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Attack on Titan: Eren Founding Titan Abilities

In Attack on Titan, Eren Jaeger has achieved his ultimate form, but what secrets lurk behind that enormous mass of bones and malice? 

Eren has transformed since the start of Attack on Titan season 4 from a traditional shonen protagonist into a homicidal devil who has been defiled by the same cycle Marley and Eldia have been repeating for generations. 

Eren decides to activate the Founding Titan’s godlike power since he thinks the only way to defend his companions is by wiping out everyone else. 

In Attack on Titan episode 80, “From You, 2000 Years Ago,” Eren overcomes despite first appearing to be defeated by his elder brother Zeke and ends up becoming the true Founding Titan.

Attack on Titan’s dramatic conclusion depicts Eren Titanizing for the final time, heralded by the same larger-than-usual flash of lightning and energy that heralded Ymir’s transformation 2,000 years earlier. 

His severed skull jolts back to life and immediately starts to expand into a huge, sprawling skeleton that dwarfs even the enormous Titans held within the three Colossal Titan walls of Paradis Island. 

Attack on Titan doesn’t display Eren’s entire body in episode 80, but at the end of season 4 part 2, the full extent of his skeletal Founding Titan is exposed. 

In this article, you’ll know what are the powers of Eren’s Founding Titan and what makes it so different.

Since the beginning of Attack on Titan season 4, Eren has changed from a conventional shonen protagonist into a murderous devil.
Since the beginning of Attack on Titan season 4, Eren has changed from a conventional shonen protagonist into a murderous devil.

What is Attack On Titan?

Hajime Isayama penned and drew the Japanese comic series Attack on Titan. It is set on a planet where humanity is compelled to live in cities surrounded by three great walls to protect them from Titans, massive man-eating humanoids.

The survivors replied by building three concentric walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina, which provided a century of tranquillity. However, one day, a Colossal Titan far larger than any ever seen penetrated the outside wall, allowing the smaller Titans to infiltrate human land and forcing the survivors to escape to the inner walls.

Eren Jaeger, a boy whose mother was eaten during the invasion, resolved to wipe out every last Titan and joined the military, determined to exact his vengeance.

Who is Eren Jaeger?

Eren was born and reared in Shiganshina District, on the southern outskirts of Wall Maria. He stayed there until the year 845, when the Wall was shattered by the Colossal and Armored Titans, allowing a torrent of Titans to enter and destroy the city.

Eren observed his mother being slaughtered and eaten by a smiling Titan during the tragedy.   This tragedy instilled in Eren, a deep hatred for the Titans, and he vowed to wipe them all from the face of the world.

Soon after, his father, Grisha Jaeger, discovered him and gave him the key to his cellar, directing Eren to find it and recapture Wall at all costs. He then administered a Titan shot to Eren.

Eren, along with his two companions Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlelt, joined the 104th Cadet Corps two years later. Following the battle for Trost, the three graduated, with Eren rating as the fifth-best cadet, and joined the Scout Regiment.

Eren learned the truth about the Titans and the past of Eldia and Marley after discovering the basement and unlocking his father’s memories. Eren then determined to liberate his homeland from their actual foe: the rest of humanity living across the sea.

What does the Founding Titan Ability do?

Here’s a table that shows what the founding titan ability does:

Titan CreationUnlike the Beast Titan, the Founding Titan can turn any Eldian into a Titan and does so without the need for spinal fluid. The Eldians can grow to be as large as the Colossal Titan thanks to it. The tens of thousands of Colossus Titans that make up the Wall were created by Karl Fritz using this power.
Titan ControlThe pure titans are subject to the will of the Founding Titan. When Eren gave the order for all the titans to converge on Dina Fritz’s titan, he unleashed this power. Even though it is claimed that the eight other legendary titans are immune to this, they can undoubtedly feel its effects. This power allowed Karl Fritz to command a horde of Colossal Titans to construct the island’s perimeter walls, guarding it against outside dangers.
Memory ManipulationThe subjects of Ymir’s thoughts and memories might be changed by the Founding Titan, as well as entire populations at once. Ever wonder why those residing inside the walls were unaware that there was a world outside? Both of these facts are unscripted, and they had no idea of anything or anything that had ever happened before the walls. 
Anatomical manipulationThe Founding Titan was capable of altering the physical makeup of any Subject of Ymir. A 600-year-old Eldian king previously used this power to protect the Subjects of Ymir from a disease that spread widely. This is also the skill that Zeke’s euthanasia plan is based on. Zeke desired to prevent all Eldians from becoming parents by using the founding titan’s strength. This will stop the unending cycle of hatred since no more kids will be born with the curse of the giants in their blood.
Telepathic CommunicationThe routes that the subjects of Ymir are connected to allow the Founding Titan to telepathically communicate with any of them. Regardless of how far apart they are, it can telepathically communicate with all of Ymir’s subjects. It has access to every Eldian at any time and can see or go through all of what they are going through. When declaring his plans for the Rumbling of the globe, Eren made use of this ability to speak with every subject of Ymir.
ClayvoiranceThe Founding Titan has nonlinear access to time, which allows it to see the past, present, and future all at once. It can expand the scope of events and have a direct impact on what happened in the past, but only in order to preserve history as it has already occurred. Even though the inheritor would be opposed to doing so, this ability’s downside is that it makes users think somewhat erratically and follow the course of events they have already seen.
Abilities of the founding titan.
One of the abilities of the Founding Titan is to erase memory.
One of the abilities of the Founding Titan is to erase memory.

