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Why Is Saitama So Strong? (Secrets Revealed)

Saitama is the protagonist of the most popular Gag Anime—One Punch Man. One Punch Man revolves around a hero who has the ability to beat villains of every class with only a single punch.

In the Anime and the Manga, Saitama possesses enormous strength that remains unrivaled by any S-class hero or a Disaster-class villain. 

Saitama From One Punch Man
He is not your usual proud superhero; he is unselfish and modest.

Saitama‘s unparalleled power yet his humbling nature makes him the favorite hero among Shonen fans. It’s funny to see him all laid back while he fights monsters, and his normal punches actually annihilating most enemies without much effort from Saitama’s side.

Saitama is a very serious person. He never gets angry, but he likes to mess with people when they think he has no emotions.

Saitama does not like being called bald and often gets upset when someone says it without realizing it. Until now, there has been no clear indication of the extent of his powers in the series. 

Saitama is the strongest man in the universe, and a lot of people want him to be. What’s his secret? And can anyone beat him? I’ll answer all those questions here—so read on further!

Was Saitama born with Super Powers?

Saitama was not a superhero. He’s just a normal guy who decided to become stronger and faster than everyone else out there.

However, after an unexpected encounter with a mysterious being, he is reminded of his childhood dream to become a superhero and so he begins training for it.

After training continuously for 3 years, his strength has gotten to the point where he can slay any monster and annihilate any beast with one punch.

Saitama, a guy who has allegedly broken his limiter, had no special abilities or potential, to begin with, he was able to develop above his inherent limitations and acquire strength that Dr. Genus cannot even begin to comprehend.

He was untalented but he overcame this with JUST WILL POWER. Anyone else who possessed such a strong will would practically go nuts. 

Saitama‘s training was intense. He trained in a remote area for nearly a year, doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and squats, and running 10 kilometers every day—and it paid off! He began his career as a professional hero, but because of his extraordinary power, he has no trouble finding motivation or enthusiasm.

He not only strengthened his physique to invincibility, but he also defeated his will. Sadly, He went bald on top of feeling alienated by his overpowering strength. 

AliasOne Punch Man or Caped Baldy
OriginOne Punch Man
OccupationB-Class Superhero
About himThrill-seeking one-man army
PowersUnlimited strength, Absolute speed, Endurance, Agility, High lung Capacity, Gravity resistance, Night vision, Creating shock waves, advanced healing factor, etc.
Saitama and his abilities

What is the secret of Saitama’s power? 

Some say it is his training. Saitama’s training was so intense and arduous that he went bald.

Saitama attributes his strength to his tough training regimen. It included 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10-kilometer run. For approximately three years, Saitama pushed himself and worked out every day until he reached the limits of what was normal for humans.

This endurance training was apparently the source of his strength; however, it seems like there’s more going on here than just physical exertion alone (although it certainly wouldn’t hurt).

It is mentioned in Chapter 88: “What is unique about me? I’ve overcome my ‘limiter’, which implies that greater powers come from challenging his own limits rather than simply pushing himself harder than anyone else around he can handle.

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 88
One Punch Man Manga Chapter 88 by ONE

A theory by Dr. Genus says that Saitama‘s power is that he was able to remove his ‘LIMITER‘. Dr. Genus accepted the fact that a human’s real power originates from his acceptance to change & grow.

He later added the point that God has created a limit to human beings’ growth so that no human attains the unlimited power beyond that limit and loses their sanity. But Saitama had broken this limiter without losing his sanity.

Although the true means of how he did it remains unknown, it could be due to the rigorous exercise regimen that he had been repeating for the past three years where he felt like he was on the brink of death. sometimes. But his close-to-death experience actually made him break through his limiter.

This theory about his source of power is still unclear since it was meant to be a comedic spot-on in the Manga rather than a serious thing.

Does Saitama boast about his powers?

The first thing you should know about Saitama is that he doesn’t want to be a hero. He doesn’t want to be known as the strongest man in the world, or for having superpowers.

