive outlook on how he can get better. 

Tobio Kageyama

He had the ability to play any position on the field if he so chose.
He had the ability to play any position on the field if he so chose.

Tobio Kageyama is a talented volleyball player who, although making mistakes along the road, eventually realized the importance of working as a team and developed into a valuable setter for his squad.

He was capable of playing any position on the floor if he so desired. His passion, though, is for placing the ball.

Unfortunately, there are a number of cons to being a genius.

Tobio didn’t have it easy compared to other Haikyu!! characters, even if he doesn’t have an earth-shatteringly tragic backstory like other Anime heroes! Others believed he was arrogant and had high expectations of his teammates while others considered his skills to be intimidating.

Daichi Sawamura

At Karasuno High, Daichi Sawamura was a third-year student. He served as the team’s captain and was a starting wing spiker.

He was one of the captains who had to serve as the team’s coach when the original coach, Ikkei Ukai, was in the hospital.

Daichi is a captain who constantly prioritizes his team and is highly kind and responsible.

He is also incredibly understanding and patient, yet when angry, which he only displays when required, he can be quite scary.

When his colleagues act inappropriately, he gets quite stern, as seen by the fact that he barred Kageyama and Hinata from the gym after they got into a fight and wouldn’t listen.

Koshi Sugawara

Although he is no longer Karasuno's main setter, he has no plans to stop.
Although he is no longer Karasuno’s main setter, he has no plans to stop.

He serves as a tower of support for his teammates and is the vice-captain, therefore he has a calming and compassionate attitude toward them.

He no longer serves as Karasuno’s primary setter, but he has no intention of stopping.

Due to his very kind character, Sugawara pulls out the best in everyone on his team, even Kageyama, who plays the same position as a setter as he does.

Kageyama initially treats his squad rather poorly, but Sugawara doesn’t let that stop him.

He is also intelligent since he can think of strategies that would assist his team win games.

As an example, recall the occasion he thought up the phrase “bring it” and “send it to me” for Kageyama and Hinata’s combination.

Asahi Azumane

Azumane has a scruff and the physique of an athlete, making him appear much older than he is. If not for his soft demeanor and ongoing anxieties, he might come across as menacing.

Azumane is sensitive, which causes him to become easily upset and even consider leaving the squad when he feels as though he has let them down.

However, as he rejoins the squad once more, Azumane’s love for volleyball drives him to develop greater confidence in his abilities.

Kei Tsukishima

Despite being ideally suited for volleyball, Tsukishima initially showed little interest in the sport.
Despite being ideally suited for volleyball, Tsukishima initially showed little interest in the sport.

Tsukishima is frank and will occasionally irritate his teammates owing to his combative personality.

He will also occasionally irritate other teams due to his casual smug attitude, taking delight in and savoring when his rivals perceive him as a bother.

Tsukishima initially displayed a lack of enthusiasm for volleyball despite being well-suited for it. Both the other characters and we are offended by his apathy.

Hinata must work extra hard to compensate for his unfavorable height, but this guy has won the height jackpot for volleyball, appears to be rather skilled, and still has a negative attitude about it.

Simply told, it is really frustrating. After all, the shounen formula includes perseverance and willpower, yet Tsuki appears to disagree with these principles.

Tadashi Yamaguchi 

Tsukishima’s best buddy, Yamaguchi, is a relatively quiet guy who relies on people from an early age. This is probably because he experienced bullying due to his appearance.

His dedication both within and outside of volleyball speaks much about his brilliance. In the beginning, his game intelligence was quite poor, but as time went on, he learned how his serves truly functioned, which raised his game intelligence.

Despite this, Yamaguchi normally has a pleasant demeanor but does occasionally join Tsukishima in making fun of Kageyama and Hinata.

Yu Nishinoya

Nishinoya is a fiery and exuberant individual. His outrageous behavior and noisy personality can easily draw unwelcome attention, which often backfires for him.

When Nishinoya isn’t being overly loud or agitated, he switches to his “extreme” mode during matches. He subsequently changes into a completely different person than he was before.

He was the libero for the boys’ volleyball team, and because of his exceptional abilities, his teammates dubbed him “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity.”

Ryunosuke Tanaka

Ryunosuke Tanaka performs impressively for a Karasuno High squad that has notably superior players.

He doesn’t have Asahi Azumane’s strength or Shy Hinata’s speed, but he still spikes decently in a number of games during Haikyuu!!

Tanaka is a dependable team member that performs all duties. He also exhibits some laziness, as seen by his mediocre work ethic at school and frequent tardiness to practice.

Despite this, he is seen to be protective of his underclassmen and compassionate and supportive of his teammates.

Ittetsu Takeda

Even though Takeda lacks volleyball skills, he joined Karasuno’s advisory board. He frequently struggles with rules, so he makes sure to write down all he learns. Takeda has a contagious and brave personality.

Takeda is tenacious, and this quality has helped him get team practice matches and a coach. He is humble and awkward, yet has a positive outlook.

He constantly bows to people to express appreciation and to request practice matches or other things of the like, which demonstrates his politeness and regard for other people.

Takeda is normally a happy person, but when he becomes angry, he can be really intimidating.

Kenma Kozume

Kenma is regarded as Nekoma’s “brain” due to his keen strategic sense and extraordinary capacity for creating intricate strategies to counter his adversaries.

Due to his excessive worry about what other people think of him, he is inherently perceptive to other people’s conduct. He detests grabbing attention or sticking out in any manner. 

Kenma is not a friendly person and finds it difficult to establish friends. His speech has a tendency to be restrained and bashful.

In spite of his reserved demeanor, Kenma excels at volleyball thanks to his exceptional game sense and technique, which make up for his lack of strength, quickness, and stamina.

Tetsuro Kuroo

The team’s middle blocker is Kuroo, the tenacious captain of Nekoma. The “scheming captain” is another nickname for him.

The series’ development of Tsukki required Kuroo’s presence. Even though their schools were rivals, Kuroo took it upon himself to train with Tsukki and assisted Tsukki in becoming more self-aware and knowledgeable about the game.

While occasionally immature, he nonetheless takes his position as captain extremely seriously and is frequently seen disciplining teammates or ensuring that teammate Kenma doesn’t become overly engrossed in his video games during practice.

Toru Oikawa

The star setter and team leader of Aoba Johsai’s volleyball squad is Oikawa. In both the Interhigh and Spring High Preliminary arcs, he serves as the primary antagonist.

He was a former player and member of Kitagawa Daiichi, and in his third year of junior high, he received the “Best Setter Award” in the Miyagi prefecture.

Oikawa is a remarkably distinctive character due to his unwavering will to carry out his goals. Oikawa is a setter and more subtly a control freak than Kageyama.

He doesn’t shout, “You better follow me!” and demands that everyone conform to him. Instead, he takes a different route and declares, “Follow me if you dare.”


  • Haikyuu is an enjoyable sports Anime series that focuses heavily on the main characters of Hinata, Kageyama, and Sawamura. 
  • Of the Haikyuu characters, one stands out as the shortest in Hinata. With that said, his being shorter doesn’t hinder his prowess on the court at all.
  • He has been shown to be a surprisingly effective player, as he is able to keep up with his upperclassmen like Kageyama and Sawamura who are much taller than him.

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