Is Watching Anime Healthy? (Get Your Answers)

Anime that is usually pronounced as AA-NEE-MAY. It is referred to as animation in Japanese. Outside of Japan, Anime refers to Japanese animation or a Japanese original animation style distinguished by bright visuals, vivid characters, and magical themes.

Goku from Dragon Ball z
Goku from Dragon Ball Z is one of the happiest characters in Anime.

Although Anime has existed since the early twentieth century, it was not acknowledged as an art form outside of Japan until after World War II.

People began watching Anime because they like the art form and its popularity grew over time. Since it is versatile. It can be used to educate many subjects and to present various stories.

Aside from TV episodes and films, Anime also includes video games that express stories through action. Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist are among the most popular Anime series. 

However, most people are often against this medium of entertainment because it can affect a teenager’s view on life. In this blog, I will discuss whether Anime is healthy or not.

Is watching Anime good for you?

It can be good for you if you only take the good elements with you. It is a normal thing for kids and teens to enjoy cartoons, Similarly, Anime is also an animated universe for older people with different genres and a wide variety.

Watching Anime and cartoons offers several benefits for both youngsters and adults. When one has a sick child, Anime and cartoons might aid by distracting them from their illness. Given that kids enjoy cartoons, this keeps them calm despite their pain and illness.

Adults may unwind by viewing Anime and cartoons, especially after a long day. Many people like watching cartoons and Anime to unwind and feel relaxed.

When individuals are worried, viewing Anime and cartoons is the best method to relieve tension. They generate a lot of laughing, which makes people forget about their problems.

How Anime can teach you morals and hard work

What is not good is obsessing over these characters, watching every Anime made.

Whether it is good or not, learning the names of every Anime character voice actor and memorizing their voices, spending a lot of money on Anime merchandise, and creating an identity for yourself based solely on the fact that you watch Anime or Manga.

What are the adverse effects of Anime?

Many people are worried about how Anime affects the minds of children. They think it could cause them to become violent, aggressive, or even suicidal. One study conducted by The American Journal of Public Health found that watching violent cartoons had a negative effect on the minds of children.

This could lead them to behave in a more aggressive manner and become more likely to commit suicide or act out violently toward others as well.

There are also studies that show that Anime can cause mental health issues in people who watch it on a regular basis. It has been found that those who watch Anime have higher levels of depression and anxiety than those who do not watch it at all.

The problem is that these studies do not prove whether or not it is actually causing these problems or if they were just exposed to something unhealthy in their lives before they began watching Anime. There could be another reason why they were depressed or anxious

The negative effects of Anime are not just limited to violence and swearing, but also the portrayal of women.

In most Anime, women are portrayed as weak and submissive. They are seen as objects rather than people who can think for themselves. This can make young viewers believe that it is okay to treat girls like this.

The depiction of women in Anime is not just about how they look or what they wear, but also about their personality and values.

To have a strong character, it must be well-developed and have a strong sense of self-worth. Women who do not feel confident in themselves or have low self-esteem will be shown as weak and submissive to men in Anime stories.

Anime has been accused of having a sexist message by some people who claim that it promotes stereotypes about women like those found in video games or other forms of media commonly consumed by young boys.

Does Anime increase IQ?

Cells At Work! ending scene
Cells At Work! an Anime, provide you with a solid foundation of human biology and make the topic more engaging to learn.

According to the study, Anime viewers have a greater level of general knowledge than non-Anime viewers, as well as a considerably higher IQ level in a specific group, moreover, Anime may be used to spread a background about any culture and plays a role in increasing the economy.

The survey found that those who watched Anime scored significantly higher on tests measuring their ability to recall information about geography, history, or science.

They also had more knowledge about science topics such as physics and biology. Remembering All the major arcs of One Piece might seem like no biggie but it sure makes your memory strong.

The researchers said this study suggests that exposure to Anime can benefit learners’ overall IQs and promote learning in general. For example, the Anime, Cells At Work! give you a good understanding of human biology and makes the subject more interesting to learn.

Similarly, Dr. stone’s real-life science references can motivate a high schooler to search more about them and make learning fun.

