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Meet: Ouran Highschool Host Club Members

The host club is one of the most notable communities within Ouran Academy, as protagonist Haruhi quickly learns after transferring to the prestigious school. 

Ouran Academy is full of colorful characters. The story of Haruhi, who reluctantly joins Tamaki and his other hosts in order to pay off her enormous debt after unintentionally smashing an expensive antique vase, is followed in Ouran High School Host Club. 

Haruhi is always surrounded by the other charismatic cast members after entering the club. 

Every single member has their own distinct charm, so it makes sense that fans would want to learn more about their favorite hosts.

Fans would naturally want to know more about their favorite hosts because each member has a unique appeal.
Fans would naturally want to know more about their favorite hosts because each member has a unique appeal.

What is Ouran High School Host Club?

Ouran Academy is a prestigious upper school for the wealthy. Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student from the middle class, which is unusual at the school.

She stumbles onto an unoccupied music room while looking for a peaceful spot to study, which turns out to be the club room for the Ouran Host Club – a gang of lazy affluent lads with remarkable good looks who entertain female clients. Haruhi is forced to join the Host Club as an “errand boy” after accidentally knocking over a magnificent Renaissance vase worth far more than she can reasonably repay (8 million).

Haruhi, on the other hand, quickly shows to be a natural host (no training required) and is raised to full rank as a Host of the Ouran Host Club. It soon becomes evident that not everything is as it appears.

Who is Kyoya Otori?

Kyoya Ootori is a key character and second-year student at Ouran Academy, as well as the frugal and astute vice-president of the Host Club, which he co-founds with his best friend, Tamaki Suoh.

Despite Tamaki’s position as President, Kyoya is the genuine director, acting behind the scenes as a puppeteer, giving him the moniker “The Shadow King.” He believes that as the third son of the wealthy and noble Ootori family, he must outperform his two elder brothers in order to impress his father.

He tries incredibly hard to match his stern father’s high expectations in order to be recognized as the next family patriarch, despite the fact that this is highly unlikely.

In the anime, his younger demeanor as a superficial cad is softened by Tamaki’s companionship, and Kyoya evolves to be a reasonable but compassionate individual. His fascination with patriarchy has waned, which, unfortunately, pleases his father the most.

Who does Honey Senpai marry?

Honey Senpai is married to Reiko Kanazuki of the Black Magic Club. Only appearing in Manga, Reiko harbors romantic feelings for Honey. 

When she trips over Usa-chan, they come into contact, and Honey extends his hand to pull her up—the first kind deed somebody has done for her in a long time. 

She joins the Black Magic Club and becomes obsessed with casting spells to “capture his soul” because she feels like he captured hers. Despite the loli-initial Shota’s skepticism, he eventually realizes that she is trying to communicate by doing this. 

Honey claims that talking to someone and getting to know them is the simplest approach to “capture another’s soul.

Their relationship develops and they learn about one another’s obsessions when Kanazuki starts going to the Host Club. 

Honey’s obsession is cake and small things, while Kanazuki’s is black magic. They have an omake, making Honey the first host for the wedding.

Honey like cute things and eats cake and candy almost continuously.
Honey like cute things and eats cake and candy almost continuously.

Who are the members of Ouran Host Club?

Even though the Anime series Ouran has a reputation for being a classic, some newbies might not be as familiar with it. 

Meeting the entire host club at once, aside from the protagonist Haruhi, can be a little overwhelming, and remembering each member’s name and other details can be a little difficult.

Here’s a table containing all the members of the Ouran host club:

