Is Beastars Worth Your Time? (FAQs)

Beastars is a 2019 Netflix original series that is a Manga adaptation of the same name written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki.

Beastars is set in a world where humanoid animals inhabit the earth in harmony.

But this harmonious cohabitation has one major problem is that the carnivores want to devour meat meanwhile the herbivores definitely do NOT prefer being a meal to these predators. 

In the world of Beastars, predation is a punishable crime. Still, even this is not able to limit carnivores to getting admitted to Cherryton High and eventually killing an innocent herbivore at the school as the show begins.

After the murder, all the herbivores are horrified and worrying for their lives while the Carnivores are self-justifying and opposing the backdrop.

In the midst of all this chaos the protagonist of the show, Legoshi who is a reclusive wolf realizes his desperation to control his urge when he meets Haru, a kind dwarf rabbit. 

In the planet of Beastars, peaceful coexistence between human and animal species is the norm.
In the planet of Beastars, peaceful coexistence between human and animal species is the norm.

Beastars is like watching a mature version of Disney’s Zootopia with more heavy concepts, Adult themes, moral dilemmas, and contrasting social and community conflicts.

This show gives more adult swim animation vibes than an anime however the content makes it an anime original for sure. Beastars is for anyone who is up for some wild story. 

No. of Seasons3
Created byParu Itagaki
GenreFurry, Science fiction, Mature, Drama, Thriller
About Beastars

What is Beastars?

Paru Itagaki wrote and drew the Beastars manga series. From September 2016 to October 2020, it was serialized in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shnen Champion, with chapters compiled in 22 tankbon volumes.

The manga has been licensed for English discharge in North America by Viz Media. The novel is set in a modern world of civilized, anthropomorphic animals with a cultural split between predators and herbivores, and where consuming meat (which is always derived from other anthropomorphic animals) is absolutely forbidden.

The title of the series comes from the in-universe moniker of Beastar, a man of tremendous talent, service, and notoriety.

What is Beastars about?

Beastars takes place on a modern and civilized planet populated by anthropomorphic animals, with a cultural division between herbivorous and carnivorous animals.

Legoshi, a massive gray wolf, attends Cherryton Academy and lives in a hostel with many other carnivorous students, including his noisy Labrador friend, Jack. Legoshi, a member of the school’s theatre club, works as a stagehand and assists the club’s actors, led by star pupil Louis, a red deer.

Tem the alpaca is ruthlessly slain and devoured in the middle of the night, causing fear and suspicion among the vegetarian and carnivorous students.

Is Beastars a good Anime?

BEASTARS season 1 trailer

This is a grim series, yet it also has love and empathy. Most of the carnivores in the Anime are males, whereas the herbivores are females, which was unsettling, and the violence directed at the females had me wondering what this show was trying to convey.

The plot progressed, and the message became clear: “there is violence within you, but there is also love and empathy. Fight the monsters rather than becoming one“.

Beastars is an intriguing fusion of Zootopia and Fruits Basket into a single Anime. All of the tension and taboo of interspecies interactions in Zootopia with all of the anguish and drama of teenage life in Fruits Basket. If you’ve seen both, you’ll be able to predict how this one will finish.

Beastars might be dragging at times, but it also has a rapid and seamless flow. It’s easy to binge-watch Season 1. Definitely has a refreshing narrative in the midst of all the cookie-cutter anime screenplays available nowadays. 

Is Beastars ok for 13-year-olds?

The brutality in the show is not appropriate for young viewers, and it might be upsetting to witness animal remains being dissected in the commercial breaks.
The brutality in the show is not appropriate for young viewers, and it might be upsetting to witness animal remains being dissected in commercial breaks.

Beastars may not be okay for 13-year-olds since it is rated TV-MA which means mature audience only. Beastars has some sexual content, violent scenes, partial nudity, sexual violence, and brief smoking.

The violence in the series is not for minors, and it may be severe seeing animal bodies being dismembered in between the episodes.

