Top 10 Saddest Anime Movies

Anime series have been a topic of great interest for people of almost all ages. Whether it’s kids, teenagers, or adults, we all love to watch them. These series of Anime are of different genres such as action, romance, sadness, and much more.

Among all these genres, the subject of this article is the sad Anime series. For this purpose, I’ve compiled for you a list of Anime series that are considered to be the saddest of all time. Most people don’t enjoy watching sad movies because they feel, it will make them even more saddened.

Sad emotions of humans can be best visualized through Anime series

But to me, this is not the case. Others like to spend their leisure time watching such a series and are so emotionally indulged in it. If you’re one of them, this article is all about you.

Let’s get straight to it!

1. Your Name

An amazingly written story directed to teens and adults in which romance and fantasy are the main themes.


Taki Tachibana is a relatively older boy from Tokyo having a protagonist nature who met his love in his dreams.

The two main characters of the movie include Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha Miyamazu, a dreamer girl is a daughter of a politician living in a small rural area and is very unhappy with her life.


The story revolves around two persons, Mitsuha and Taki living as strangers in different places. Once, it happened that both the characters woke up in each other’s bodies.

This strange type of connection started getting developed as they both slept. Both of them then, developed a kind of love or attachment for each other as they started leaving written notes for each other that helped them know each other in a better way. But all of a sudden, they lost this power of shuffling their places, and the link between both was lost.


A great series that I can watch again and again and every time can cry in tears out of the emotions it draws me into.

It’s a tale of love among two Japanese kids that care for no boundaries as we see the extraordinarily connected souls of two lovers.

2. Anohana

Projected on the Japanese screens back in the year 2013, Anohana, The Flower We Saw That Day, left the audience with a depth of emotions by being one of the saddest Anime of the time.


The main characters include Menma Honma, Jintan Yadomi, Anaru Anjou, Tsuruko Tsurumi, and Poppo Hisakawa all of whom were very intimate friends in a group named; The Peace Busters.


The movie depicts the story of childhood companions who were no longer with each other when one of them, Menma died. After some time, Menma started appearing to the Jintan, leader of The Peace Busters, seeking some kind of help to settle down in her next life.

Though he took it as his intuition in the start but later, considering it a genuine challenge, he made the whole group sit together and talk about the matter so he was able to have a clue on how to resolve Menma’s problem.

Hesitatingly, all of them unite but soon they consider it just the emotions of Jintan for Menma when Menma appeared before all of them. This made them all united once again and they helped Menma and each other as well altogether.


I’ve experienced seeing this movie personally and all I could analyze was it dares to make a cold-hearted person cry immediately.

As it shows the blend of emotions like friendship bonds, traumas, social pressure, and much more.

But in the end, the movie beautifully reunites all the characters among whom, Menma and Jintan were fairly justified throughout the story.

3. Garden Of The Words

In a contemporary environment, The Garden of Words stresses the ancient meaning of koi, which is a longing for someone in solitude.

With an average duration of about 46 minutes, Garden of words is a short Anime representing one of the saddest series under the direction of Makoto Shinkai.


Yukari Yukano is an adult woman who drinks often and teaches at a high school. While Takao Akizuki is a teen boy studying at a high school and makes shoes as his part-time employment.


Takao met Yukari in a park while she is enjoying his break and he is making a shoe that he aims to pursue as a career as well.

He also got a farewell note from her as she realized him of being a student. Later they started interacting more often and Takao thought of preparing a shoe pair for her.

After that, she got a job in the same school where Takao is a student but she left that due to continuous bullying. Once again, they met at the park and Takao narrates to her, a poem from the Manyoshu collection at the Yukari’s place, Takao admits his love for her. Yukari told him about her going back to Shikoku, which upset him. Both hugged while crying and resume their work afterward.

The story ended in the park where they put on a pair of shoes for her and picked up the letter she sent. Doing that, he decides to search for her once, he has done enough in his career.


Undoubtedly, a great Anime with little clarity for the ending which I thought, is left to the audience.

As per my perception, this is a happy ending with both leaving each other and then reuniting at the perfect time.

4. A Silent Voice

Released in September 2016, A Silent Voice is a successful Japanese Anime under the direction of Naoko Yamada.

A love story of Anime characters that depict powerful emotions


Nishimiya Shoko is a deaf and vulnerable girl while Shouya Ishida is a careless young man who cares for the emotions of no one but himself.


Nishimiya Shoko, a newly admitted girl, shows up at school at the beginning of this story. When her companions find she is deaf, many of them are shocked, and they start to bully her under the leadership of a popular lad, Ishida.

As a young lad, primary school student Shouya Ishida did everything in his power to avoid tedium. However, he is singled out and given the responsibility for everything that has occurred to her when her family contacts the institution.

