Hunter X Hunter: Top 10 Strongest Types of Hunters, Ranked

In the Hunter x Hunter franchise, the Hunter Association oversees all aspects of the Hunters’ business activities. 

Although the majority of Hunters freely hunt lifeforms, magical objects, and hidden locations, the Hunter Association frequently divides them into specializations

Due to their inexperience, the characters Gon Freeces and Killua Zoldyck continue to be Rookies. Kurapika, who travels with them, is also a Blacklist Hunter who focuses on finding bounty hunters.

Fans may ask which Hunter Types are more powerful than the others given that there are up to 24 different Hunter Types. 

It’s interesting to note that some Hunters and unidentified Hunter Types can end up dominating the Hunter Association. Here is the list of them ranked from top to bottom.

RankingHunter Type
10Rookie Hunters
9Beast Hunters
8Ruin Hunters
7Treasure Hunters
6Disease Hunters
5Poison Hunters
4Terrorist Hunters
3Crime Hunters
2Blacklist Hunters
1Unknown Type Hunters
Top 10 strongest types of Hunters.

Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Is Hunter X Hunter a good anime?

Hunter X Hunter is one of the top shonen anime series, ranking alongside many well-known titles. Not only is its tale distinct and has its own atmosphere, but its short cast of characters (including those from the H X H films) contributes to the series’ enduring popularity among fans.

While there are characters with abilities that are too powerful to handle (but have yet to be seen in the anime), there have also been characters with great promise who were (unfortunately) nerfed or deleted entirely from the anime adaptation.

However, the individuals who made it into the anime series ranged from full-fledged hunters to that odd guy who gets to use Nen.

Are Hunters strong or efficient?

Hunters are extraordinary people and some of society’s most valued members in the universe of Hunter X Hunter.

Anyone who passes the Hunter Exam receives a Hunter License, which grants them tremendous wealth and allows them to travel anywhere in the world and do whatever they desire. A Hunter’s License cannot be canceled after it has been issued, even if the person is the most terrible of offenders.

Although all Hunters are strong and have a good understanding of Nen, there are those who are at the top and those who are simply ineffective. Certain Hunters stand out from the crowd, whether they are the strongest or the weakest.

Rookie Hunters

Of course, it’s hinted that Rookie Hunters lack the experience necessary to specialise in a particular field of knowledge.

They do, however, have the best chance of succeeding in any area of the Hunt. 

It is hinted that they lack any special expertise because Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, and Leorio Paradinight are the only remaining Rookie Hunters in the franchise.

However, it appears that each of them has a preference for a particular field of expertise

For instance, Killua is a skilled assassin (Blacklist Hunter), Gon appears to have inherited his father’s love of adventure, and Leorio wants to be a doctor (Disease Hunter). 


Even though they have high power levels, they are highly powerful due to their ability to stick to their areas of specialization or pursue new interests.

They might then develop into Unknown Types in that instance.

Killua Zoldyck is a Rookie Hunter.

Beast Hunters

Beast Hunters concentrate their search on varied wildlife, while some Hunters seek other people. 

They have an impressive understanding of animal anatomy and behavior, especially when it comes to their favored prey. 

Three Hunters meet the criteria under this criterion. These include the Beast Hunter Knuckle Bine as well as other specialized Hunters like the Unidentified Beast Hunter Shoot McMahon and Pokkle (Hunter of Fantastic Beasts).


Possible variations of Beast Hunters include those that pursue unrecorded species (such as the Hunter of Fantastic Beasts) or those that pursue creatures whose existence is in doubt, such as mythical beings (Unidentified Beast Hunter). 

Given that they are likely to encounter unidentified monsters while traveling, it is required of Beast Hunters that they have combat prowess and battle skills.

Ruins Hunter

In the Hunter Association, Ruins Hunters are the equivalent of archaeologists.

They specialize in finding, preserving, and even restoring old ruins and locations, as well as other artifacts from bygone civilizations. 

