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Dragon Ball: 13 Strongest Saiyan Abilities, Ranked

Dragon Ball has managed to hook each one of us for the longest time and for all the right reasons. It has given its viewers one of the most powerful extraterrestrial races to ever exist; The Saiyans.

The Saiyans were initially tyrannized by Frieze. But they rose from the ashes and defeated it once and for all. 

The Saiyans are undoubtedly some of the strongest and most tremendous warriors. They are endowed with extraordinary abilities. These abilities grant them an abnormal extent of powers through which they pummel any foe right into the ground.

Every threat that dared to stand in their way has been vanquished by their might and tenacity.

Find out mere details here:

The history of the Saiyans is explained here in this video.

But are you wondering, with so many abilities at their disposal, which of them are the strongest? Of course, you are!

In light of this curiosity, I have ranked the strongest abilities they have, which can redress the balance of any combat. Let’s get to it.

Strongest Saiyan AbilitiesRanking
Ability to Transform01
The Immense Amount of Strength02
Precise Control of Ki03
Healing Power04
Telepathic Abilities05
Heightened durability06
Superhuman Speed07
Heightened Senses08
Intensify Power09
Slowed Ageing11
Ability to be Invulnerable13
The strongest Saiyan Abilities Ranked

1. Ability to Transform

One of the reasons Saiyans are unbeatable in the face of even the greatest threat is their capacity to morph.

We cannot talk about any other ability before talking about what made it all possible. The Super Saiyan transformation is the founding ability that altered the course of history.

This transformation grants the Saiyans legendary powers. Only a Saiyan in its transformed state can sustain the level of power that this transformation enables.

This fact illustrates the extent of the powers granted to the Saiyans upon their transformation into Super Saiyans.

The ability to transform is one of the reasons that Saiyans are undefeated in the face of even the greatest threat.

2. The Immense Amount of Strength

They have an advantage over their adversaries thanks to this intrinsic talent, intensive training, and capacity for improvement.

It goes without saying that Saiyans possess an incredible amount of strength. This amount of strength is genetically inherent since their birth.

With their superhuman strength, they can easily unlock new powers. This innate ability, paired with vigorous training and potency to improve, give them an edge over their enemies.

3. Precise Control of Ki

Since a body has its limitations, Ki provides a way to get around them and gain strength.

The concept of Ki is that inside every being, there lies an energy source at the center of their bodies. The Ki can be drawn out to be manipulated through keen focus. Since a body has its limits, Ki serves as a means for overcoming them and developing strength.

The Saiyans are capable of incredible feats of power due to their mastery of its use. Through this, they have strong endurance, heightened strength, power, and even the ability to fly.

It can be used by humans as well, but the Saiyans possess the ability to use it precisely. As a result, they change the course of any combat and appear undefeated.

4. Healing Power

They are able to recover from wounds thanks to their intrinsic ability to heal and their divine form.

What makes the Saiyans so efficient in battles are two things:

  • their high threshold for pain and;
  • their healing power

Their innate ability to heal and their deity form allows them to heal from injuries. The injuries can range from minor wounds to life-threatening injuries.

This healing power allows them to be stronger, efficient, advance them in a battle, and also pulls them out of life-or-death situations.

5. Telepathic Abilities

They are also capable of psychic communication, which is very useful in battle.

In the Dragon Ball series, a lot of Saiyans possess the capacity to read minds. Whenever the circumstances call for it, the Saiyans can use their telepathic abilities to read minds.

The above picture demonstrates the scene where Goku is seen reading minds. They can also communicate telepathically which can be quite beneficial in combat.

6. Heightened Durability

The Saiyans are strong from birth, as all fans of Dragon Ball know.

The Saiyans are some of the most resilient warriors to ever grace the face of the universe. They possess a crazy amount of endurance and have proven to persevere no matter what.

As all Dragon Ball fans know, the Saiyans are durable from birth. They remain untouched by the most harmful of objects and have managed to survive near-death experiences.

Without an ounce of doubt, the Saiyans are regarded as obstinately indestructible beings. And? For all the right reasons!

7. Superhuman Speed

They are faster and have better reflexes, so they can catch bullets and move quickly.

They move at a pace that is beyond the comprehension of the average person. The ones with superhuman speed are the godly Saiyans.

They are capable of moving at a speed that is faster than light. They move at a pace that is beyond the comprehension of the average person. The ones with superhuman speed. They are the godly Saiyans.

With their heightened reflexes and speed, they can catch bullets and make quick moves. This is one of the amazing abilities that give them an edge over their opponents.

8. Strong Senses

The Saiyans are thought to be quick learners and have enhanced senses.

The Saiyans have heightened senses and are regarded as quick learners. Their keen observation makes them very efficient in battling any foe.

They quickly adapt their fighting techniques and weak spot. In doing so, they can easily cause havoc and inflict severe disruption.

9. Intensify Power

After the change, the Saiyan’s power is caused to be increased to the utmost degree.

This ability is activated whenever the Saiyans look at the full moon. But only the Saiyans with tails can access this.

However, this transformation has consequences for the greater good. The Saiyan’s power is caused to be maximized, to the highest of extents, following the transformation.

This appearance of the Ape can serve as a potent weapon if used in battle.

10. Zenkai

The Saiyans can heal and become even stronger with the help of Zenkai boost, which functions as a revitalizing energy.

The Saiyans are naturally gifted beings. Their godly forms are nearly invincible with the number of abilities and powers they have.

The Saiyans have a genetic predisposition to the Zenkai Boost. It is boosted whenever any of them experiences a near-death incident. This boost acts as reviving energy that helps the Saiyans recover and comes back even stronger.

11. Slowed Ageing

They only reach their best at the age of 80.

Whenever they reach the ideal age, their ageing pace slows down. Since they are natural warriors, their slowed-down ageing gives them the opportunity to keep up their strength.

However, their peak time lasts around the age of 80 only. Afterward, they get drained out and deteriorate quickly.

12. Telekinesis

Energy is needed in large quantities for telekinesis.

This ability allows the Saiyan to control objects with just the power of their minds.

However, the Saiyans are very particular about how they use their energy, and Telekinesis necessitates a significant amount of energy.

13. Ability to be Invulnerable

The Saiyans are resistant to all weaponry because they have the ability to control Ki.

All extraterrestrial beings possess the ability to be invincible. However, the Saiyans have the power to control Ki, rendering them immune to all weapons.

They are not only invulnerable to weapons but also temperature. This provides them versatility and makes them even more efficient.

Final Words

  1. It is without a shadow of a doubt that Saiyans are one of the most powerful extraterrestrial beings.
  2. They are naturally gifted with several abilities that make them stand undefeated in the face of any threat.
  3. They possess a unique set of abilities that make them invincible.

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