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Where Can I Watch Anime? (Explore)

Anime originated in Japan and was released through television, CDs, and DVDs.

Anime fans within Japan have easy access to the medium since it is made in their language and they don’t need to wait for it to be subbed or dubbed in any way.

On the contrary, international fans had to wait for this Anime to be subbed or dubbed first.

This is often very challenging since many fans are not able to see their favorite shows simply because they are not available in their region. 

9anime is a free anime streaming platform
9Anime is a free Anime streaming platform

For decades, Anime was made by and for Japan – a local product with a distinct look and feel to not only the artwork but also the storytelling, ideas, and concepts.

Thankfully, the world wide web has made it easier for hardcore fans to watch their favorite series in their preferred way (sub or dub). 

This post will present you with some of the great Anime websites online, which include a massive collection of popular Anime series, films, and OVAs in their entirety.

What is the real 9Anime website?

9Anime keeps you up to speed on the latest releases while also offering amazing streaming options for the best possible experience.

9Anime is a free Anime streaming platform that started in 2016 as a file-sharing system. They provide HD quality and use 3rd party links to provide users with all Anime series that are being aired.

They offer customers a variety of genres such as action, comedy, demons, drama, historical, romance, samurai, school, shojo, shonen, supernatural, and so on. 

Ever since 9Anime became popular many fake copies of the website started roaming on the internet which may pose security threats or contain viruses or malware.

9 Anime has only one official website address which is The previous website was shut down due to excessive ads and the latter was built to continue its streaming service for Anime fans. 

9Anime offers a stylish and appealing UI. The nicest part about this website is that you can stream subs and dub episodes of any Anime without having to register or pay.

Anime streaming on 9Anime is not illegal in the United States. To be more specific, merely watching Anime and copyrighted shows are not exactly illegal at this moment.

According to copyright attorneys, you will only face criminal or civil prosecution if you download or exchange materials. As a result, you should watch Anime free online to prevent any problems.

What is the best website to watch Anime?

There are many places where you can watch Anime online. Some popular options include the following list of streaming platforms:


It's a good website since you can access their own video connection to view the most recent Anime releases.
It’s a good website since you can access their own video connection to view the most recent Anime releases.

This streaming service offers a large selection of Anime and Manga, including many simulcast series that are released at the same time as in Japan.

You can watch Crunchyroll on any device now that it is a complete channel. Crunchyroll also provides users with exclusive content that is not available on other streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

It’s a good site since you can watch the latest Anime releases on their own video link. It tracks where you left off and you can watch it in multiple quality settings.


It is a secure and 100% legal place to watch Anime online since it is one of the official providers of Anime and provides the greatest quality with no advertisements.

They legitimately license all of the Anime they make available, so you won’t have to worry about litigation or legal ramifications. They use age controls to keep youngsters safe from unsuitable content.

Funimation uses age restrictions to protect children from inappropriate content.
Funimation uses age restrictions to protect children from inappropriate content.

There are no ads of any kind, and if you have any questions, there are FAQs on the main page. The UI is really nice due to the no-ad experience.

In addition, the app includes categories such as movies, current Anime, dubs, and subs.

This platform contains practically all quality settings, ranging from the lowest to the highest resolution.

There are also many other websites and services that offer Anime streaming, so you may want to do some research to find the one that best meets your needs. This video can help you choose the best streaming platform:

From the lowest to the highest resolution quality options are available on this platform.
From the lowest to the highest resolution quality options are available on this platform.

Where can I watch all Anime?

You will find all Anime shows, movies, and OVAs on Anime specific streaming platforms, although streaming giants such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.

They do offer a variety of their original productions and OG series under the category of Anime, but they do not feature every Anime out there both in subbed and dubbed versions.

9Anime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Zoro, and Animedao are some of the Anime only streaming platforms that provide both subbed and dubbed versions under one roof you can find OVAs, movies even Manga on some of these streaming platforms.

9 streaming Platforms to watch anime

The Anime sites you pick will be determined by the type of Anime they provide. Take notice of your region, since some sites will be inaccessible or will not feature the show you are looking for in your country.

Most free Anime sites provide practically all types of Anime series, both new and old, however, they may be illegal to watch in your country.

Although you will get access to such sites, we urge you to only view Anime legally. This will help the artists who created your favorite shows. 

What is the best Anime to watch on streaming sites?

Popular Japanese Manga and light novels are being adapted for television these days.

This storytelling environment contains high school melodramas, sci-fi anthologies, horror stories, romcoms, and superhero missions.

Longtime favorites like One Piece and Dragon Ball prove that people will remain with classics while making a place for popular series such as My Hero Academia and the global sensation Attack on Titan.

After years of fan selection, several Anime websites stood out and became the go-to website for western Anime lovers to watch all of these series.

Amazon Prime$8.99 (per month)
Anime PlanetFree
Crunchyroll$7.99/$9.99/14.99 (per month)
Funimation$5.99/$7.99 (per month)
Hulu$5.99 or $11.99 (per month)
My Anime ListFree ($2.99 per month w/o ads)
Netflix$9.99-17.99 (per month)
Popular Anime streaming platforms


  • Streaming Anime can be a daunting task for non-Jpaanese fans due to nonavailability in some regions but streaming platforms have made this way easier. 
  • Anime streaming websites like Funimation, Crunchyroll, and 9Anime has a vast library of different genres that offer a number of Anime titles to choose from with flexible display qualities as well as subbed and dubbed viewing choices. 
  • With the increase in the Anime community worldwide, many fans use platforms with subscriptions while others may use free streaming platforms. Whatever your choice is, make sure to avoid pirated content or any other act that may harm the creator or the production companies leading to any legal action. 

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