Ruins Hunters need to be well-versed in history and culture, but they also need to be ready for a multitude of hazards. 

These include ancient site traps or monsters from the past that might reawaken there. 

The only Ruins Hunters introduced thus far are Satotz and Gon’s father Ging Freecss. 

However, both people exhibit a broad range of specialist knowledge and are keen observers of their surroundings. 

In particular, Ging possesses extraordinary abilities in Nen, capable of even replicating skills and examining their potential.


Ruins Hunters can become extremely deadly if they take advantage of the treasures they locate, in addition to knowing how to deal with the numerous hazards and treasures they may find. 

Ruins Hunters may come across a rare artifact or a rare weapon to help them in battle, unlike Treasure Hunters who specialize in expensive treasures.

Treasure Hunters

The Treasure Hunters group includes people who like the thrills of a treasure hunt.

These Hunters concentrate on finding and acquiring numerous priceless objects

They also need to have exceptional exploration abilities, a depth of knowledge about cultures and treasures, and the ability to fight off evil forces

Stone Hunters, a hypothetical subtype of Treasure Hunters, might be more interested in finding jewels or precious stones.

Biscuit Krueger (Stone Hunter) and Kanzai are the two Treasure Hunters who have been introduced to the series (Treasure Hunter). 

Since Biscuit in particular exhibits flawless Nen control, it is possible that she makes use of her own skills to find hidden riches or even repel enemies.

Biscuit Krueger is a Treasure Hunter.


Additionally, Treasure Hunters must possess in-depth knowledge of where to find, how to recognize, and evaluate objects and trinkets that might appear to be valuable to them. 

Additionally, they must have a broad network of contacts that may assist them in finding lodging, a base of operations, and local information while looking for various forms of treasure.

Disease Hunters

In their pursuit of viable treatments, Disease Hunters battle the deadliest of illnesses.

Disease Hunters are consequently expected to have in-depth knowledge of anatomy and medicine

They should have knowledge of both traditional and alternative healing methods. 

A Disease Hunter can effectively disable enemies in battle by using their anatomical expertise despite their generally “passive” demeanor.

The two remaining examples of Disease Hunters that have been introduced thus far are Sanbica Norton and Hunter Association’s Chairman Cheadle Yorkshire

In addition to both women having extraordinary medical skills, Cheadle has a genius-level brain and can come up with creative solutions to difficulties.


Disease Hunters must have a thorough understanding of medicine because their area of expertise is locating and treating diseases. 

Disease Hunters should have the knowledge and resources to even be able to analyze new types of diseases and their potential treatments from the start, in contrast to doctors who only treat and may focus on a specific body type.

Poison Hunters

In order to obtain their antivenoms and learn how to use them as medicines, Poison Hunters must deal with the most volatile of poisons. 

They continue to be the finest sources for finding temporary treatments and antidotes for novel toxins. 

Although they share many traits with Disease Hunters, their disregard for anatomy and medicine makes them slightly less effective. 

They make up for it, though, by having the ability to use poisons effectively in battle.

The only Poison Hunter that has been revealed thus far in the series is Gel, the Zodiac Snake. 

Although nothing is known about her Nen, she has demonstrated the ability to change her arm into a serpent.


Poison Hunters should possess in-depth knowledge of current poisons and their treatments, just like Disease Hunters do, and apply this information to spot and eliminate new poisons. 

Because they can now develop new poisons to destroy and kill enemies, Poison Hunters are incredibly lethal.

Terrorist Hunters

Terrorist Hunters, a more specialised variation, focus on locating and apprehending terrorists to thwart possible terrorist acts. 

Terrorist Hunters, in contrast to Crime Hunters, should have abilities specific to locating terrorists and their allies. 

To get an advantage in any confrontations, they incorporate deductive thinking, questioning techniques, and martial prowess.

The only Terrorist Hunter in the series is Botobai Gigante, also known as the Zodiac Dragon. 

Botobai ought to be well-versed in criminal behavior and anti-terrorist procedures given his roles as a Triple-Star Terrorist Hunter and public prosecutor.

