Seven Deadly Sins: Who Is The Strongest? (Run Down)

The action shonen series called Seven Deadly Sins is based on a band of the same name. The group is made up of residents of the Kingdom of Britannia who are extremely powerful. 

They are distinguished from the other characters in the series by their extraordinary qualities, which are well-known about them.

The group accumulated a lot of experience throughout time, which helped them grow stronger

Seven people make up the group: Escanor, Meliodas, Ban, King, Gowther, Merlin, and Diane. Each of them has special abilities that enable them to combat the Seven Deadly Sins antagonists. 

The following table enlists the members with their magical powers:

MembersMagical Powers
MeliodasFull Counter; Hellblaze
Members of deadliest sins and their magical powers.

The strength of the group is unmatched, but who among them is the strongest? Let’s find out as we dive into the details of each member!

What are the Seven Deadly Sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins were developed in response to the King of Liones’ vision to preserve all of Britannia from the rebirth of the Ten Commandments.

Each Sin is named after a moral fault in the crimes for which they have been punished, and they bear the emblem of a beast on their skin. This unique force is comprised of the most powerful Holy Knights in the Kingdom of Liones.

The Seven Deadly Sins went into hiding after being framed for the assassination of the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras. When disaster erupts in Britannia, however, being labeled adversaries of the Holy Knights will not prevent the Seven Deadly Sins from protecting the Kingdom of Liones.

What are the laws of the Seven Deadly Sins?

There are seven laws that each member of the group must follow. Only five of these laws have been released thus far. Meliodas drafted the legislation.

  • Law #1: Unknown
  • Law #2: Unknown
  • Law #3: “A Sin shall not inquire into the sin of another member.”
  • Law #4: “If a buddy is in need, everyone should do whatever they can to aid.”
  • Law #5: “When two Sins disagree, they can settle it with a fight,”
  • Law #6: “If two Sins are fighting to the death, the other five must do everything in their power to stop them, even if that means eliminating the perpetrator.”
  • Law #7: “Make an effort to get together and work as a team on occasion.”


King’s wife Diane is a member of the Giant Clan. Diane is stronger and bigger than regular people since she is a giant. 

She can withstand numerous attacks—thanks to her strong endurance. Diane has a rare talent called creation, which she uses to control the earth. 

After going through Drole’s ordeal, her power considerably grew since she was able to strengthen her connection to the soil, which gave her a big boost. 

Sin Committed

The Knights of Liones enlisted Diane and Matrona as mercenaries to aid them in a conflict with foreign barbarians. 

They are duped by the Holy Knight Gannon, who reveals his true motives—to defeat a giant for fame and prestige. 

Despite the fact that Matrona unluckily “dies” from a poisonous arrow, Gannon miscalculates her power, and his plans are foiled. 

After killing most of the soldiers—including Gannon—the giantess “passes away,” and the few survivors fudged the event report to pin Diane’s actions on it.

As a result of her alleged murder of 330 innocent knights of the kingdom and her subsequent branding as the sin of envy toward Matrona, she was given the death penalty of beheading, but Meliodas prevented it on the King of Liones’ express commands.

Sacred Treasure

The War Hammer Gideon, Diane’s Sacred Treasure, is built for a giant. It weighs about 2,200 pounds and is built of a substance stronger than steel. 

It significantly boosts her creation’s power. After Diane lost it, it became Vaizel’s yearly combat festival prize. 

Later, when the Holy Knights attacked, Diane reclaimed Gideon and swiftly forced them to flee.

Diane is one of the most influential female characters thanks to all of her abilities.


Gowther is distinct in his own manner, much like each of the other Seven Deadly Sins. 

A strong wizard produced Gowther thousands of years ago. Gowther has demonstrated that, despite physically appearing feeble, he is capable of defeating opponents who are much bigger than him. 

There are limits to how much an attack his body can withstand before failing, despite the fact that it can withstand the majority of them

Invasion gives Gowther the ability to read other people’s minds and memories. He can even trap people inside their own memories because of this ability. 

