Look: 10 Wholesome Anime That Will Make You Smile

From fantasy to action, Anime spans many different genres.

People adore watching mecha battles and heroes using powerful weapons to vanquish a formidable foe. 

These make viewers jump out of their seats and feel their heart race. However, occasionally all individuals want to do is unwind while watching something healthy. 

Some of the most well-liked uplifting Anime tend to fit into the categories of humor, romance, and slice of life when it comes to unwinding in front of the television. 

What exactly is a wholesome anime?

Anime is divided into several genres, ranging from action to fantasy. People enjoy watching mechas fight and heroes wield massive weapons to defeat a great evil. These have viewers on the edge of their seats, their hearts racing. However, some people prefer to sit back and watch something wholesome.

Some of the most popular heartwarming anime tend to fall into the categories of comedy, romance, and slice of life when it comes to relaxing in front of the screen. These usually have less fan service, and the conflict takes the form of everyday problems or comedic misunderstandings.

Certain anime take a more lighthearted approach to their story and end up being memorable for it. Regardless of the negative moods that viewers may be experiencing at the time, these anime do an excellent job of making people feel happy again with their lighthearted and wholesome tone.

What makes anime so enjoyable?

This is highly subjective and entirely dependent on the individual. What I like, you might not. Here is a list of general characteristics that most people seek in anime:

Character- There are a lot of character stereotypes out there that some people get sick of quickly, so they look for unique or special characters that stand out from the crowd.

Plot- Along with character tropes, stereotypical plots exist. The most popular storyline must be unique and progress smoothly.

Genre- Different genres pique the interest of different people. Some people prefer action to mystery, while others prefer fantasy to gaming. Even if you enjoy a particular genre, the plot and characters may turn you off.

These frequently feature less fan service and the conflict takes the shape of commonplace problems or humorous miscommunications.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kunComedy Romance
Shōnen MaidComedy
Slice of Life
Princess JellyfishComedy
School BabysittersComedy
Slice of Life
Laid-Back CampComedy
Slice of Life
Hori-san to Miyamura-kunRomance
Slice of Life
Little Witch AcademiaAdventure
Ouran High School Host ClubComedy
Slice of Life
The Way Of The HousehusbandComedy
Slice of Life
List of 10 wholesome Anime and their genres.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Nozaki-kun, a love comedy by Monthly Girls, centres on Chiyo Sakura, a high school student, and her crush on Umetarou Nozaki. 

Nozaki, a well-known Manga artist, assumes Sakura is a fan when she says she wants to be with him and asks her to assist him with some of his paintings. 

Then, in an effort to be nearer to him, she becomes his assistant. She encounters eccentric classmates along the road, and funny things happen. 

Sakura continues to believe that with her assistance, Nozaki will come to understand how she feels about him.

This Anime is humorous because of all the misunderstandings, but it also explores the relationship and romance undertones. 

It demonstrates how simple it is to misinterpret others and the importance of doing good deeds. 

This good-hearted animation instructs viewers on how to love someone despite their imperfections, which is a life lesson many people would learn in a culture dominated by judgmental ideas and the like.


Chiyo Sakura, a high school student, has a crush on Umetarou Nozaki, a classmate, but when she expresses her feelings to him, he thinks she is a fan and signs an autograph for her. 

She tells him that she wants to be with him always, so he extends an invitation to his home and asks her to assist with some sketches. 

Chiyo learns that Nozaki is actually Sakiko Yumeno, a well-known shoujo Manga artist. 

Then, in an effort to get closer to him, she consents to work as his assistant. They run across other classmates as they work on their Manga, and they offer assistance or act as models for the characters.

Shōunen Maid

A fourth-grader named Chihiro who is orphaned is the subject of the comedic Anime Shounen Maid. 

When the child discovers the disorganized state of his wealthy, long-lost uncle’s mansion, he decides to train as a housekeeper. 

Chihiro cleans the house for his monthly stipend while dressing as a maid. 

Chihiro instills in his audience the value of exerting oneself, both physically and psychologically. 

The focus of the program is on family, friendship, and bereavement, and it strikes the ideal mix between lighthearted humor and profound emotional development. 

Under the cover of a lovely tale of an uncle and child bonding, the characters provide lessons on how to deal with loss and adapt to new circumstances.


An enthusiastic elementary school kid named Chihiro Komiya previously resided with his mother. 

Chihiro excels in household chores, and his mother lives by the adage, “No labor, no food.” After Chihiro’s mother passes away unexpectedly, Madoka Taketori, who claims to be his uncle, appears and invites Chihiro to move in with him. 

Chihiro initially objects, but after observing Madoka’s opulent home’s abhorrent condition of filth, he chooses to begin cleaning it. 

Then Madoka makes Chihiro another offer: he can move in with him in exchange for Chihiro doing the housekeeping. 

Chihiro agrees to this bargain, but all of a sudden he is dressed as a maid.

Princess Jellyfish

A brief Anime called Princess Jellyfish fits into the genres of slice of life, romantic comedy, and coming of age. 

The Sisterhood, a group of socially uncomfortable women, is the subject of the story. 