Since Shouko has left the school, Shouya is at the whim of his peers. Ishida chases down Nishimiya and attempts to make atonement five years after the incident occurred. He is feeling guilty and wants to apologize.


The movie beautifully targeted the issues of school bullying and the devastating consequences it brings.

I just applaud how nicely, the issues about mental health and social well-being of a specific age group are animated in the movie.

5. True Tears

Released in the year 2008 under the direction of Junji Nishimura, the series is known to be one of the most impactful Anime.


Shinichiro is a young boy studying at high school who aspires to write a children’s book. Hiromi is the woman he likes who is a bright, athletic, and talented girl in the school. Isurugi Noe is another girl in the school who later befriends Shinichiro.


Hiromi though is shown as a completely different character. While at school, a strange girl by the name of Isurugi Noe develops an unanticipated attraction in the Shinichiro.

He started developing a friendship with Noe, helping her work through her problems while also trying to figure out how he feels about her.

In addition, Shinichiro is striving to finalize the kid’s booklet he has been focusing on while searching for the secret to Hiromi’s heart.

Nakagami should be living the life of his dreams with the woman he loves, but the truth is more like a nightmare.


I found this Anime an emotional but romantic love story where Noe appears as the third character among Hiromi and Shinichiro.

The thing I disliked about this was the vagueness that started among both the lead characters in the later episodes. Also, the first interaction of the boy with Noe does not appeal much to me.

Overall, the plot is great and capable to leave an impact on its audiences with even some of the side characters getting individual storylines.

6. Your Lie In April

This well-known tragic Japanese animated series was released in 2006 and it effectively uses music to emphasize the value of emotional closeness.

Written byNaoshi Arakawa
Published byKodansha
GenreRomantic drama
Directed byTakehiko Shinjo
Data table for Your Lie In April


Kousei Arima, a young boy who loves to play piano, and a mysterious kind of girl, Kaori Miyazono showed her love for Kousei to get close to him. Both of them are the lead characters in this movie.


Kousei Arima, a pianist phenom, lacked his capacity to perform music after a horrific situation brought on by his mother’s death, and he became unwilling to hear the music on his keyboard. Kousei gives up on his artistic endeavors and slips into something like a life of tedium without any discernible objectives.

Then one day, as he encounters stunning musician Kaori Miyazono, everything shifts. Kaori, meantime, seemed to have been hiding something.

His livelihood would be completely turned upside down by Kaori, who also encouraged him to get back into performing. The link between the two individuals is so powerful and beautiful that it pulls us into a chasm of great misery.

Since Kousei discovers that music is much more than just performing every note perfectly and that a solo symphony can bring April’s refreshing spring breeze into his home, the plot follows his revival.


To me, the Manga series, Your Lie In April was an extreme blend of both the artistic and emotional phases that made the plot of the series so heart-wrenching to watch. The love story between both the two characters that gave life to one and how he stood up from his trauma was beautiful.

At the same time, Kaori’s sickness and his performing piano for her while also being worried about her operation which is due in a short time just forced me to keep watching while being in tears.

7. Guilty Crown

Aired in the year 2011 on the Japanese screens, this sad animated movie is all about the challenge and suffering involved in defending your society and defying authority.


Inori Yuzuriha, a singer who partnered with Shu and fell in love with him, Gai Tsutsugami, the head of the funeral business, and Shu Ouma, a youth of 17 with exponent-like powers, were the other three.
These are the story’s primary characters, all of them.


The plot revolves around the advent of the mysterious epidemic Lost Christmas in 2020, which puts Japan then under the rule of a global organization known as GHQ and the situation is expected to be more sensitive specifically around 2029.

Ohma Shu, a 17-year-old teenager, possesses the Power of King, a kind of telepathic strength in his right hand, which he may use to take equipment or weaponry from his pals.

His life is turned around when he encounters Yuzuriha Inori, a girl who is a part of the Funeral Parlor, a rebel guerrilla force whose troops use mecha weaponry to combat the government.

He had been trying to avoid getting the country into trouble for other people and the whole focus is to bring back the good times.


With worth watching animation and amazing music that seems to improvise great effects to the plot, I find the movie a treat to watch indeed.

Each part of the series left me baffled and curious to watch further and honestly, I felt so present-minded while watching the whole thing.

If I talk about the plot, it was good but a little betterment to it can make the series an award-winning indeed!

8. Clannad

This animation hit the screens of Japan in 2007 and under the direction of Osamu Dezaki, it earned great success in the genre of sad Anime series.