Gowther has often demonstrated his ability to rewrite not only his own memories but also those of others around him.

Sin Committed

After being charged with coercing Nadja, Bartra Liones’ older sister, into repulsive sexual practices that led to her murder, Gowther was given the sin of lust. 

In actuality, Nadja and Gowther were quite happy and in love with one another. Then it became known that Nadja was dying and wanted to spend her last moments with Gowther. 

After a passionate moment, she passed away peacefully in Gowther’s arms. Panicked, Gowther tried to revive her by ripping out his magical heart and substituting it with Nadja’s but it was unsuccessful. 

Guards in the area were aroused by Gowther’s screams and arrived to find him lying in a bloody bedroom with Nadjas’ dead body beneath him, thinking it was the Princess who had shouted.

Sacred Treasure

The Twin Bow Herritt, an archery bow formed of light, is Gowther’s Sacred Treasure.

It can simultaneously project numerous light waves, considerably expanding the radius of his invasion.


Ban used to be the cook at Boar’s Hat and is Meliodas’ best friend. Ban was approached by Meliodas after achieving immortality and was invited to join the Seven Deadly Sins. 

Ban was able to endure the brutal conditions of purgatory thanks to his immortality. Ban was a lot tougher than he was before his stint in purgatory. 

Ban’s physical abilities also grew, enabling him to combat the Demon King, who was occupying Meliodas’ body. 

Snatch is another talent that Ban possesses. Ban can use this power to steal his opponents’ strength, weakening them in the process. However, Ban can only absorb a certain amount of power before harming himself.

Sin Committed

He accepted responsibility and was found guilty of destroying the forest and slaying Elaine, its protector saint, in order to obtain immortality from the Fountain of Youth because he was the only survivor of the Fairy King’s Forest. 

As a result of his seeming desire for immortality, he received a death sentence and earned the moniker “the sin of greed.” 

In truth, Ban prevented a Red Demon from attacking the forest. Elaine decided to give Ban the fountain’s water to preserve his life even though she was hurt along with him.

Sacred Treasure

The Holy Rod Courechouse, Ban’s Sacred Treasure, is a four-sectioned rod that resembles a nunchaku. 

It can prolong and distort the chain angle, as well as increase Ban’s physical and mental talents to their fullest, enabling him to attack any foe at any angle, over a sizable distance, and at a very fast speed. 

While he was imprisoned in Baste Dungeon, it was stolen. Later, Merlin finds a way to get it back and gives it to Ban.

Even though he has a tendency to be egotistical and greedy, he also demonstrates compassion by rushing to save Elaine.


King has total control over his subjects, who live in the Fairy Realm, as he is now the Fairy King. 

The strongest Fairy King in recorded history is King. King was able to overpower Mael and defend Diane at the same time after fully developing his wings. 

King has a particular ability known as disaster. It is a unique power that gives him complete command over the Fairy King’s Forest. 

Disaster permits King to control matter at the molecular level in addition to giving him total control over the forest. 

This might be incredibly hazardous because King has the ability to render a minor injury fatal.

Sin Committed

King accepted the sentence for ignoring Helbram’s continued mass murder of people over a period of 500 years after purportedly ending Helbram’s life. 

This almost started a conflict between humans and fairies. As a result, he received a 1,000-year prison term and was designated as the sin of sloth because he chose to disregard the crimes done and turn a blind eye. 

King had actually been experiencing amnesia at the time.

Sacred Treasure

The Spirit Spear Chastiefol, a transforming spear made from the Sacred Tree found only in the Fairy realm, is known as the King’s Sacred Treasure. 

It comes in a variety of shapes, such as a cushion that may be used as a shield, several spear types, and a sizable stuffed grizzly bear. 

Its numerous forms are more durable than steel and possess the enigmatic traits of the tree itself that King’s talent, disaster, brings forth.


Belialuin’s daughter Merlin is the most powerful mage in Britain. She was regarded as a prodigy whose magic was superior to that of any member of her kind. 

Merlin gained fame for her amazing magic, and the Demon King and the Supreme Deity both desired her to join their respective forces in the Holy War. 

