Fullmetal Alchemist: Powerful Alchemists Ranked

A highly regarded and among the greatest-written Manga series, The Fullmetal Alchemist debuted in 2001.

The series revolves around the power of Alchemy: An ancient metaphysical science through which an individual can alter matter using natural energy. 

The power of Alchemy is based on two things: 1) The knowledge of an individual and 2) the Law of Equivalent Exchange. The law states that an individual must sacrifice something of equal value to create something.

The show is centered around two protagonists, the Elric brothers. The two attempted Human Transmutation to bring their dead mother back. The consequences were hard as the two lost their original bodies. 

In the show, the duo works to restore their original bodies, overcome the Law of Equivalent Exchange, and encounter various challenges along the way.

Written skillfully with a unique story, magnificent powerplay, and themes like war, discrimination, greed, and scientific development, this series is one of the highest-ranked Anime on IMDB.

Fullmetal Alchemist has a variety of powerful characters, but some are just marvelously strong.

Strongest Alchemists

And today, I will be ranking the strongest Alchemists. Let’s get started.

Powerful AlchemistsRank
Roy Mustang01
Father 02
Van Hohenheim04
Edward Elric05
Izumi Curtis06
Alex Louis Armstrong07
Alphonse Elric08
Basque Grand10
Powerful Alchemists, Ranked

1. Roy Mustang

He is one of the most powerful alchemists and the first known person to have slain a Homunculus.

Roy Mustang and his renowned ability to manipulate fire need no introduction. He is the first known human who killed a Homunculus and is among the most powerful alchemists.

He is also known as Flame due to the power he wields over the fire. Mustang wears gloves with transmutation circles ensembled upon them, through which he can generate fire.

Both gloves have their distinct effect. One glove generates a controlled and precise flame, while the other can cause massive explosions. This means that Roy is a hero that deems himself fit for any situation.

The ability to use fire is the most destructive type of alchemy. However, Roy has proved to be worthy of this power time and time again as he protects the people he cares for.

2. Father

He is a brilliant alchemist and the first person to be known to have killed a Homunculus.

The rogue antagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist is among the most powerful Alchemists, without a doubt. 

He is one of the most powerful alchemists and the first known person to have slain a Homunculus.. He was the one who tricked a young Hohenheim into creating a transmutation circle. As a result, it wiped out the half nation of Xerxes. 

He got Hoheinheim’s body as a result of this incident, which also gave him the ability to overcome the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Hence, he could create anything.

The Father is highly intelligent and can create Homunculus through his Philosopher’s Stone. He also has the power to heal, shapeshift, absorb anything inside him, and also prevent other alchemists from using their powers. 

The Father truly exemplifies invincibility due to the power he wields.

3. Scar

Scar has an advantage over his opponents in any battle thanks to his combat prowess and keen awareness of their strategies.

Scar is an incredibly powerful alchemist who survived the Ishvalan Rebellion’s genocide. He was a serial killer who wanted to avenge the State Alchemists for the genocide of his people.

However, he has alchemy abilities thanks to his right arm, which was originally his brother’s. Scar is skilled in combat, and he is observant of his opponents’ tactics which gives him an advantage in any battle.

Through comprehension, he can use his right arm to obliterate anything he touches. 

Both of his arms have distinct roles. The right arm performs the two elements of Alchemy:

  • understanding the form and;
  • deconstructing the form

While the other arm, as it was later revealed also fulfills the third element which is to reconstruct as per the desired form.

What makes him terrifying is the fact that when Father prevents all the other Alchemies, Scar can still make use of his powers. And Scar is the name that destroyed many alchemists.

4. Van Hohenheim

Van is able to accomplish anything thanks to his abilities and years of alchemical training.

Van Hohenheim is the father of Edward and Alphonse and the first human form of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Van was not initially depicted to be as powerful. However, it was later discovered that he is the oldest and most powerful human to exist.

Van has the power to transmute light, which is why he is also known as Hohenheim of Light. He possesses regenerative abilities which allow him to heal quickly and prevents aging. 

Van with his powers and years of Alchemical knowledge can do anything without making use of Transmutation circles, and gives a hard time in battles!