Haruhi FujiokaBecause she alters her appearance more than any other character in the series, Haruhi is a chameleon of a protagonist. The young lady the series follows as she enrolls in the prestigious Ouran Academy is named Haruhi. As a member of the middle class, Haruhi is referred to by her peers as a “poor commoner” because they all came from very affluent origins and upbringings.
Tamaki SuohThe flamboyant president of the Ouran host club and Haruhi’s primary love interest is Tamaki. Tamaki, who is half Japanese and half French, goes by the name “Tamaki” most of the time but is actually Rene Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh. Tamaki, despite having a regal appearance, can occasionally be quite flashy and stupid. Although he may initially come off as a joke and goofy, it soon becomes apparent that he is a boy who genuinely cares about his friends and is committed to what he values.
Kyoya OotoriTamaki’s closest buddy, Kyoya, portrays the stoic and logical vice president of the Ouran host club. Even though he is the vice president, Kyoya is well known for being in charge of the host club’s activities when no one is looking, earning him the terrifying moniker “The Shadow King.”
Takashi Morinozuka (Mori)Mori is the second-oldest member of the host club and a third-year student. Mori is seen as a powerful, reserved person who nearly always travels with his cousin and best friend, Honey. Although he tends to be very stoic most of the time, he cares passionately for Honey and always tries to grant his wants. Mori is best recognized for playing the role of the noble yet firm knight in shining armor. He practices karate and is a national kendo champion, but he only develops his strength to defend others around him.
Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey)Even though Honey might seem a little out of place at Ouran Academy, he is of legal age to enroll in a high school. Despite his outward appearance, Honey is the oldest host in the Ouran host club. Frequently, Honey is seen riding on cousin Mori’s shoulders while toting his beloved pink stuffed animal, Usa-chan.
Kaoru HitachiinAlthough Kaoru is Hikaru’s younger twin brother, he is typically the more mature and sane one of the two. Both Kaoru and his brother are troublemakers who are frequently found causing mischief on the school campus. While they occasionally enjoy making a bit of a scene, they are never completely spiteful and are aware when their antics have crossed the line.
Hikaru HitachiinSince he is the older of the two Hitachiin chins, Hikaru is frequently seen as the twins’ leader. Hikaru and his brother Kaoru are at odds with their club president since they both have emotions for Haruhi and see Tamaki as their competition. Hikaru is the most autonomous of the two, despite being a little more immature than his younger brother. When it comes to handling his emotions, he does have a tendency to act a little childishly and at times in pretty brash ways.
Members of the host club.

Who is the richest member Host Club?

Kyoya Ootori is the richest host club member.

Kyoya is referred to as the “Shadow King” since he runs it covertly, allowing Tamaki to act as its face and main attraction. 

Despite their apparent differences in demeanor, he and Tamaki are close friends. 

He is rarely seen with guests as he spends his time keeping track of expenses, creating profitable events, and ensuring that those events go as planned. 

He is the “Mommy” of the Host Club while Tamaki is the “Daddy.” His capacity to raise money is essential to the club’s survival, and he maintains the Host Club’s coffers filled both openly and covertly.

In reality, he is far more like Tamaki than he lets on; his egoistic facade results from his confused aspirations to both defy and impress his father. He claims that he never does anything that would not somehow benefit him.

Despite being a co-founder and vice-president of the Host Club, Kyoya Ootori actually serves as the organization’s director. 

He is successful in winning the club over to his vision while assuring their financial success through cost-effective planning and deft manipulation. He makes decisions about the induction of new members and is in charge of the club’s bookkeeping and events. 

Kyoya makes the maximum money for the Host Club by running numerous profitable ventures at once. He has published several photo books, and films staged private auctions, and organized other events. 

By the end of the series, Kyoya had succeeded in earning enough money to purchase his father’s medical business, only to give it back without compensation.

Kyogi Ootori from the host club
Kyoya Ootori is the richest member of the host club.

Is Honey Senpai a boy?

Because of his cuteness and childlike demeanour, Honey Senpai, an older boy, appeals to girls. 

Even though he is a martial arts champion and smaller than typical for his age, Honey likes cute things and consumes sweets like cake and candies almost constantly. 

He’s the oldest of the Hosts, a perpetual optimist with a childlike outlook on life that makes him seem more like a third-year high school student than a student. 

He frequently appears on the back of his best friend and cousin Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka, and he virtually always has his pink stuffed animal Usa-chan with him. Flowers float about his head as he talks positively.

There Is No Other Anime Like Ouran High School Host Club


  • The highest club of Ouran Academy, which enrolls kids from opulently wealthy households and students with excellent social standing, is the Ouran High School Host Club. 
  • The school’s most attractive boys entertain females of all kinds in the Host Club. 
  • The Host Club’s goal, like everything else at Ouran Academy, is for its members to demonstrate their worth by starting a profitable business.
  • Although joining the club is officially free, it operates on a point system where customers are given preferential services based on placing winning bids in online auctions. 
  • The tracking of each member’s request rate reveals which members generate a greater revenue stream for the club.

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