Each of them promised their blessings in exchange for her joining their cause, but Merlin managed to trick them both and win their blessings. 

With the use of Merlin’s unique power, infinity, she may extend the time her spells last to infinity.

Sin Committed

The initial accusation against Merlin was that she was a glutton for all the magical power and knowledge she could acquire, regardless of the repercussions. 

She was said to have even deceived the Supreme Deity and the Demon King into giving her the “blessings” of immunity to curses and a vast amount of forbidden knowledge, which led to the two gods destroying Belialuin. 

Merlin actually believes that her “innermost sin” was conspiring to liberate Chaos, even if it meant subverting the Deadly Sins, and therefore filling the emptiness left in her heart by Meliodas, who had rejected her feelings of love. 

Of the Seven Deadly Sins, only Merlin is believed to have committed the alleged crime voluntarily.

Sacred Treasure

The Morning Star Aldan, Merlin’s Sacred Treasure, is a tiny crystal ball.

She can use magic to call it at any time. Its entire potential is unknown.


The series’ most adored character is without a doubt Escanor. Some of the series’ most well-known quotes are his creation. 

Because of his abilities, he was seen as a monster. When Escanor joined the Seven Deadly Sins, he finally felt at home. 

Escanor was the group’s strongest member ever after Meliodas’ strength was taken until the end of the series.

Escanor possessed the sunshine power, which made him stronger during the day and weaker at night. At noon, when his might was at its height, he attained invincibility for exactly one minute

Escanor discovered a means to get around the restriction, but it required him to transform his own life energy, so he only employed it as a last resort.

Sin Committed

The Kingdom of Liones accuses Escanor of terrorizing and destroying numerous towns and villages, seriously hurting the Holy Knights who attempted to stop him, notably the Great Holy Knight Zaratras, and disobeying the monarch. 

Escanor is then given a public hanging after being called the “sin of pride” and given a flogging. 

Escanor is the only member of the Seven Deadly Sins who is genuinely responsible for the offense for which he is falsely charged. Sunshine’s ability makes him immensely haughty during the day.

Sacred Treasure

The Divine Axe Rhitta, Escanor’s Sacred Treasure, is a huge, elaborate fighting axe with a one-handed hilt. 

Escanor emits a tremendous quantity of heat from his body during the day, which it is able to collect, store, and then unleash on demand. 

Even Meliodas finds it difficult to handle because of how hefty it is.

Escanor is weak without sunlight.


The Seven Deadly Sins’ captain, Meliodas, is unquestionably the strongest person on board. 

Meliodas is the first character in the series to represent a member of the gang. 

Meliodas was more powerful than other characters at the start of the story, and his strength increased over time. 

Meliodas eventually outperformed every other person in the group, by a wide margin. He has demonstrated his tremendous combat abilities throughout the series multiple times. 

Meliodas, the Demon King’s son, is incredibly strong, which is one of the main reasons why his father selected him to be his successor.

Sin Committed

Meliodas views his failure to save Liz, the people of Danafor, and the kingdom from destruction as his sin. 

According to the official narrative, Meliodas destroyed the Kingdom himself after losing it in his rage.

Sacred Treasure

The Demon Blade Lostvayne, Meliodas’s Sacred Treasure, is a short sword that grants him the ability to make a few copies of himself. 

Meliodas is known as the Dragon Sin of Wrath.

Despite being less powerful than the original, they can still use Full Counter. In order to earn money for the Boar Hat, he sold it in a pawn shop in Camelot. 

The sword was ultimately purchased by Merlin, who then gives it to Meliodas at a crucial time.

Check out this video to find out which of the Seven Deadly Sins is the strongest.

Seven Deadly Sins: Who Is Strongest?

Final Words

  • Although each of the Seven Deadly Sins is absurdly powerful in its own manner, it has been repeatedly established that their powers do not compare. 
  • Each of them has its weaknesses, although some are significantly more vulnerable than others. 
  • Examining their achievements throughout the series is the simplest approach to gauge their level of power.

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