5. Edward Elric

He has the ability to manufacture energy at will, turn it into a humanoid Philosopher’s Stone, and then transform it back into himself.

Edward also referred to as the Fullmetal Alchemist, is the most intelligent Shonen protagonist and the youngest trained state Alchemist. 

He can create energy at will, transform it into a humanoid Philosopher’s Stone and then return to his original state. Edward is a quick thinker and can adapt to any situation through his observation.

He is one of the few to pass The Gate and witness the ultimate truth. As a result, Edward does not require Transmutation Circles to perform Alchemy.  

Even though he is not skilled in fight, his strong intellectuality and other skills make up for the fact and make him the strongest within the state.

6. Izumi Curtis

She is also one of the few people to have seen the Gate after a failed attempt at human transformation.

Izumi Kurtis is the woman who gets all the credit for everything Edward and Alphonse know about alchemy.

She is a trained martial artist who overpowers everyone in terms of strength in terms of armed fights or hand-to-hand fights.

Alongside Edward, she is also one of the few to witness the Gate following a failed Human Transmutation attempt. Because of this, she can use alchemy powers without requiring transmutation circles.

This attempt also resulted in Izumi losing the majority of her internal organs, but even then, she is physically the strongest and most fierce woman.

7. Alex Louis Armstrong

Through his metal gauntlets and transmutation rings, Alex uses his alchemy.His unique skill is the combination of his physical prowess and alchemy.

Alex Louis Armstrong, also known as Strong Arm Alchemist, took on Homunculus on his own. He is so effortlessly strong that he can turn whatever he touches into a statue and will go to any lengths to protect his people.

Alex uses his alchemy through his metal gauntlets with transmutation circles. His special ability is the fusion of his physical strength into his alchemy.

With the ability to pummel anyone into the ground with punches that can pass through any solid surface: Alex Louis Armstrong is a force to be reckoned with.

8. Alphonse Elric

Alphonse’s abilities were developed and refined by Izumi, and he has shown to be a strong opponent.

Alphonse Elric is a powerful alchemist and a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He is also one of the few who does not require transmutation circles to use his alchemy.

His skills were sharpened and honed by Izumi, and Alphonse has proved to be a powerful force against the foes.

Although Alphonse lacks his brother’s intelligence, he makes up for it in strength, thanks to his armor gear. But even without his suit, Alphonse is unbeatable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. 

With his physical power, armored suit, and strong alchemy Alphonse gives a hard time to all his dangerous adversaries.

9. Kimblee

Since the Ishvalan War, his strength has been clear, and when Kimblee wields it, the repercussions can be rather destructive.

Kimblee possesses unique alchemy in which he orchestrates explosions. He can generate explosions by using the Transmutation arrays tattooed on his palm.

His strength is evident since the Ishvalan War and when Kimblee uses his power, the results can be quite destructive. Hence, he was also imprisoned for using explosions on civilians during the war.

It is to be noted that Kimblee’s strength can be further intensified when he uses Philosopher’s Stone. He can generate massive explosions with just one hand without requiring the Equivalent Exchange.

10. Basque Grand

He sports rings and metallic gauntlets with alchemical marks that, when combined, form Transmutation circles.

The highest-ranked officer, Basque Grand is the master of hand-to-hand combat.

He wears metallic gauntlets and rings with alchemical markings which when smashed together, create Transmutation circles.

He is a legendary figure who led forces to triumph during Ishvalan Civil War.

He is also known as Iron Blood Alchemist due to his ability to turn stone and minerals into real-life cannons that fire. This ability of his has made him land in the top 10 powerful alchemists.

Final Verdict

  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, the audience can witness a variety of powerful Alchemists who alter the forces of energy.
  • The characters are remarkably written, and they effortlessly outplay the norms in terms of strength and knowledge.
  • Assigning the ranks to each character is a very difficult task as all of them go above and beyond in their domains.
  • The most powerful amongst them are Roy Mustang, Father, Scar, Van Hohenheim, Edward Elric, Izumi Kurtis, Alex Louis Armstrong, Alphonse Elric, Kimblee, and Basque Grand.

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