Is Mob Psycho Anime Good? (Get To Know)

Mob Psycho is a top-rated Anime series with an exceptionally well-written storyline. It has won several awards throughout its runtime. The show is renewed for a third season and is becoming popular day by day, but is it worth the watch?

The series revolves around Shigeo Kageyama, a junior high school student who lives in Seasoning City in Mob Psycho 100. He has had amazing psychic powers since childhood. However, this esper power fails to fulfill his greatest wish: To be friends with the girl he likes in class.

Mob suppresses his emotions since they are crucial to releasing his incredible psychic abilities. He does this by shutting down all of his emotions. It explains why the persona is so withdrawn and insecure. But as Mob endures more mental trauma and starts to feel emotional again, he gets closer to losing control and unleashing his devastating force. It’s inspiring how Mob’s conflict with his feelings and the guilt he has for using his psychic abilities. 

Mob standing and glancing in distance
Mob’s real name is Shigeo Kageyama.

Why is Mob Psycho so good?

The series is very well written, with deep character development and funny jokes here and there. It always tries its best to captivate the viewer’s engagement.

Although some may find the characters and plot of Mob Psycho 100 are subverted, the animation is what will keep you watching this program. This Anime never wastes any screen space and is visually stunning in everything it accomplishes.

Animation in the series goes to a lot of extremes, whether it’s done simply or extravagantly. Watching this program is something you owe to yourself just for the animation. The opening titles of the program do a good job of establishing how bizarre and stylized it can be.

Mob Psycho 100 has incredible color schemes that elevate the program to new heights. When Mob’s emotional meter hits 100%, the largest cinematic masterpieces in the series are saved for that moment. All of the show’s techniques are incorporated into these power eruptions, exploding in the most absurd way possible.

Mob holding a bouquet
Incredible color combinations on Mob Psycho 100 take the show to new heights.

Is Mob Psycho like One-Punch Man?

The same writer, One, has written both series. So, naturally, both of them have a lot in common. One-Punch Man has been more popular than Mob Psycho and might well be the writer’s most famous work.

However, This doesn’t mean the story of Mob Psycho is less appealing. In retrospect, Mob Psycho has a much better narration with funnier jokes to light up the Anime.

Like One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 is primarily a satire of Shonen, yet it extends way beyond the basic concept that it ends up becoming its own unique thing. This series defies tradition while simultaneously joyously adhering to it when the time is right.

When you believe you have the series figured out, something drastic happens. This program wears its daring attitude like a badge of pride from the very first shots, giving off the impression that it’s something extraordinary.

The central characters in both shows are unassuming and overpowering. Their amazing strength is used as comedy fodder. But that does not mean that the two protagonists are identical. In actuality, Saitama and Mob differ greatly from one another. Except for overpowered powers, the two are written in each series to be completely distinct from one another.

Moreover, there is a good balance between comedy and action in Mob Psycho 100. Additionally, all the bouts are excellent and employ a potent combination of physical and mental strikes that make them surprising while also giving the program more flexibility in its battles than One-Punch Man.

Here’s an interesting video to dive further:

One-Punch Man And Mob Psycho 100 Comparison

Is Mob Psycho 100 good for kids?

Mob Psycho is one of the funniest Anime there is. The main character is a boy who has an innocent crush but isn’t very fanatical about it. Most ages may enjoy the humor since it’s subtle yet on point, and the artwork is straightforward but wonderful.

The characters all parody certain Anime cliches while still having complex inner lives and perspectives. Despite appearing to be all-powerful, Mob works to better other elements of his existence, such as his physical health and social life. Mob is a great example for all young people who aspire to be powerful because he shows that strength isn’t everything and that hard effort and a humble disposition can get you a lot further in life.

However, there is still some stuff that might not be suitable for kids. Some episodes have references to adult entertainment while others display inappropriate scenes. Although the animation is very childish it would still be a matter of concern if young children are watching it.

Arataka Reigen and mob standing together with Reigen pointing his finger somewhere
Because he demonstrates that strength isn’t everything, Mob is a terrific role model for all young people who want to be powerful.

Why is Mob Called Mob?

In Mob Pyscho 100, Shigeo is referred to as Mob due to the kanji in his name. Mo and Bu can be read as Shigeo’s kanji.

The name “Mobu,” which refers to a generic or inconsequential background figure, aptly captures Mob’s demeanor, which is evident throughout the series.

It’s unknown who first began referring to Shigeo as “Mob,” though. It’s commonly believed that the moniker “Mob” was given to him at the time to taunt him.

However, Mob is not referred to in this way by his family. When they ate together, Mob’s family referred to him as Shigeo every time.

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Total Episodes26
Viewer Rating8.6/10
About The Anime

What type of person is Mob?

Mob is an extremely forgiving and sympathetic person who never holds grudges or hatred against those who have wronged him.

This was initially shown with Teruki, who relentlessly fought Shigeo and choked him in an attempt to fight back, yet the two remained great friends despite this. Shigeo pays no attention to Ritsu, who obtained psychic powers and wanted to battle Shigeo to prove he was stronger while attempting to break their relationship.

Afterward, commending Ritsu for his brilliance and other skills that Shigeo lacks, leaving Ritsu in tears. Minori, who viciously harassed him for six months in a virtual world constructed by Mogami and drove him insane, is the most noteworthy illustration of his capacity for forgiveness.

What is Mob’s Psychic Ability?

Shigeo discovered as a child that his psychic ability was tied to his emotions.

Strong negative emotions might force him to hurt people, which he deeply dislikes and avoids (as seen in the 7th Division Arc, where he damages several teenagers after going 100%). As a result, he normally tries to keep his emotions under control. However, he can control his powers in particular situations, such as when he is at 100% courage.

This could mean that pure emotions, such as courage or a true desire to help or defend people, allow Mob to maintain control, whereas negative emotions, such as fury, cause him to lose control.


  • Psycho Mob is written by One. He’s the same writer who wrote the popular Anime and Manga series, One-Punch Man.
  • Psycho Mob has been extremely popular but people seem to have disarray about whether to watch it or not.
  • In my view, It’s a good Anime with a brilliant storyline and an impressive yet unique animation style.
  • The plot is quite easy to understand as it resembles very much the classic Anime fantasy and fighting stories.
  • Having been written by One, it has some aspects that resemble One-Punch Man.
  • It can’t be watched with children.

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