Future Diary Ending: What Really Happened?

Directed by Michigo Namiki and Shogo Miyaki, the top-rated Anime Future Diary is originally titled as Mirai Nikki.

The story of Anime Future Diary progresses as Deus Ex Machine, the Lord of Spacetime, gives 12 distinct people “Destiny Diaries,” remarkable diaries that can foretell the coming years. The Diary Race is a fatal battle among these people, with the final victor being the ruler of the world.

Future Diary Episode 13
These individuals engage in a tragic conflict known as the Diary Race, with the world’s ruler emerging as the eventual winner.
Future DiaryFeatures
AuthorSakae Esuno
GenreRomance, Mystery
Produced byRoyatu Fujino
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I have discussed in this article briefly the plot, lead characters, and the conclusion of the story. Keep reading to find out in detail.

What is the plot of Future Diary?

Yukiteru Amano, a junior high student, is having difficulty making friends. He sees himself as a bystander and frequently records what he observes in a cell phone diary.

Yukiteru, who suffers from loneliness, converses with his imagined pals Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space, and Muru Muru, Deus’ servant. Deus grants Yukiteru’s phone the power to record the future for the following 90 days one day. Yukiteru is then compelled to compete in a battle royale with eleven other people, each of whom has a diary that can predict the future in a different way.

The rules are simple: before the world ends on day 90, the participants must find and murder all of the other contestants, with the last one standing becoming Deus’ successor.

Is Future Diary a good anime?

The Future Diary is a well-known anime trope/subgenre that will most certainly continue as long as edgy youths exist.

This series is definitely not for everyone, given its inherently gory nature and mature themes, but some manage to push the envelope further—sometimes to its disadvantage. Future Diary, one of the most polarizing death game animes, is one such boundary pusher.

This entertaining frolic follows a bunch of people striving to be Gods, each of whom is given future-diving equipment to aid in their hunts. Future Diary did a terrific job of attracting a lot of attention by combining some crazy characters with a contentious romance.

Does the Future Diary have a happy ending?

Yes, the conclusion of the Future Diary depicts happy moments.

The movie has a rather cheerful wrap-up. With the help of Mure Mure, Yuno Gasai is able to access the memories of the deceased Yuno. As Muru Muru from the second world helps Yuno escape his imprisonment, Yuki recalls Yuno and stops him.

Although Yukiteru begs Yuno to murder him so that she may survive, Yuno rather kills herself and passes away while he is holding her. Apparently, the story ends here but an episode explaining what occurred was aired afterward as well.

The Yuno who travels to Yukitersu is genuinely a Yuno from the third world. She was granted the recollections and mind of the initial world Yuno by the first world Muru Muru, thus she went looking for Yukiteru to assist him with becoming a divinity.

Following 4 Worlds, Yukiteru allegedly cohabitated with Yuno.

Who is Yuno actually in Future Diary?

Yuno played her lead role in both versions of Future Diary as the beloved of Yuki.

The key female lead of the Future Diary anime is Yuno Gasai. She is the possessor of the Future Diary and the 2nd in the Battle Royale. Yukiteru Amano, the movie’s leading male character, has become her obsession. Later, she fell in deep love with him.

Yukiteru, Yuno's lover
Yuno’s fascination with Yukiteru Amano developed as a result of her falling in love with him.

Ayame Goriki portrays Yuno Furusaki, a recreated image of Yuno Gasai, in the real-time series Future Diary, which is set in a different world. Similar to Gasai, the currently reside Yuno is a Future Diary owner who has an intense, stalker-like obsession with the series’s male lead, Arata Hoshino. He is a fictional character inspired by Yuki Amano, Yuno Gasai’s longtime lover.

What are the capabilities of Yuno Gasai in the Future Diary?

Yuno has a sharp vision and can employ any small object as a weapon despite having no true special powers. Using toothpicks, pencils, playing cards, and other commonplace items with deadly accuracy, she has murdered victims.

Yuno Gasai from Future Diary
Because of her intellectual prowess, she has demonstrated the ability to outwit any adversary.

The use of a glass shard as a mirror to check Minene Uryu’s whereabouts during her bombing attack and a pair of stones against Yomotsu to find him among his imitators demonstrate Yuno’s ingenuity. Along with her incredible intelligence, her mastery of practically all forms of weapons, primarily blades, is possibly her most terrifying trait.

Although she only seldom takes drugs and poisons, she is however fully aware of them. She has proven to be able to outsmart any opponent owing to her intellectual prowess. In addition to all of that, Yuno has godlike abilities as a result of conquering the very first Diary Play.

Who is the real villain in The Future Diary?

One of the key villains in the animated series Future Diary is Deus Ex Machina. In addition to co-creating the Futures Diary, he is the Ruler of both time and space. Deus designs a survivalist game in order to assure that he has an heir to his throne prior to his impending demise.

Deus is extremely carefree and lighthearted, viewing almost all of his acts as plays. Due to his callousness to the outcomes of his games, he appears to be amusing himself to terrifyingly extreme levels. He is an honorable man, though, and he goes above and beyond during the match to ensure that it is played as fairly as possible.

Deus’s demise results in the world being engulfed in black holes, albeit the reason is never made clear how it was that Deus is facing death. Three times throughout the story, Deus was victorious. Yuno succeeds him in the first world, followed by Yuki in the next, and eventually the last Yuno again from the third world.

Future Diary’s review

Final Verdict

  • The article written above focused on one of the masterpieces from the Japanese Anime series Future Diary having a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb.
  • Though many aspects of Anime are discussed the main focus is the love story of both the male and female protagonists named Yuki and Yuno and the villain Deus.
  • Throughout the journey, both the lovers compromised even their lives for each other but in the end, nature let them be reunited.

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