Watch: What Makes Violet Evergarden Worth It?

Violet Evergarden is a slice-of-life Anime that is a highly emotional, heartbreaking, and soul-stirring story that revolves around the struggling life of an innocent, alluring, but bleak-looking teenage girl.

The tale begins following the cessation of a devastating war in the kingdom of Leidenschaftlich. A teenage girl named Violet is made to fight as a soldier in the war in which she’s treated like a fighting tool to conquer the victory.

She somehow finds her way out of that war zone to another kingdom, where she’s hired for a writer’s job at the CH Postal. There she can write letters for her clients, enabling the astonishing transformation of true feelings and emotions into words on a piece of paper.

During her time at the company, she sets out on a journey to find a true purpose in her life, and a genuine meaning to the three words (I love you) that have been engraved in her heart since the day she received those dreadful wounds while understanding the importance of human nature, personality traits, and a whirlwind of emotions.

Release DateJuly 4, 2018
Total Episodes 13
Age Rating R
Information about the Anime, Violet Evergarden.

Is it worth watching?

Violet Evergarden presents a storyline from which viewers can gain many potential lessons. Therefore it is reasonably fair to say that it’s worthwhile to watch it.

It tells us about the adverse impact that a war can bring forth not only to civilians but to the soldiers too. Throughout the Anime, one can observe how Violet is troubled by the chaotic mess she has been through on the battleground. Her constant need to attend to someone’s order, as she did before during the battle while in pain, showed that she still believed that her existence was to be used as a tool and nothing else.

Horrible memories bombarding her on several occasions, threatening waves of fear residing within her damaged soul, deliver a message to the viewers that PTSD is the real deal. It’s never to be taken for granted; Recognizing her problematic behavioral traits after severe war trauma is imperative.

Moreover, this Anime is a radiant hope for humanity to help each other out and not be afraid to showcase their feelings. One of the excellent ways to do so is to transpire that into the form of words. What we get to see is that people can communicate honestly and explicitly by sharing letters. The magnificent beauty which lies within the words is undeniably impeccable.

Words are a significant game changer. They can easily reach someone beloved to your or anyone in general. Being able to write your heart out is a beautiful activity encouraged in the Anime. If someone as unexpressive as Violet could have learned the art of writing, so can you!

It was challenging for Violet to adjust to a new life while putting behind her past that brought her pain but eventually – she succeeded in moving on, closing the previous chapter of life, and all motivated to kick things off with a fresh start. This is, perhaps, the marvelous facet of the entire Anime and probably the most relatable one!

Moving forward with one’s life after any distressing trauma is heartbreaking, complicated, and full of challenges one after the other, but with determination, a task seemingly undoable like this turns into hope for those who have had a hard time in the past. Furthermore, the show highlights that we should always be open to new ideas and perspectives. This is accomplished through meeting new people; exposure to worldly life is best experienced when communicating with different people. A similar approach was taken by Violet, which helped her discover what feelings are for her and other people.

Gilbert Bougainville looking terrified with his eyes wide open
Gilbert Bougainville is a character in the Violet Evergarden series.

What is the plot of Violet Evergarden?

Auto Memory Dolls was a machine created as a prototype for the typewriter.

It was created by Professor Orlando, a letterpress printing expert and mechanical doll researcher. Molly, his wife, was an author who went blind and could no longer write. Dr. Orlando then built the first Auto-Memories Doll for her, which was designed to record anything stated by a human voice. Nowadays, the phrase relates to the industry of writing for others.

Violet Evergarden’s journey of reintegrating back into society once the war is made, as she is no longer a soldier, is followed throughout the novel. And her search for her life’s purpose in order to comprehend the last words Major Gilbert, her mentor, and guardian, had said to her: “I love you.”

How is Violet Evergarden portrayed?

Violet is characterized as an extremely beautiful young lady, but with certain infantile facial traits due to her young age, giving her a doll-like appearance, as well as an almost emotionless temperament.

Her face is a little narrow and elongated, with large blue eyes and thick dark lashes; she has a thin body of medium height and fair skin. Her golden hair falls to her hips, but she has a fringe that finishes in the middle of her brows and is separated into three strands: one falls on her face, and the other two mix into two longer strands that end on her shoulders.

Amy describes her hair as “velvet” as she styles it for her.

Violet usually dresses in a white blouse with a quarter-neck collar and sleeves that go wider but narrower at the cuffs; a lush green skirt that starts just above her hips with a short-fitting sash and finishes at the bottom of her knees; dark gray tights and a pair of worn warm brown ankle boots.

Why you should watch it?

You should watch Violet Evergarden because, in this Anime, loyalty and relationships are key.

Violet, the main character comprehends emotions and forms a variety of connections. Her devotion is unwavering. Violet is allowed to explore new connections and areas. She does her duties faithfully throughout. Despite their early impressions of her, individuals around Violet support her because of her candor and purity. Additionally, it makes people reexamine their relationships, for better or worse. One of the finest character arcs I’ve ever seen.

Animation art is one of Violet Evergarden’s best qualities, and it already has a lot going for it. The cinematography is beautiful in its scene changes, and the visuals are clear and modern. The Anime easily transitions between scenes or makes startling changes that are designed to surprise.

In addition, Anime does a fantastic job of presenting story elements like Violet’s brooch. I’ve never seen an Anime that was simultaneously so mainstream and innovative and poetic. Violet Evergarden is a series you must watch if you want to master Anime art direction.

It’s an emotional roller-coaster! If you have doubted yourself lately about how you choose to express your feelings, or if you are doing it the right way, or maybe you are caught up in a dilemma, give this one a shot! It will leave you crying that you won’t stop asking for tissues to wipe off a sea of emotions for quite a bit of time.

Here’s an interesting video to dive into further:

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Is it a good starter Anime?

The Violet Evergarden is generally recommended to any Anime-watching fan, whether it’s their first Anime or not, because of its fantastic storyline and beautiful animation style.

It’s patently a story that’d leave you in awe of sadness, and many would appreciate the well-written plot, but at the same time, the Anime is merely an emotional one that involves a ton of drama.

For starters who are into romantic and heartbreaking story arcs, choosing this as your first Anime won’t be a bad choice. Even those who enjoy any other genre can watch it and be apprehensive that Animes are not about the same old fighting theme. It can take different forms. In this case, Violet Evergarden can be taken as a decent love story. So, in short, it can be a good starter for Anime.

Violet standing and staring, She has blue eyes and blonde hair
Violet standing and staring with her beautiful blue eyes.


  • The Anime is an illustration of love and grief. It is quite different from the mainstream Anime series.
  • Some would claim that Violet Evergarden doesn’t accomplish anything unusual, but the lack of a surprising plot twist doesn’t change the fact that this series does a good job of executing its storyline.
  • Many of the struggles these individuals experience are normal, and because of this, Violet herself and many viewers can easily relate to them.
  • The Anime provides excellent lessons about mental health, its importance, and how not caring about it can be devastating.
  • It is a must-watch for any Anime fan as it provides a heart-wrenching story that’s unique too.
  • The animation style is mesmerizing, This encourages new Anime fans to give this series a try.

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