Anime Characters With Drip (Who’s Fashionable?)

We all have surely heard or seen the term drip used in memes and Anime culture, The term drip became increasingly popular and synonymous with the Anime community due to the introduction of Drip Goku in many memes around the world. Its relevance grew especially in mid-2020.

Some of the strongest Anime characters with a drip are Giorno and Whis.

For those of you who don’t know what drip means or aren’t well acquainted with the meme culture, this trend might appear confusing and surreal at times.

So please join me as I review some popular Anime characters with a drip.

What is anime, exactly?

Anime is a Japanese animation subculture that is either produced or influenced by it. It is the Japanese word for cartoon or animation, and it refers to all cartoons of whatever nationality.

Dramatic closeups and zooms, lush lighting, and brilliant colors all contribute to the anime’s emotional atmosphere. Aside from its distinct visual style, anime has captured people’s attention with its complex characters and compelling plotlines.

The Evolution of Anime

The first confirmed example, Namakura Gatana, was released in 1917 and lasted only four minutes. It went through highs and lows as it overcame several challenges both nationally and globally.

Anime has been used by a variety of artists to push the boundaries and tell tales. This umbrella’s genres are as diverse as the art form itself. Many individuals in the West have preconceived opinions regarding anime’s appearance.

Artistry and styles appear to be unlimited, and artists decide their own creative expression. Whatever the type, one thing is consistent throughout these productions: the process is time-consuming.

What is Drip in Anime?

The term drip is slang for having a very charming or trendy appearance.

If you have the drip, you exhibit swagger, especially in your appearance. You’re quite attractive. You’re sharp. You’re eye-catching. You have the sauce.

Drip also refers to your fancy clothes and jewels, as well as your swag (the way you dress and look).

Gunna, Young Thug, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, and others have utilized the phrase and slang drip, and these rappers are responsible for its popularity in meme culture.

When applied to an Anime setting, drip means exactly that, an Anime character that looks simply swagger and cool, whether that be because of their clothing (most appropriate use for drip). In some cases their personality, body, or even hairstyle compound together in making a character drippy.

Who is the strongest Drip Character

Anime has no shortage of characters that boost unique and cool-looking clothes, these characters are coincidentally also very very strong, which is something that further makes them drippier. Let’s have a look at some of the strongest Anime characters with a drip.


Giorno Giovanna is the 6th and only Jojo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to not come into the heritage of Jonathan Joestar.

Giorno is DIO’s illegitimate son, conceived from the stolen body of Jonathan Joestar. Haruno Shiobana is his given name. He expresses his desire to join the powerful gang Passione and his ambition to become a “Gang Star.”

Giorno utilizes his stand, Golden Experience to fight, spoiler, his stand is broken.

His Drip

Giorno Giovanna
Any attempt to hurt Giorno would therefore be fruitless since his Golden Experience would change the nature of reality.

Giorno is a high schooler of average height and thin yet powerful physique, dwarfed by prior JoJos who were giants.

He has medium-length golden hair wrapped up in a short, knotted tail, with three distinct large curls set in a row over his brow (making him look distinctive and cool).

If you wanna know the height of the previous Jojo’s I’ve included a table below.

JojoHeight (in feet)
Jonathan Joestar6’5
Joseph Joestar6’5
Jotaro Kujo6’5
Higashkata Josuke5’11
Giorno Giovanna5’8
Jolyen Kujo5’9
The height of the previous Jojo’s

Giorno is dressed in a two-piece tuxedo with a chequered coat tail and various decorative details, such as wing-shaped insignia on the collars and a drippy heart-shaped aperture in the chest area.

The three ladybug insignia along both sides of his chest and right below his zipper, which mirrors the look of his stand, are the suit’s most distinguishing characteristic.

Further on, his shoes are emblazoned with the same ladybug insignia. In different renditions, his suit’s color scheme varies, although the most popular hues are blue highlighted with gold and pink outlined with green.


The reason why I claim Giorno Giovanna as one of the most powerful characters in Anime is because of the single ability he possesses— return to zero.

If the opponent is killed by Gold Experience Requiem, they would die but repeatedly return to point zero; the point just before the process of death (i.e. Diavolo’s infinite death loops).

GER uses this ability to construct a new “world,” as it terms it, for Diavolo as poetic revenge for the numerous times the crime lord has changed reality to his favor with King Crimson.

This ability’s full potential is unknown. The ability is also passive, which means it activates automatically, as demonstrated when Diavolo used his Time Erase to attack Giorno.