Tomoya Okazaki, the lead character searching for a reason to live, and Nagisa Furukawa, a female protagonist who is very sweet and delicate by nature. Also, some other characters include;

  • Kyou Fujibayashi, a supporting heroine of the story is shown very strong girl who is extra caring for her sister
  • Kotomi Ichinose a childhood peer of Tomoya and a bright student
  • Tomoyo Sakagami, an outspoken and bold girl, saved cherry blossom trees
  • Fuko Ibuki is a lost introverted girl who is least bothered by the happenings of her surrounding


The show centers on Tomoya Okazaki, a young man grieving the loss of his mother and seeking life’s purpose while also coming to terms with his aggressive father’s drinking.

He was at the head of the troubled kids at Hikarizaka High School. One day as he takes a walk to the classroom, he meets an enigmatic woman named Nagisa. Eventually, he makes friends with her.
Tomoya explains he doesn’t have anything else to do and decides to help Nagisa fulfill her desire of reviving the school’s theatrical department after learning about it. Tomoya spends a great deal of time with all these buddies, thus he is more familiar with their challenges.


Nevertheless, Clannad is one of the most endearing movies I’ve ever watched thanks to its skillful blending of drama, comics, and romances.

Unquestionably, Nagisa’s story is excellent, and although I don’t think Fuko’s path completely surpasses that standard, I believe it comes near enough to justify the slight boost because I know most individuals who felt that way. Overall, I have no hesitation in recommending it highly.

9. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Mamoru Hosoda directed the series The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in 2006 and it was a romantic sad story written by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

A girl in Anime got the powers to leap through time.


Following are the characters of this movie;

  • Makoto Konno is a girl who is happy with her life but an accident made her travel in her past and she got the power to realize danger before it even happens
  • Chiaki Mamiya, Makoto’s best friend, and an easy-going boy
  • Kousuke Tsuda, a great friend of both who aspires to adapt medicine as a profession
  • Yuri Hayakawa, a class fellow of Makoto who has feelings for Chiaki
  • Kaho Fujitani, a girl having feelings for Kousuke but is really shy to express them
  • Auntie Witch, aunt of Mokoto to which she talks about her power of being in past


A young girl who develops the ability to travel through time was featured prominently in the television series. One of the main protagonists, Makoto, starts utilizing the time leaps carelessly to solve issues but quickly realizes that her activities can negatively influence others.

One of her pals loses his life in a dramatic conclusion as a result of her careless time travel. The impact of attempting to use your skills to transform the world without considering the repercussions is skillfully depicted in the film.


I find it, undoubtedly one of the best anime movies ever created. Without giving too much away, it focuses on a wide range of social topics, from bullying to being aware of one’s surroundings and the people in them.

The majority of this movie is funny, but there are still certain scenes that are brutal and painful. Because of the intense feelings it conveys, I watched it three times, and each time I started crying. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a great place to start if you’re an anime enthusiast and admire Makoto Shinkai’s writing.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Review

10. Perfect Blue

A critically lauded film that has received numerous nominees and honors, Perfect Blue is a film version of one of the Yoshikazu Takeuchi novels.


Following are the main characters of the movie Perfect Blue;

  • Mima Kirigoi, the lead character, is an extroverted and sweet young girl who desires to be an actress
  • Rumi Hidaka, a friend of Mima from the CHAM band who helped her even after she left the group
  • Mamoru Uchida, a negative role who disturbed Mima
  • Li Slugger, a killer who mysteriously kills people in the Tokyo


The movie centers on pop star Mira Kirigoe, who is also a part of the popular J-pop idol team.

Then she quits her company because she wants to be an actor. But she quickly discovers that it is difficult to shed her J-pop idol persona, and her performance consistently receives negative evaluations.

She began accepting more challenging roles but was still unable to achieve the accomplishments she had dreamed of. A devoted follower, who doesn’t take Mira’s professional choice casually, starts assaulting her in the meantime.

Then, mysterious web pages start appearing and begin chronicling every second of her existence. Her former group is also succeeding without her on top of all of this, which finally starts to stress her.


The animations are excellent since the gestures and character appearances feel so natural.

The movie combines several layers of realism, imagination, fantasy, and hallucination into a story that is oftentimes perplexing but ultimately exciting and enjoyable.

Personally, the paranoia and trepidation of the central character, Mima is what most notably catches the focus of audiences. Overall, I find it an amazing movie but you can’t watch it with your teen kids as it’s suggested for adults.


  • Everyone has their own liking when it comes to Anime series and sad series are one of several options
  • Usually, when someone is feeling gloomy or wants to feel emotions deeply, they prefer to watch sad Anime movies
  • In the article above, ten Anime movies that I find most sad and emotional were enlisted
  • These include almost all types such as topics touching on friendships, love, romance, social issues loss of loved ones, and the career regarding worries
  • You may choose the one up to your interest and have a worthy time enjoying any of your favorite series!

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