In fact, he’s so down-to-earth that he even refuses to wear his superhero costume when it’s time for him to go on patrol!

Saitama is just trying to live his life as normal as possible—and this includes not being famous or famous for something other than being good at fighting crime with his fists alone (or sometimes with the help of his friend Dr. Genus).

Saitama gave up everything including his hair to ensure that evil never has the power to rule the world or bring destruction.

In my opinion, Saitama is the only person in the series with a heroic personality. He is selfless, humble, and not your typical proud superhero.

He is not in favor of the class system revolving around superheroes. He is not hungry for credits, nor does it bother him. 

For example, when Saitama defeated Boros, he saved the world from extinction but only two people knew about it, Tatsumaki and Genus.

Saitama also takes the fall for defeats without thinking about his reputation, like when he took the blame for the Meteor and the fall for the failure against the deep Sea King.

Even though he could have just saved himself from it easily, he did it to save the other heroes’ reputations. He got insulted for the sake of his fellows which is pretty wholesome in my opinion. 

Saitama didn’t get strong because he was conceited, and he didn’t become a hero to get rich quickly by fending off monsters. When Saitama protected the child from Crablante, he realized the horrible world he was living in and realized how much it needs him. 

To make sure that evil will never control the world or bring doom, he gave up his hair, his feelings of happiness, and his leisure time.

Is Saitama the strongest in One Punch Man? 

Yes, Saitama is the strongest man in One Punch Man. He didn’t obtain his powers through some sort of transmission or knowledge of others’ power. He trained very hard to become where he is now!

There is no limit to his power, even while fighting Boros, he didn’t use his maximum capability. Boros has proven to be one of the Caped Baldy’s toughest opponents so far.

He went all out against Saitama since he was powerful enough to destroy a planet. But he suffered the same fate as every other bad guy in the show, and Saitama easily defeated him. Despite Saitama acknowledging him as a skilled fighter, he was still not using all of his potential.

Saitama Vs Boros Full Fight

Has Saitama ever used his full power?

Saitama hasn’t fully utilized his powers against any of the enemies in One Punch Man yet.

But Shonen fans are still looking forward to witnessing his full potential at some point in the Anime/Manga. And also eagerly waiting for the character or thing that will test Saitama to the very limit.

Does Saitama have a limit?

The answer is both yes and no. Saitama has no limit, yet chapter 167 of the Manga makes us think otherwise. 

Most of the fans considered Saitama as a Gag hero but during his fight with Garou in chapter 167, it was the first time he took an argument seriously. When the Hero ‘blast’ teleports Saitama and Garou to one of the moons of the planet Jupiter, he decides to unleash his power since there is nobody there to save but himself. 

Based on this assumption of the black hole created when Saitama’s punch collided with Garou’s, his real ability appears to reside somewhere in the multi-galaxy level of destructive powers.

The show is doing a fantastic job up to this point of employing inventive techniques to show the amount of power, Saitama deems going all out. Saitama’s real strength is enormous, with the ability to seize the hyperspace warp gate and destroy a large portion of the visible universe. 

Hence the fact that Saitama even possesses a level of power that he regards to be “all out suggests that he does, in fact, have a physical limit to his strength. His total might isn’t simply some fictitious, limitless strength.

Who can defeat Saitama?

Saitama is the only one who can defeat him.

The reason he’s so strong is that he trains himself every day and never uses his full power in battle. If someone who can use Saitama’s weaknesses appears, he can be defeated easily by this person or group of people.


  • Saitama is the strongest man in the universe because he trained very hard to get there! 
  • His source of this power is still a mystery, some believe it is due to hard training but some think otherwise.
  • Despite all this success, Saitama doesn’t boast about his powers or try to be more than just another guy who’s stronger than everyone around him.
  • Until now in the series, there has been no one who could defeat him.
  • There has been no documented extent to his power’s limit. 

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