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Having Fun: What’s The Best Pokemon Game To Play?

Ranking the top Pokemon games from the main series is a difficult undertaking. 

Choosing which adventure wins the top spot will always be controversial because there have been so many amazing experiences spanning generations. 

Since we all grew up playing the Pokemon games, or because one holds a special place in our hearts, we all have strong feelings about the specific Pokemon adventures. 

With titles like Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Go, Pokemon: Let’s Go, and recent remakes like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, we’ve seen a number of memorable experiences outside of the main series; nevertheless, this list only focuses on the core games that defined each generation.

Since Nintendo’s handheld consoles have historically been a happy home for the Pokemon series, it’s no surprise that so many of the games have earned spots among our top picks for that platform. 

For example, Pokemon adventures are included in our lists of the best DS games, best 3DS games, and best GBA games of all time.

There has never been a better time to reflect on everything the series has to offer than now, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet set for release later this year. 

What are Pokemon Game?

Pokémon is a video game series developed by Game Freak and released as part of the Pokémon media franchise by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.

The core games are released in generations, with each generation featuring unique Pokémon, storylines, and characters. Remakes of games are typically released around a decade after the original versions for the most recent console.

While the main series consists of RPGs created by Game Freak, many spin-off games based on the series have been created by a variety of companies, encompassing genres such as action role-playing, mystery, fighting, and digital pet games.

How do I play Pokemon online?

On various websites, you can play Pokemon emulator games.

Different classic games, such as Emerald or FireRed, can be played without the need for a Nintendo console, or you can play Pokemon Go Games online, where you go through the city virtually to find new pocket monsters since you can’t really go outside right now.

Websites offers online dress-up games for girls where they can dress up their favorite trainers from the show in new outfits or have characters from other series dress up as trainers. Other formats include coloring games in which you paint these iconic characters and monsters and puzzles based on images from the series.

Here is our list of the top Pokemon games, from the most current releases like Pokemon Sword and Shield to the original games from the Pokemon Red and Blue series.

Pokemon Games
1Pokemon Sun and Moom
2Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
3Pokemon X and Y
4Pokemon Black and White
5Pokemon Sword and Sheild
6Pokemon Red and Blue
7Pokemon Gold and Silver
Best Pokemon Games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

It’s like going on a vacation with a Pokemon theme in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It delivers a little different experience from what you’re used to and is lively and brilliant. 

The Alola area was a welcome breath of new air for the series because it significantly transformed the backdrop and the way its special Alolan Pokemon variations fit the series’ overall concept. 

But it wasn’t all sand and sunlight. Although we’re fairly certain that everyone will remember the enormous Alolan Exeggutor for the rest of their days, some of the Alolan designs are rather memorable.

Sun and Moon felt considerably slower to get going than in the previous games, and it was unusual to break up the routine gym combat. 

Additionally, if you complete the main campaign, there isn’t much in the way of post-game material. 

By no means is it a bad installment in the Pokemon series, and in some ways, it’s even easier to learn for new players; it just doesn’t have the same spirit.

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s beautiful setting and compelling narrative are still worth exploring, and it also includes wonderful elements that build on what was already established in Pokemon X and Y, such as a tonne of character customization possibilities and a stronger social component.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Game: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl weren’t particularly innovative compared to the earlier games in the series, therefore they didn’t really change things up. 

It did, however, modernize the Pokemon trade, which is a remarkable accomplishment. Instead of using a cable connection, it made use of the WiFi network on the Nintendo DS to trade Pokemon with other players. 

Although some new features were added, most of them expanded on those that Ruby and Sapphire had already made available.

Prior to the release of the upgraded Platinum version, the battle sequences’ tempo occasionally felt odd because of the animations’ propensity to drag.

Although it’s not as compelling as other stories we get to witness, it does earn some credit for its plot: the nefarious Team Galactic conducts experimental experiments to attempt and manipulate the Legendaries in the Sinnoh region in some quite bizarre ways.

Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y gave us a brand-new way to experience its universe in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. 

It marked a significant shift from the prior games and felt like the start of a new era for the storied franchise. 

The battle sequences reached new animated heights on the portable, thanks to the transformation of the adorable sprites from the past into gorgeous 3D models.

The Pokemon-Amie system was also made public for the first time, enabling you to interact with and get to know your Pokemon buddies.

The ability to finally pet and play with your favorite fighting partners was a lovely touch.

More customization was added by X and Y, enabling you to alter the appearance and style of your trainer. 

Even though it is merely ornamental, it made the role-playing aspect of the experience more enjoyable. 

The series was advanced by X and Y, which also established the foundation for Sun and Moon. 