The Anime in no way intends to reflect actual wildlife, the undertone of violence on campus and in the city itself overshadows all of Beastars’ drama, action, and romance; several incidences of “devouring” have the herbivores running afraid, the carnivores on the defensive, and the school and governmental authorities alike striving to maintain the peace.

There is a constant sense of anxiety throughout the series because you never know where or when the savage strikes again. 

Thus, the second season’s strong themes, include a lot of horrific animal conflict. While it does occur occasionally, there is some light drug and alcohol usage in the program.

Despite its image as a furry Anime, Beastars is a good story about discrimination. Because of the gore, brutality, sexual themes, and dark themes, I would suggest it to ages 13+ if they are old enough or would watch it with a parent/guardian; otherwise, I would recommend waiting till they are 15+.

Beastars: Is It the Best Anime of All Time?

What is the deeper meaning of Beastars?

These furry characters, who take place in an upper school, deal with a range of moral dilemmas, including both internal and external social and communal issues.
These furry characters, who take place in an upper school, deal with a range of moral dilemmas, including both internal and external social and communal issues.

There’s a LOT to take in with this Anime If you overlook the bizarre love triangle, Beastars may be a fascinating psychological horror and crime Anime with plenty of violence.

Set in an upper school, these furry characters encounter a variety of moral quandaries, including internal as well as community and social challenges. 

The creators did an excellent job of demonstrating how biological fight-and-flight reflexes, peer pressure, shame, discrimination and racism, sexism, popularity, attractiveness, power, greed, jealousy, generosity, compassion, and empathy can all impact characters’ decisions.

It is also made evident how their behaviors and decisions are moderated by self-control…or lack thereof. That is what makes this series so fantastic!

Haru and Legoshi are one of the few couples where the, “will they or won’t they?”  cliché makes a lot of sense. Sure, Legoshi and Haru have romantic feelings for each other, but due to their inherent instincts, there’s a good probability their relationship won’t work out. 

Beastars: Is it a fury Anime?

Yes, Beastars is a fury Anime that portrays a civilization of animals in which predators and prey cohabit and has Zootopia-like ideas.

However, in a serious, often gruesome series that is absolutely not for children, this shockingly grim novel uncovers the dark, hairy underbelly of that civilization.

Beastars utilizes the facts about the predatory nature of animals and blends them in a dramatic way where characters have to suppress their instincts to survive and not break the law of their world.

When Tem, an alpaca becomes victim to the predatory instincts of these beasts, everyone in the school becomes doubtful of Tem’s friend Legoshi the fury wolf who is now prone to all this suspicion and lives a quiet life.

But his recluse persona soon becomes volatile when he meets Haru a  promiscuous dwarf rabbit. 

Beastars depicts a civilization that can only thrive by disregarding the hideous essence of each animal. The story takes place in Cherryton High School, a world where lions and bears eat eggs and soy burgers and chipmunks and mice can access class materials through little doors and desks.

However, underneath the superficial veneer of a civilized society and a long list of social taboos, we learn that these animal minds are vulnerable to the instincts they try to hide.

When a wolf puts on a school uniform, he does not lose his desire for rabbit flesh.

Throughout the series, Legoshi steers this cross-species love triangle, trying to figure out if Haru is his first true love or his prospective prey.

Legoshi and Haru are unforgettable because the series employs metaphors and tries to control expectations in such a way that viewers will be unable to look away. Both characters are concerned with how others would see them.

This can be perceived as a reinterpretation of how societal pressures can cause two people who are attempting a taboo relationship to struggle. 


  • Beastars is a fury Anime with a quite serious storyline and dark undertones. The anime highlights what animals would go through if they are pressured to live outside of their non-natural habitat. 
  • Beastars has some heavy themes that may not be appropriate for kids aged below 13 years old. It is rated MA implying that the anime should only be watched by mature audiences.
  • Beastars may be a fury Anime but it is worth watching since the story has a thrilling take on high school drama mystery and a story similar to twilight in some ways. 

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