Is AnimeFlix Illegal? (Get To Know)

If you like watching Anime you must have heard the name Crunchyroll. This is the website that all of the other pirate Anime websites dream to be. It started as an illegal or pirate website but soon they started investing in their website.

They started their work to legalize their platform and generated enough buzz for someone to invest in their service to be legalized. Since they started charging money for their service Anime fans needed another service that could satisfy their needs.

AnimeFlix came to the market intending to fill the gap that Crunchyroll has left. AnimeFlix jumped and started to provide a service that rivals Crunchyroll.

There are other websites as well where you can watch Animes. Check out this video to find out:

Websites where you can watch Anime

So is AnimeFilx illegal? Is it safe? Find out in the article below.

What is AnimeFlix?

Animeflix is one of the world’s most popular anime streaming websites.

The reason for this website’s success is that it provides users with unlimited free Anime streaming. People may view and stream their favorite animes for free without having to create an account on the website. The website is fantastic, however, it is unlawful because it contains pirated stuff. That is why it is being prevented by the government.

People continue to use this website to watch their favorite animes for free. However, we recommend that you do not utilize this website.

Features of AnimeFlix

It is because of these qualities that Animeflix has become one of the top Anime Streaming websites of all time. So, here is a list of the Animeflix features that entice the majority of visitors to use this website.

  • People can watch their favorite anime for free on Animeflix.
  • Animeflix, unlike most other websites, does not have bothersome advertisements. As a result, users can watch their favorite anime without interruption.
  • The website provides high-quality animes such as 720p and 1080p. Viewers will get the greatest viewing experience possible.
  • Animeflix offers anime from every genre. You can select a genre and a suitable anime to watch based on your mood.
  • The website has a massive selection of anime movies, series, and episodes.

Is AnimeFlix Illegal?

AnimeFlix is an illegal website but still, it’s considered one of the best free Anime streaming services.

They provide all services and it consists of a huge collection of Anime.

The most watched Anime on AnimeFlix are Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Pokémon, Death Note, Haikyuu!!, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, Yu-Gi-Oh!, No Game No Life, Code Geass, Tokyo Ghoul, Akame ga Kill!, Dragon Ball Z, and Sword Art Online.

Just to get an idea of the popularity of AnimeFlix and a competitor analysis let us have a look at some numbers for one month.
Monthly Visits653,87142.38M
Monthly Unique Visits1635245.566M
Visit Duration17:102:08 min
Pages per visit9.492.59
Bounce Rate33.01%44.42%
Data were taken from

From the data, we can see that AnimeFlix is in healthy competition with other Anime websites like 9anime.

There are other competitors like Crunchyroll who have the most significant following and they have moved to the model where they fall into the legal category.

Why do people watch Anime illegally?

Viewers wanted to level up their experience in watching their favorite Anime series.

There are several reasons why Anime fans want to watch Anime illegally.

The first and the most common reason is that most Animes are not available on other streaming websites.

Let’s take the example of Crunchyroll. They have 500+ shows on their platform compared to websites like AnimeFlix which has 10000 shows maybe even more than 10000.

This is in simple words a supply and demand problem. Illegal or pirate websites provide fans with the ultimate choice and freedom to watch almost every Anime in existence for free. The other main reason is that not every Anime is available in every region of the world so even though we can try to buy subscriptions to legal Anime streaming websites, we still are unable to watch our favorite Anime because it’s blocked in our region.

AnimeFlix Features

AnimeFlix has its own unique features why it stands out healthy from other streaming websites.

There are so many competitors of AnimeFlix in the market but this website is still considered the go-to website by the fans for their Anime needs. This Anime website has some amazing features. Some of the features that make it so special are:

  • Ad Free

This is one of the websites that has no ads.

So, it keeps your focus on your favorite Anime and does not distract you with foul ads that you can’t just close and it always takes you to unknown pages.

  • High-Definition Content,

This website has all its content in 1080p and 720p.

This will elevate your overall experience of anime. All the Anime is available with subtitles so you can enjoy the real voices of your favorite actors and characters.

  • Favorite Categories

This website makes sure that all your Anime needs are covered. It has almost all your favorite types and genres of Anime that you wish to see.

They also have a discord channel for the fans to discuss all their wild theories about their favorite characters.

  • AnimeFlix App

This website has an app available on the Google Play Store for android users.

If you like to watch movies, and Anime, or just stream other websites for video content then there is good news for you.

  • AnimeFlix Revenue

According to the AnimeFlix website, the source of their revenue is the donation that’s provided by the fans and they plan to keep it free. I guess the best part of this website is that they provide all these features absolutely for free.

  • Is it legal?

Now to the main question, Is this website illegal?

So, the answer is yes. This website is illegal, it takes its content from different sources.

There is a whole area of research about the legality of these websites and how they are affecting the Anime sector.

Is AnimeFlix safe?

Safeness does not imply legality.

Being one of the illegal sites, it’s good to be cautious but for the most part, AnimeFlix is a safe website because it doesn’t run any ads on the website.

As far as legality issues are concerned, the FBI will not come knocking down to your house to arrest you for watching your favorite Anime. The website owners might face legal action but as far as you’re concerned, it’s safe.

Is watching Anime on websites illegal?

Watching Anime on illegal websites falls more in the category of immorality rather than legality.

If you consider the hard work done by the animators, writers, and media companies, this whole industry suffers from these pirate websites.

The main issue with illegal Anime websites is that the episodes of Anime are pirated to these illegal websites instead of legal streaming platforms which include Crunchyroll and Funimation. Streaming platforms have subscription plans for different regions.

Some Anime is not available in different regions so streamers prefer illegal Anime websites to view their favorite series.


  • It’s absolutely 100% illegal to watch Anime from illegal Anime streaming websites.
  • If the anime is not available on legal Anime streaming websites, then try to buy DVDs as a last resort.
  • Taking precautions will not only help the legal Anime and Manga businesses but also encourage the other illegal or pirated platforms to move to the subscription model and legalize their website instead of just keeping on going with the pirated Anime and always worrying about the ban on their domain.
  • AnimeFlix is a safe website because it does not run any ads on the website.

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