Tsukimi Kurashita, the main heroine, adores jellyfish since she has fond recollections of eating them with her late mother. 

She meets Kuranosuke, a transgender guy, who teaches her about fashion despite Sisterhood’s distaste for attractive people. 

The women and Kuranosuke must then cooperate in an effort to prevent the demolition of their housing district.

It’s hilarious to watch the chaos and conflict between the characters in the program. 

This humorous animation also stresses the value of acceptance, self-love, and confidence in oneself. 

The women learn to let go of their fear of people they don’t understand while also being confident in who they are. 

Kuranosuke supports Tsukimi in her pursuit of love, ambition, and style. 

Tsukimi teaches people the value of memories, compassion, and tolerance for receiving assistance from others.


Boys are not permitted in the apartment building known as Amamizukan. Tsukimi, a young woman who enjoys jellyfish, resides there contentedly with her pals, who also have a nerdy hobby. 

When a stunning woman saves Tsukimi’s life, their calm lifestyles gradually begin to change. She spends the night at the apartments, but “she” is actually a “him.”

School Babysitters

School Babysitters is humorous slice-of-life animation When their parents unexpectedly pass away, three brothers are left destitute. 

One is a preschooler, two are in high school. In exchange for their assistance with the academy’s daycare facility, the chairperson of the academy takes them in and offers them free home and education. 

The theme of this program is caring for one another. While the elder brothers make sure that their younger brother is constantly taken care of, the chairwoman, who is often tough, displays her motherly soft side to the boys. 

The program promotes empathy, generosity, and selflessness, making it one of television’s most morally upright programs.


Kotaro and Ryuuichi Kashima are brothers. Kotar is still a toddler while Ryuuichi is a senior in high school. 

After their parents perish in an aircraft catastrophe, the two brothers are forced to live with the Morinomiya Academy chairwoman, who also lost her son and daughter-in-law in the crash. 

However, in order for the brothers to live with the chairperson, Ryuuichi must serve as a nanny at the academy’s daycare facility.

Laid-Back Camp

Camping is such a good and enjoyable activity because it has a really zen quality to it. 

Camping is such a soothing hobby because it allows you to disconnect from the everyday rush of city life for a bit and settle down in the middle of nature. 

Therefore, it goes without saying that an Anime that focuses on discovering various playgrounds might be highly alluring for obvious reasons.

Because of this, Laid-Back Camp is so interesting to watch. The setting of a camping trip allows the characters to develop into interesting people who bond over the course of the Anime in a way that is truly wholesome in every way. Laid-Back Camp is the perfect choice for Anime viewers who desire something unique from their viewing experience.


Following some time following the television Anime, the movie shows Nadeshiko and the other characters as adults. 

Chiaki sends a text message to Rin, who is currently employed by a small publisher in Nagoya. 

Chiaki has been tasked with reopening a location that had previously been closed by Yamanashi’s tourism marketing group. 

When Rin hears this, she recommends that such a large site may be converted into camping. 

The development project for the campsite is started by Chiaki, Rin, Nadeshiko, Aoi, and Ena. 

In scenes evoking their high school club days, the five come together in work clothes to mow the lawn, have planning sessions, and construct a tent from scratch.

The show has its fair share of amazing moments.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun is a romantic comedy. It compares the two characters’ appearances from when they are at school. 

Kyoko Hori, a popular and intelligent student, dresses casually at home, whereas Izumi Miyamura, a glum nerd classmate, has numerous tattoos and body piercings at home. 

As they discover they have things in common, they become closer and promise to safeguard each other’s secrets.

This family-friendly animation is funny, romantic, calming, and enjoyable. It emphasizes the value of being oneself and putting others’ opinions aside. 

It teaches about being truthful, loving oneself and others, friendship, and how to be vulnerable with others. 

This Anime is a fantastic approach to getting rid of negative emotions in order to make room for a better, more positive experience, especially considering how much negativity individuals can be subjected to.


Izumi Miyamura is a lonely teen who eventually shares a secret with a classmate despite being quite reclusive. 

She assists her younger brother after he was hurt, and her name is Kyoko Hori. Both are taken aback by how distinct they appear and behave outside of school. 

From that point forward, a strange bond develops between them.


Handa, who was raised in the city, will have to learn to adjust to country life while working with a variety of oddballs.

The calligrapher Seishu Handa and his amusing encounters with other characters are the subject of the comical slice-of-life Anime Barakamon

He travels to an island in an effort to create his own style after his writing is critiqued for being too rigid at the beginning of the novel. 

He encounters numerous island residents there, and their interactions are amusing and endearing.

This animation demonstrates the advantages of being open with others, letting go, and taking a break. 

Seishu’s interactions with the hyperactive youngster Naru, such as assisting the younger child with homework, impose a sense of family into the narrative. 

The inhabitants of the island serve as a powerful illustration of the value of a caring support network, the power of random acts of kindness, and the fact that family need not just be defined in terms of blood links.


Handa Seishuu is taken to Got Island to cool down after hitting a well-known curator in the face for calling his artwork “textbook and lifeless.” 