As a result, any attack, desire, or attempt to harm Giorno would be futile since his golden experience would rewrite reality itself. And that is scary.


Whis is the Guide Angel Escort and martial arts trainer of Universe 7’s Lord of Destruction, Beerus.

He, like all the other angels, is a Grand Minister’s offspring. He, as with all attendants, is obligated to his deity’s care and rarely leaves Beerus alone.

His Drip

Whis is dressed in a maroon robe, black cuirass, blue sash, and the same white and orange diamond ornaments as Beerus.

Whis is a tall, slender humanoid with blueish skin, white hair, purple eyes, and effeminate features.

He has a lengthy scepter with a gem floating above it, which he normally holds in his right hand. A huge pale blue ring hangs around his neck.

Whis wears a maroon robe, a black cuirass adorned with the same white and orange diamond ornaments as Beerus, and a blue sash. He usually wears black elevated shoes with winklepicker-like long toes and white spats. It’s clothing designed for an angle, so you can know it’ll be cool-looking.


Whis is the most formidable being in the 7th Universe, and according to Beerus. Whis is his instructor and more powerful than he is.

Whis also discloses to Gok and Vegeta during their training that he can turn the clock back three minutes and change events to prohibit them from occurring.

Whis also possesses special talents centered on the usage of his staff, such as the ability to make objects disappear and reappear and materialize new objects from nothing. He can transfer other people to his pocket dimension, which he asserts is unbreakable.

He can endure the vacuum of space, just like the Frost Demons, which enables him to freely travel the cosmos without a ship or spacesuit.

Whis’ capacity to discern someone’s killing purpose is significantly superior to anyone else’s since he and Beerus were able to detect Zamasu’s murderous intent when neither Gok nor any Kaishin there could.

His fighting method relies on having each of his appendages act as its organism, negating the need for thoughts to pass from the mind to the limbs, giving him a considerably faster reaction time than just about any other known warrior in the 7th Universe.

This also allows him to block a torrent of strikes from Goku and Vegeta while sleeping off. He’s virtually untouchable.

List of Anime Characters with a Drip

Here’re some Anime characters with a drip that you need to know:

Anime Characters With A DripAnime To Which They Belong
Julius NovachronoBlack Clover
Jotaro KujoJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Dio BrandoJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Chrollo LuciferHunter × Hunter
Anime Characters with a drip

There’s also an interesting video on the Anime drip tier list that you might enjoy watching. Check this video out:

Anime Drip Tier List

Julius Novachrono from Black Clover

Julius Novachrono is the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights’ 28th Magic Emperor.

Julius controls time with the use of this magical quality.

He had been a former Grey Deer squad captain. Because he’s of such a high caliber, he has access to some pretty majestic and royal attire.

Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jotaro Kujo is the protagonist of Part 3 and plays a vital role in Parts 4-6 of the Jojo franchise.

Jotaro Kujo, is the calm and collected protagonist.

Jotaro is the 3rd and most recurring JoJo of the JoJo series. He has no shortage of drippy clothing and swagger.

Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Dio Brando, otherwise known as DIO from Part 3 onwards, is the main villain in both Part 1 and Part 3 of the Jojo Franchise.

Interestingly he’s also the father of Giorno Giovanna, so like father like son, they both are drippy.

While Speedwagon insisted that Dio was born wicked, it’s possible that his cunning and mad behavior were at least in part influenced by the violent childhood he received at the hands of his alcoholic father, who Dio later killed. He is revealed to be a very conceited and ambitious megalomaniac.

Dio can walk on walls and ceilings, possesses extraordinary strength, speed, and endurance, and is a vampire.

Chrollo Lucifer from Hunter x Hunter

Chrollo Lucifer is the creator and leader of the Infamous villain organization Phantom Troupe.

He’s physically ranked 7th among the group. Even though he’s ranked so low in physical strength, with an outfit like that it’s not hard to see why he’s the leader.

Chrollo Lucifer


  • We all have surely heard or seen the term drip used in meme and Anime culture. The term drip became increasingly popular and synonymous with the Anime community due to the introduction of DripGoku in many memes around the world. Its relevance grew especially in mid-2020.
  • Drip is slang that your look or style is extremely fashionable or appealing.
  • The reason why I claim Giorno Giovanna as one of the most powerful characters in Anime is because of the single ability he possesses—return to zero.
  • Jotaro is the 3rd and most recurring JoJo of the JoJo series.

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