What Makes Rent-A-Girlfriend A Good Anime To Watch?

A lot of people have the habit of researching the things that they are going to spend their time on so that they don’t end up regretting their decision. Keeping that in mind, I have compiled all the information about the 2020 harem Anime Rent-A-Girlfriend. What is the plot, and theme and is it worth the watch?

Keep reading to find out but before that have a look at the data table below:

Total Episodes12
Release DateJuly 11, 2020
Where To WatchCrunchyroll
Information About Rent-A-Girlfriend

What is the Plot of Rent-A-Girlfriend?

The show sheds light on the absurdly simple ways to find oneself a partner in the twenty-first century by introducing an app that allows you to hire a girlfriend.

Kazuya Kinoshita and his girlfriend broke up. He tries to rent a girlfriend through an app after being emotionally wrecked.

At that point, he encounters Chizuru Mizuhara. She first appears to be the ideal girl because she has an excellent appearance and a sweet, loving personality—everything he could wish for.

Following their first meeting, Kazuya notices conflicting reviews on her profile. Still troubled by his ex-girlfriend, Kazuya concludes that Chizuru is only manipulating men’s emotions and gives her a poor rating.

Chizuru displays her genuine self, who is loud-mouthed and impulsive, in her fury at her client’s contempt for her.

As it turns out, Chizuru is exactly the reverse of what Kazuya initially thought. When Kazuya learns of his grandmother’s fall, he is forced to take Chizuru to the hospital with him, and their narrative takes an unexpected turn.

Even though it turns out that Kazuya’s grandmother’s illness is not critical, she’s thrilled to find that Kazuya has managed to find a proper girlfriend, which had been her dream for years.

Kazuya and Chizuru are compelled to fake a relationship since they are unable to tell Kazuya’s grandmother the truth, which causes them to pretend as though they are truly in love.

Kazuya and Chizuru sit together, with Kazuya feeling extremely awkward.
In her rage at her client’s disdain for her, Chizuru exhibits her true personality, which is impetuous and loud-mouthed.

Is Rent-A-Girlfriend a sad Anime?

The series is an Anime with many moments of grief and sadness; although there are many scenes filled with laughter, there are moments when one can feel the true desperation of the characters.

In one of the scenes, Chizuru’s grandmother was re-admitted to a hospital even though she had been ill for a while. Her sickness had advanced and she was not doing well. Chizuru simply wanted to be able to act in a short film so she could show her grandmother before she passed away after learning that her grandma was dying, but she had a very short window of opportunity.

As Anime progressed, Chizuru was very close to her goal. She accompanied her grandmother to the cinema to view the movie. Her grandmother fainted and was taken to the hospital. Kazuya hastened the finished tape over to Chizuru; as her grandmother was taking her last breaths at the hospital and wanted to see her grandchild in a movie. Despite spending most of the film in a coma, her grandmother was able to see her granddaughter perform. Before her grandma passed away that night, the two had a few last words after the movie.

Chizuru was very close to her grandpa too, who encouraged her to pursue a career in acting as her grandma did. He was promised by Chizuru that she will become famous and star in motion pictures someday.

Naturally, this didn’t occur because her grandfather passed away before long, leaving just Chizuru and her grandma. Chizuru was obliged to find a method to pay for acting school on her own due to her grandma’s failing health.

Moving forward, Ruka is a character that fans find increasingly difficult to watch. While in the Anime, she just appeared as a minor impediment to the romance between Kazuya and Chizuru. Ruka continually attempts to insert herself into circumstances, becoming increasingly irritated with herself over time. Ruka gradually begins to feel less significant as a result, which lowers her self-esteem.

She also has a cardiac disease that, when she was younger, her parents believed would quickly result in her death. Ruka’s heart beats more slowly than usual, and despite her best efforts to feel terrified, she has never actually experienced exhilaration.

Even as an adult, Ruka monitors her pulse rate and is astonished to discover that when she is around Kazuya, her heart starts to beat more quickly—something which has never occurred in her whole life.

Chizuru looks a little angry and anxious
Because her grandmother’s health was deteriorating, Chizuru was forced to find a way to pay for acting school on her own.

Is Rent-A-Girlfriend worth watching?

Kazuya and Chizuru together, with Chizuru holding Kazuya's arm.
Don’t take it too seriously because it’s not a serious drama romance with character development, touching situations, and deep ideas.

In my opinion, the Anime is worth the watch. It’s humorous and enjoyable. Take what you will from the fact that it’s a harem Anime and that the main character is a total loser—but that’s kind of the idea.

Even those who often despise harem Anime are awarding this one high marks for its endearing characters, its noble main character, its brutal portrayal of the effects of grief, and its cast of characters.

It’s not a hard-hitting drama romance with character development, moving scenes, and profound concepts, so don’t take it too seriously. It’s about a college student with much too many hormones dealing with a painful breakup in the most embarrassing way. Every episode will make you smile since it’s charming and amusing.

Despite Rent-A-Girlfriend’s shortcomings, the rental girlfriend service element of the program is novel compared to much other romantic Anime, and viewers may enjoy the college atmosphere as well. It would be wonderful to see more TV programs that promote these private services for clients who are interested in personal growth, such as increasing their comfort near persons of a different gender, practicing intimacy, or boosting their self-esteem.

Several factors can make it difficult for people to form connections, discover love, and engage in intimate relationships, including loneliness, impairments, discrimination, and anxiety. This is one of the explanations for the availability of rental girlfriends. The fact that the idea initially appeared in Anime is wonderful.

Here’s an interesting video to dive further:

Rent-A-Girlfriend Review


  • The Anime is from the genre of harem Anime. A harem Anime is where the main character has several companions who are romantically interested in them.
  • The series is very interesting and has a very complex storyline with different love triangles.
  • Chizuru is Kazuya’s rented girlfriend, whose true aspect makes Kazuya despise her.
  • Chizuru has her own goal to make her grandparents proud of her by starring in a movie.
  • Ruka is another character who is in love with Chizuru, but, not the other way around.
  • The character development and animation are average, to say the least. However, the concept is what makes this series interesting.

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