Why is Eren’s Founding Titan so different?

The peculiarity and uniqueness of Eren’s Founding Titan’s origins. For example, if we go back to the beginning, before Ymir Fritz became the Founding Titan, we will see that the Founding Titan was created when the Titan’s spine joined with Ymir’s body, expanding Ymir’s body. 

You may observe that Eren’s Founding Titan resembles a full-fledged monster as opposed to the Titan, which had the appearance of a monster but was humanoid in appearance. 

In case you didn’t know, Eren’s Founding Titan does in fact resemble a huge, monster spine. 

The Founding Titan linked itself to Eren after his beheading. 

The Founding Titan had to be created in order to rejoin the head to Eren’s body, which could only be accomplished through the spine. 

The Founding Titan’s spine thus united Eren’s head and body, but because there was a gap between them, the spine started to grow out of control, transforming into a monster.

Eren's head had to be reattached to his body, and this could only be done through the spine, hence the need for the Founding Titan.
Eren’s head had to be reattached to his body, and this could only be done through the spine, hence the need for the Founding Titan.

Is Eren’s Founding Titan the strongest Titan?

Since it still has the “Coordinate,” the Founding Titan has the strongest Titan power of all. 

The “Coordinate,” where all Eldian Paths converge, allows it to make use of the subjects of Ymir in nearly every way because they behave as though they were a physical extension of the Founder because they are all connected to the Coordinate. 

This gives the Founder the ability to alter the makeup of every Eldian body, which has a number of potential uses, including—but not limited to—memory manipulation, disease immunity, and perhaps even making their bodies sterile.

Generations after King Fritz’s demise, the 145th Eldian King, Karl Fritz, made the first public demonstration of the full range of the Founding Titan’s skills. 

He was shocked to learn of the Eldians’ horrific heritage and the ongoing tyranny his nation meted out to Marley after acquiring the memories of the Founding Titan. 

Karl Fritz then made the decision to put an end to the Great Titan War by tricking everyone into thinking that Marley had won the conflict using Helos, the revered Marley Hero. 

Karl Fritz then set out for Paradis Island with as many companions as he could get. 

When Karl Fritz got there, he utilized the Founding Titan’s ability to wipe the Eldians’ memories from their minds, opening up a new realm to the Titan’s potent powers.

Zeke, the son of Dina Fritz and Grisha Jaeger, decided to attempt to use the power of the Founding Titan to carry out his “euthanasia” plan because the abilities of the Founding Titan could only be accessed by the Fritz bloodline. 

Despite the fact that his scheme was unsuccessful, viewers were still able to learn about the terrifying capabilities of the Founding Titan. 

Zeke’s main plan could even have it alter the Eldians’ biology, making them sterile. 

It was even said that the Eldians’ devastating illness was cured by using the Founding Titan powers to change their body form.

Unfortunately, Eren, his half-brother, and his allies thwarted Zeke’s plans since they had other plans for the abilities of the Founding Titans. 

Normally, Ymir’s possession of the Founding Titan can only be controlled by a member of the Fritz family. 

Despite this, Eren was able to get more than just a power puppet—he persuaded Ymir to break free from the harsh enslavement that King Fritz and his generations had imposed on her. 

Ymir was moved by Eren’s remarks, and she gave him the abilities of the Founding Titan, making him the second genuine Founding Titan.

Founding Titan Abilities Explained | Attack on Titan


  • The abilities of the Founding Titan have significant downsides, despite how fantastic they may seem. Once you inherit it, you will have 13 more years to live, just like all previous legendary titans. 
  • If that weren’t horrible enough, there’s more: you’ll become a slave of the royal family and swear off all future hostilities.
  • The inheritor is subjected to Karl Fritz’s ideals and is imprisoned of their free will by what is more akin to a curse.
  • No matter who possessed these divine abilities—Grisha Yeager or Frieda Riess—fate has never been kind to them. 
  • They all passed away in the most horrifying ways imaginable, so I wonder if Eren will do the same at the conclusion of Attack on Titan: Final Season.

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