Is Anime ok for 12-year-olds?

Himawara Uzumaki from Boruto
For younger viewers, the majority of programming that airs during the day and early evening has been filtered to remove sexually explicit and brutally violent material.

Anime showed on Cartoon Network (or other children’s cartoon networks) before 9 p.m. is definitely safe for most kids under the age of 13. If it’s on after 9 p.m., you know it’s not suitable for children under the age of 13.

Not every Anime is filled with nudity and violence. Some Anime are safe for children of all ages. Watch a few episodes with them to ensure they’re only seeing what you want them to see.

The majority of what’s aired throughout the day and early evening hours has been censored for younger audiences, excluding sexually explicit and graphically violent content.

Anime shows, like movies and DVDs, have age ratings, making it simple to select acceptable shows. Keep in mind that Anime depicts cultural contrasts between America and Japan, such as sexual themes and the unexpected death of a “good guy.”

Some Kid friendly Anime shows include:

Anime TitleIMDb Rating
Detective Conan8.5/10
Avatar: The last air bender9.3/10
Cardcaptor Sakura8/10
Tenchi Muyo7.6/10
Spirited away8.6/10
My Neighbour Totoro8.1/10
Full-Metal Alchemist9.1/10
Dragon Ball Z8.8/10
Yu Yu Hakusho8.5/10
Kid-friendly Anime series and films along with their IMDb ratings

In the realm of entertainment, hatred towards a variety of things isn’t justifiable. However, when it comes to criticism and backlash, Anime gets the short end of the stick.

But the irony is that other mediums of entertainment also bear the same elements of sexuality and violence but they are not called out that much.

Mainly due to its primary audience being adults, Meanwhile, Anime is usually mistaken to be something only kids watch. Which makes people online think that it is a negative thing for children.

Anime has many categories from children to adults everyone has the right to watch and enjoy it according to their age-suitable content.

If you start watching dozens of Anime shows, you’ll see that a lot of the hatred isn’t based on reality, and it’s mostly the result of misconceptions and plain stupidity.

But if you shun Anime as if it were cancer, you’ll never know for sure.

What psychological impact does anime have on us?

Based on your personality, you may be affected by both the protagonistic and antagonistic elements of the anime. Anime pays significant attention to both features and creates them with great care.

The villain’s point of view appears to be far more sensible at times than the hero’s constant ranting. As a result, you should avoid darker anime until you are mature enough to handle it.

Other from that, most anime will always leave you with a new thought to consider. Your perspective might shift dramatically if you keep an open mind.

After seeing an anime, you will always see the real world through that lens, concerned about the ramifications of the storyline emerging in real life. This may appear juvenile, and some may argue that fantasizing about unrealistic things is a waste of time, but I feel it keeps the imagination alive and broadens one’s perspective. As long as you can distinguish between the real world and the anime world in your thoughts.

The breadth of emotions shown is remarkable, and there is something for everyone; all you have to do is choose an anime genre.

Is viewing anime dangerous for your health?

Watching anime isn’t exactly bad for you just as long as you remember to stay in moderation.

As a child who grew up watching everything from Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry to more current and lesser-known cartoons, I must take this opportunity to reflect on how much Anime affected my childhood and adolescence.

Even while cartoons were enjoyable, there was something about anime that drew me in.

Were it the long, exhausting fights, or the gripping and nail-biting plots and plot aspects, or the ideals and appearances of the protagonists, or the great animation, or the ever-cooler opening tunes that made me love anime? I’m not sure. But, mark my words, there’s nothing negative about anime.


  • Anime can be healthy because of its subject matter, it is entertaining. Anime allows for creative and experimental tales that would not be possible in live-action.
  • With parental supervision over the content and time spent watching it, anime has been shown to boost creativity. It is a harmless sort of entertainment.
  • Anime watchers have an increased IQ and more general knowledge than other people, They are also more creative and quick-witted.
  • Anime has been an escape for many adults from their boring monotonous work life and societal pressure.
  • Anime welcomes its viewers into an imaginative universe of its own.

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