It also included the addition of the fairy-type and additional social elements, as well as more intriguing Pokemon. 

Although it isn’t nearly as brilliant as some of the older games, it is one of the most visually stunning games in the series to date.

Pokemon Black and White

In the main series, Pokemon Black and White is a bit of an outlier. 

Due to its less distinctive Pokemon designs, it frequently gets lost in the crowd, but its more serious tone and engaging story nevertheless make it stand out. 

The fifth generation of Pokemon has a greater emphasis on its storytelling and plays around with the concept of good and wrong as the only game to have a direct sequel to Black and White 2.

The enemies in this one aren’t as obviously evil as Team Rocket always seems to be with their treatment of Pokemon and tail-cutting tendencies. 

Team Plasma, an organization that thinks Pokemon ought to be free to roam without being restrained by a trainer, is featured in Black and White as an alternative. 

It presents a compelling conundrum with no obvious, simple solutions. 

Graphical improvements over Diamond and Pearl are also present in this version, including more appealing combat sprite movements.

Pokemon Sword and Sheild

One of the most eagerly awaited games of 2019 was Pokemon Sword and Shield, and for good reason. 

Sword & Shield, the first game in the main Pokemon series to appear on Nintendo’s hybrid machine, gave us a completely new perspective on the Pokemon universe. 

The Galar Region made for a charming setting inspired by the UK, and it’s simple to lose hours exploring its vast Wild Area and catching all the wandering Pokemon. 

The Galarian form designs also made reference to elements of the UK, and the new camp function that allowed users to interact with all the animals was a nice touch.

We referred to it as a “Pokemon game for a new generation” in our review because of some of the more approachable features it added, which made it easier for new players to get used to the formula we all know and love. 

With a cast of vibrant characters and Pokemon, Sword & Shield gives a brilliantly memorable experience, even though it may be a little easier than earlier games in the series. 

And it has to be the most attractive Pokemon game yet.

Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon Game: Pokemon Red and Blue

Going back to the beginning, Pokemon Red and Blue gave us the motivation to excel above all others, and we haven’t looked back since. 

The original 151 Pokemon are the most recognizable in the history of the brand due to their stunning aesthetics, and the setting of Kanto still seems enchanting much as it did in the first game. 

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander were the original starter Pokemon, and who can forget them? 

The early games captured our attention, and we desperately wished that we could be trainers in the real world.

Thankfully, Pokemon Go has brought us closer than ever to realizing that ideal, yet the original Pokemon experience still stands head and shoulders above Pokemon Go. 

It’s still quite playable today, which is a monument to how wonderful it is, and the Gameboy graphics have a nostalgic appeal that the latter entrants don’t quite have. 

Although it started the enduring series that we all know and love, it falls just short of taking the top slot.

Pokemon Gold and Silver  

Pokemon Game: Pokemon Gold and Silver.

The sequel has large shoes to fill after Pokemon Red and Blue sent the world into a Pokemon craze. 

More was desperately desired by fans everywhere, and thankfully Silver and Gold provided it in the finest way imaginable. 

The second generation of Pokemon was bigger and better than the first, adding 100 fantastic and memorable new additions to the library in addition to two new Pokemon types and a tonne of new moves. 

It included some intriguing new features that altered the game in entertaining new ways.

A day and night cycle was added, which broadened the range of challenges and added Pokemon that could only be caught at specific hours of the day.

The qualities that made the earlier games so enjoyable remained in Silver and Gold, but the experience was broadened, solidifying it as the best Pokemon game. 

Even better, when you complete the game, Red and Blue will let you unlock the Kanto area, allowing you to visit all of the trainers and gyms once more. 

Nothing since Silver and Gold has quite matched it in terms of the franchise’s advancement.

Then, suddenly, Pokemon Crystal appeared as a shiny, improved remake of Silver and Gold. 

This game is noteworthy because it was the first Pokemon game to let you choose whether to play as a boy or a girl. Thankfully, this was a standard feature in all subsequent games.

Have a look at this video to know more:

The 10 Best Pokemon Games Ranked


  • Pokemon has grown to be one of the most well-known video game franchises ever. 
  • For many years now, the Pokemon franchise has been one of the gaming titans. 
  • Although the franchise has expanded into many different video game genres, its primary series of role-playing games continues to be the most well-known and influential. 
  • For decades, fans have been attempting to catch them all. With each subsequent generation of Pokemon, the series has developed to include more Pocket Monsters, fresh functionality, and improved aesthetics. 
  • The top Pokemon games, sorted from least to most effective, were chosen after a careful examination of each mainline entry.

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