Is Spirited Away Worth Watching?

Yes! the Anime Spirited Away is no doubt a great one to watch as the adventure-based story met heights of success by breaking the records of the previous 19 years.

Many of you may have a habit of searching for the whereabouts of the thing you plan to spend your time on. Such as before starting reading a book, going to a new place, and even watching a movie, you may think if it’s good to go or not.

If you’re in search of a good animated movie, here I’ll suggest you one; Spirited Away.

The story is about a cranky 10-year-old girl who accidentally travels into a realm controlled by Gods, demons, and ghosts, where people are transformed into animals, as her family decided to relocate to the suburbs.

I’ve compiled a number of introductory details regarding this movie. Have a look at the data table below and then let’s dive into the details;

MovieSpirited Away
Directed byHayao Miyazaki
Produced byToshio Suzuki
Date of Release20th July 2001
Country of ReleaseJapan
Introductory details for Spirited Away

What Is The Story Of the Anime Spirited Away?

A little girl named Chihiro and her parents is migrating to a new location from where the story of Spirited Away starts. Chihiro shows some stupidity at the beginning of the story.

While her father looks for their new home, the family stumbles upon a derelict amusement park.

The family comes across a deserted theme park while her father searches for their new place. When her parents see that one of the stalls has newly prepared food, they don’t think twice about eating. On the other side, Chihiro thinks against the idea and investigates. But when she returns, her parents have changed into pigs, and the theme park is plagued with weird creatures.

Chihiro successfully persuades Yubaba, the supervisor of the spa at the theme park, to offer her employment with the aid of a mystery boy whose name is Haku. She now needs to deal with all the challenges of her profession while looking for a way out of this weird world for both herself and her family.

Why Is Spirited Away Considered A Masterpiece?

One of my earliest experiences with Japanese animation may have been this movie. I first watched this movie when I was a kid, and I was instantly captivated.

But what surprises me is that almost every time I contemplate the reasons why I believe this film to be a real work of art?
I then made the decision to observe it critically, and the following are my findings:

The protagonist of the movie, Chihiro, starts off as a troublemaker but develops into a more sophisticated character over time. The filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s world, which is at the center of everything, is what drives it all. Chihiro lives in a very bizarre world filled with weird creatures

The environment is odd, but I cannot resist feeling a sense of warmth when I look at it. It’s as though Miyazaki wishes you to be at home in the world he has created.
This was a movie that just helped me understand Anime as an artistic work. A stunning musical score by Joe Hisaishi also supports the motion picture. The music ranges from soothing and pleasant tones to becoming intense in serious scenes. When discussing Ni No Kuni, I applauded this man’s work a lot as well.

From Where Can You Watch Spirited Away?

Knowing the fact that the movie ‘Spirited Away’ was a record-breaker Anime released by Japan, you need not worry about its convenient availability.

The movie being the most successful Anime of its time must be available on the most notable platforms. Some of these may include;

Hulu made the movie available just this year by streaming it live in the start of July.

Other online sources to watch the movie are;

  • HBO Max
  • Vudu

Who Is ‘No Face’ In The Movie Spirited Away?

No Face is one of the notable characters of the movie who lately befriended with protagonist Cihiro.

No Face is a roving ghost in the film Spirited Away. Even in the spiritual realm, it is undesirable. No Face doesn’t have a companion, a family, or anything.

By offering other creatures as much money as they desire she attempts to win their affections but ends up tasting their selfishness and becoming more eager for new relationships. There is no amount of friendship that can satisfy this yearning because these ties feed off of each other’s emptiness.

No Face is actually a creature without any face.

The character of No Face is actually seen without a face. Its dead, lonesome spirit is represented by its blank face. No Face found a genuine connection after Chihiro broke his self-sustaining circle of suffering.

Eventually, it finds Chihiro, the spiritual realm prisoner who allowed No Face entry to the spa where the other spirits convene.

The story depicts life’s realities by encasing them in the creative persona of No Face. We all experience loneliness at some point in our life, despite our desire to deny it.

Should I Watch Spirited Away?

Absolutely yes, you must try watching this amazing movie.

Although, the movie mentioned above undoubtedly proved to be a great success in the history of Japanese Anime, the plot of the movie impacts young girls more strongly than any other group of audience.

The movie may seem kind of weird to a few, as they may consider the storyline insensible. Still, the abundance of creativity, innovation, and effort that was put into the movie is noticeable right away and only gets more astounding as it proceeds on.

It is unquestionably one of the greatest movies made since the dawn of the millennium and one of the finest pieces of artwork Japan has ever created. Honestly, you must not overlook it.

Review of the movie Spirited Away

What Is The Bad Thing About Movie Spirited Away?

In my opinion, it may not be much appropriate for kids as it contains scenes that may develop fear among them.

Spirited Away, an animated series by Hayao Miyazaki, is commonly regarded as a classic, but it wasn’t merely created for kids. It has a lot of terrifying or unusual entities and ghosts that can make Chihiro, the main character, feel uneasy and fearful as she battles to spare her family.

Frightening creatures from the spirit world

Those weird creatures appear in numerous scenarios. There are many indications of smoke and wine use. In one incident, a dragon who was attempting to defend Chihiro gets targeted and escapes with injuries and mouth bleeding.

This storyline of a bold young female protagonist will appeal to older kids who are yearning to experience a more advanced animated movie.

Is Spirited Away frightening?

Parents should be aware that Hayao Miyazaki’s beautiful adventure Spirited Away is widely regarded as an animated classic, but it was not created solely for children.

It can be spooky and terrifying at times, with various intense or strange-looking entities and spirits threatening Chihiro, the protagonist, as she attempts to save her parents.

There are references to smoking and sake drinking. A dragon attempting to defend Chihiro is assaulted in one scene and returns injured and bleeding from the mouth. Older youngsters who are ready for a more sophisticated animated story will like this story about a strong young female protagonist.

What is the movie Spirited Away’s message?

Spirited Away is one of those rare films that I believe anybody can relate to and that can teach you life lessons while also being as deep as the ocean.

The film’s message, in my opinion, is one of growth. It is about a person’s ability to find hope at their darkest moments; when everything appears so frightening and unclear, being able to stay true to yourself and be strong and kind is one of life’s greatest journeys.

The spirit world allows Chihiro to break out of her shell and develop into a mature young lady whose challenges and pains from working in a supernatural bathhouse pale in comparison to something as simple as moving to a new home.


  • Spirited away is the most successful movie among all the Japanese anime series.
  • Chihiro is shown as the main character who unintentionally entered a strange world along with her parents and she is struggling to save them who have converted to pigs.
  • Another character is No Face that is shown as an ironic who is considered worthless but Chihiro’s interaction with No Face changed their life in a positive manner.
  • The movie is worth watching for all people but with the exception of kids as it contains some mature and terrifying scenes that may impact them negatively.

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