He also hopes to discover new inspiration for his calligraphy there. Handa, who is raised in the city must learn to adapt to living in the country while working with a variety of eccentric people.

Little Witch Academia

In the fantasy coming-of-age tale Little Witch Academia, Akko must struggle to acquire magic without any prior knowledge of it. 

Akko tries to show that magic is beautiful with the aid of the potent magic artifact, the Shiny Rod, as well as the assistance and encouragement of her companions. 

However, as the magic starts to disappear from the globe, the students must heed Chariot’s instructions in order to bring back magic and spread happiness.

The concept that people don’t always begin as experts in their fields is emphasized throughout the show. 

Everyone must start learning from scratch, and putting in a lot of work is at least as crucial as innate talent. 

As a result, this Anime not only promotes a strong work ethic but also instills moral values such as the value of standing by someone during their time of need, maintaining a cheerful outlook, and not allowing circumstances to bring one down.


Atsuko Kagari, a happy young woman who enrolls in Luna Nova Academy to pursue her desire of becoming a witch like her role model, Shiny Chariot, does so at a time when society as a whole is seeing magic as being on the decline. 

Shiny is a well-known witch who has long since vanished from view. While traveling to school, Kagari encounters the sweet Lotte Yanson and the cunning Sucy Manbavaran. 

The three of them become friends and share a bedroom on campus.

Atsuko quickly learns at the academy that she is at a significant disadvantage to the other girls because she does not come from a magical household and must master the magical curriculum from start. 

Atsuko must learn how to activate and effectively use the mysterious Shiny Rod after discovering a piece that previously belonged to Chariot in the hopes that it will help her learn what really happened to her missing idol.

Ouran High School Host Club

One of the most well-known Anime on this list is the romantic comedy Ouran High School Host Club. 

It centers on the amusing account of Haruhi, who wins a scholarship to a famous university. 

When she breaks a vase at the Host Club while entertaining girls, Haruhi becomes reliant on the other six male club members and is forced to serve as their “errand boy.” 

She is originally misidentified as a boy, which leads to amusement.

The Host members’ treatment of the club’s female members and their developing friendship with Haruhi both highlight the importance of using polite social behavior in the Anime. 

It demonstrates how to nurture friendships and how they develop. The Anime’s comic undertones keep the series upbeat while highlighting significant moral ideals like respect. 

As a result, the Anime’s message is perfectly conveyed without coming across as preachy or heavy-handed.


A scholarship allows Haruhi to attend a school for the extremely wealthy, where she is a destitute tomboyish girl who cannot even afford a uniform. 

One day, she discovers the distinctly odd but wildly successful Ouran Host Club. 

She unintentionally breaks a vase while attempting to escape, and because she can’t afford to replace it, she is told that she must stay and work odd jobs. 

They patch her up and give her a male uniform because they didn’t realize she was a woman based on the way she looked. 

They decide to make her maintain the lie even after learning the truth since she immediately becomes popular.

The Host Club’s unconventional activities (or those of its even more unconventional members) are beyond Haruhi’s average sensibilities. 

However, out of necessity, she participates. Soon enough, genuine connections are forged, friends are created, and Haruhi finds herself welcomed in this wealthy school in a way she could never have been otherwise.

The Way Of The Househusband

A former Yakuza boss who becomes a househusband is the subject of the comic slice-of-life novel The Way of the Househusband. 

He does this in order to help his wife with her career. He makes friends with elderly women, shows a young Yakuza how to remove stains from clothing, and is an expert with knives in the kitchen. 

To sum up, the Anime’s premise alone will captivate viewers from the start, and the show’s outstanding character writing and incredible comedic timing will carry the rest of it. 

The main character Tatsu’s frightening appearance and his attention to routine household chores are a big source of the show’s humor. 

The Anime dispels gender stereotypes and demonstrates the fallacy of judging a book by its cover. 

Individuals can learn the value of giving people a second chance and the value of supporting those around them through Tatsu’s connection with his wife.


The Yakuza known as “Immortal Tatsu,” who fought a rival gang by himself using a lead pipe, is renowned for inspiring dread in both seasoned police officers and ruthless criminals. 

Shortly after his unexpected departure, he emerges with a slight change in his line of employment.

Tatsu has given up violence and is attempting to earn an honest living as a househusband now that he is wearing an apron. 

Tatsu discovers that being a househusband has its own obstacles, from the battleground known as grocery sales to failures in the kitchen while adjusting to routine domestic responsibilities. 

Even though he leads a calm life, misunderstandings seem to follow him everywhere.

Gokushufudou chronicles the activities of the former daily yakuza as he switches from his hazardous former life to becoming a stay-at-home husband.

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  • An ethical Anime each day keeps negative thoughts at bay. The greatest wholesome Anime will keep you company after a long day of work with its appealing and soothing Anime themes. 
  • To take a break from some of the best and most exciting shounen Anime and adventure Anime that keep us on the edge of our seats, we all deserve to occasionally enjoy a calm Anime experience. 
  • Thanks to some of the best animation palettes and moving music, everyone will be astounded by how straightforward anime episodes like these can provide such a high-quality experience.

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