Botobai Gigante is a Terrorist Hunter.


Even though there aren’t many Hunters of the Terrorist Hunter Type, it’s simple to determine what kind of skills they possess to handle such a specialization.

Along with acute observational abilities, Terrorist Hunters also need to be adept at analysis and have access to information to spot trends and behaviors that might point to the propensity for terrorist activity.

Terrorist Hunters are more skilled than Crime Hunters, making them more extreme.

Crime Hunters

Even though it’s a rare variation, Crime Hunters are equipped with the knowledge and abilities to investigate enigmatic crimes in the criminal underground. 

These Hunters should ideally be deductive thinkers with a penchant for cracking otherwise intractable cases. 

Crime Hunters should have fighting prowess and Nen talents to aid in their quest because they may have to find enemies who have the means to remain nameless

The lone instance of a Crime Hunter in the series is Mizaistom Nana, also known as the Zodiac Ox. 

Aside from his card-focused Nen, Mizaistoma is a brilliant individual with in-depth legal and criminal expertise as the proprietor of his own private security company and a lawyer.


Crime Hunters must instead rely on the strength of observation and analysis to identify trends to help them locate criminals as opposed to the more intense Terrorist Hunters. 

They also require a thorough knowledge of human psychology to identify a suspect’s possible motivations.

Blacklist Hunters

Blacklist Hunters fit the mould of the conventional bounty hunter that one typically associates with a Hunter. 

These Hunters are experts in finding and capturing wanted and dangerous individuals. Interestingly, due to their potential in battle, Blacklist Hunters may have some of the most effective Nen skills. 

Others could counter that Blacklist Hunters are the most powerful Hunters because they train to hunt down harmful Nen users and persons.

The Kurta Clan’s Kurapika is a well-known Blacklist Hunter, with chains and other equipment expressly designed to track down the Phantom Troupe. 

While doing so, Binolt can examine a person’s physique in great detail by using his unique scissors to remove some of their hair.


They must have extensive combat skills in addition to extraordinary physical traits and reflexes, according to the Blacklist Hunters currently in existence. 

This means that before using Nen, Blacklist Hunters should be able to deal with their targets through hand-to-hand fighting and weapon specialties. 

They also require extraordinary observational skills to spot the patterns and frailties of their adversaries.

Unknown Type Hunters

Unknown Type Hunters may be the Hunter Association’s strongest members if non-category is made into a separate category. 

Unknown Types don’t lack specialties as Rookies do; they just don’t have one. 

Some Unknown Types also concentrate on other factors that caused them to shun association, such as Hisoka Morow’s activities or Illumi Zoldyck’s involvement in the murder. 

In contrast, Unknown Types frequently have members that have strong Nen talents or talent for hunting practically anything. 

For instance, while being one of the most powerful people ever, former Hunter Association Chairman Isaac Netero himself lacks a Hunter Type.


The fact that Unknown Type Hunters have a tonne of base qualities allows them to specialize in nearly anything, but, maybe one thing in common with them. 

For instance, Illumi, Hisoka, and Isaac have a lot in common with Unknown Types, including having superhuman physical qualities, extremely high levels of preternatural perception, and a mastery of Nen that allows them to alter their powers to suit their needs.

Check out this video to know more about the powers each Hunter possesses.

Highest Ranked Hunters and their powers explained.

Final Words

  • In Hunter X Hunter, the titular characters are extraordinarily powerful, considerably outperforming the normal populace in terms of aptitude, insight, knowledge, and general power. 
  • The Hunter Association, an NGO tasked with evaluating the strengths and faults of its members, controls (primarily) hunting operations.
  • After passing the Hunter Exam, a person is officially accepted into the community and is given amazing privileges. 
  • Despite this, passing a test isn’t a good way to gauge Hunter’s power level; nonetheless, based on how much Nen they can hold, one can form an approximation.
  • High-ranked Hunter Types include Rookies, Crime, and Blacklist Hunters.

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