Anime Romance Series That Left Us Heartbroken

Romance Animes are known for having exciting plots but not more than one season. Abrupt ends are always painful when fans don’t see their favorite couple’s blossoming romance or confessions. 

Romance Anime keeps fans rooting for the couple and when they finally end up together. The next thing is to see their cute moments together but not every series gets to that point!

The shoujo genre produces the greatest Anime shows when it comes to genuine romance.

They remind me of a lot of old Korean romantic dramas. After all, dramas and shoujo are mostly geared toward female audiences.

Yona of the Dawn
Fans of romance Anime never stop hoping that the couple will get together.

But unlike K-dramas, the sweet banter among the main leads comes to an abrupt halt in the majority of romance Anime leaving fans yearning for more.  

Here are some of the best romance Anime that could have been made into more than one season but never got to that point:

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Wotakoi main leads: Narumi and Hirotaka

This Anime centers around Narumi who hides her fujoshi life to keep a work-life balance. She often finds it embarrassing to talk about her interests with her colleagues.

Her love interest, Hirotaka is a talented young man who is a gamer himself and does not shy away from talking about his interests at work. 

These two are the best match for each other mainly because Hirotaka accepts Narumi for herself. At first, Narumi is skeptical of her relationship since Horitaka is also an otaku, despite the fact that they are childhood friends and colleagues.

Since otakus can be difficult for some people, they shut themselves in and watch Anime or play games all day. But she is relieved to be able to express herself fully and that she no longer has to hide anything. 

Wotakoi has a lot of pop culture reference that makes the Anime more relatable and easy to catch on to.

Seeing people in serious relationships in Anime was refreshing for older viewers, the show seemed incomplete.

Though Narumi and Hirotaka appear to be growing into their own as a couple, the show’s conclusion left a lot unresolved.

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Every veteran romance Anime fan has watched this classic at least once in their lifetime. And why not?

Since Ouran host club is a reverse harem Anime that does not take itself seriously at all. Its reverse harem plot defies the typical shoujo Anime tropes with a catchy theme song. 

Ouran high school host club tells the story of a middle-class student Haruhi Fujioka, who studies at the prestigious Ouran academy on scholarship.

One fine day she finds herself in debt when she breaks an extremely expensive vase. To pay this debt she is forced to disguise herself as a guy to work in the host club. 

Haruhi quickly gains the affection of all the boys of the club but Tamaki is the one deeply in love with her.

Fans expected to see them as a couple and the extent of Tamaki’s feelings for Haruhi. Fortunately, Fans were satisfied to see them confessing their affection for each other.

But that was it. Fans never got to see what happened after the confession ever since.

Your Name

Kimi No Nawa ‘Your Name’ Trailer

Kimi No Na Wa is a romance fantasy drama. Although the genre is evident, the philosophy of romance is so deeply embedded into the film’s cog works that it takes time and effort for anyone to grasp it. 

But it’s how gracefully the film handles romance that sets it apart from anything else in a comparable genre.

Romance is at the heart of all the subjects addressed in the film. The recurrent themes, in turn, feed the romance.

The conclusion of the film left fans yearning to see more of the main leads together. However, most fans think that the beauty of ‘Your Name’ does not lie in the aftermath of the first encounter of the main leads but in the entire process of it. 

Every scenario. The perplexity, the realization, the horror, the uncertainty, and, of course, the desperate want for them to meet.

But it is the film’s charm. People say they end up together. But the film is so great that it cannot be handled in such a limited way. 

The story’s beauty and limitless potential should be handled with grace. Even if it leaves a gap.

Your name was a one-time masterpiece designed to be conveyed and appreciated for what it is and what it was, not for what will come after.

Kaichou Wa made Saama

How often do you see a female protagonist who is as powerful as the male lead in Shojo Anime or Manga?

There are very few. This, along with the female lead’s sense of duty and the male lead’s attractiveness and dependability, makes maid Sama Manga and Anime particularly appealing. Heck, the coupling is still the pinnacle of shojo Manga romance.

Unfortunately, Maid Sama never got a second season due to the extremely poor sales of the Manga’s later volumes, as the Anime concluded with Misaki confessing to Usui at the festival.

Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn is about a young princess who flees her country following a revolt.

Yona and her loyal guard Son Hak go on a mission to reclaim the kingdom, aided by four Dragon Warriors. Unfortunately, tracking down the dragon warriors becomes a very daunting task.

The series’ refreshing take on the reverse harem genre, as well as its cast of unusual and engaging characters, contribute to its success.

This Anime has tremendous wit and a growing romance that any Anime fan would appreciate.

The only bad thing was that it stopped just as she was gathering all of the Dragon Warriors, leaving the plot unfulfilled. If you want to continue the series, you’ll have to read the Manga


Chitanda and Oreki from Hyouka
Houtarou Oreki’s narrative is followed in Hyouka as he struggles to join the school’s reading club and gets mixed up with the disappearance of Eru Chitanda’s uncle.

Hyouka follows the story of Houtarou Oreki as he is reluctant to join the school’s reading club and becomes entangled in a mystery surrounding Eru Chitanda’s uncle’s disappearance.

Oreki, who is normally uninterested in anything, cannot resist the sight in Chitanda’a eyes, and the Literature Club embarks on its mission to solve mysteries.

Chitanda reveals in the finale that she will handle her family’s farm, but that she will need assistance with the business of things.

Oreki offers to study business, implying that he might assist her in running it and that they could be together.

Fans were disappointed to learn that this was all in Oreki’s brain. After witnessing the entire series, spectators were eager to see Oreki’s confession, only to find out that it was all a dream.

Here are some romance Anime with more than one season:

Anime TitlesNo. of Seasons
Fruit Basket3
Kaguya-Sama: Love is war2
3D Kanojo: Real Girl2
Snow White with the Red Hair2
Romance Anime with more than one season.


  • The romance genre sprang from the reputation of being just for girls to stories about melodrama and the difficulties of maintaining a youthful romance.
  • you see not very often a female protagonist who is as powerful as the male lead in shojo Anime or Manga.
  • Dramas and shoujo are mostly geared toward female audiences.
  • Even though most of these romance stories revolve around a male or female character struggling with their first love, they’re entertaining for individuals of all ages and genders to watch.
  • Romance Animes keep fans rooting for the couple when they finally end up together.

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