Sailor Moon: Every Sailor Guardian Ranked By Power

The protagonist of the story is an impulsive teenager who discovers that she is the famous warrior Sailor Moon and that she needs to work alongside the other Sailor guides to preserve the planet Earth and the galaxy.

They battle the dark kingdom’s wicked henchmen for justice and compassion. They take the advice of 2 talkative kitties, who will aid them in the mission.

Review of Sailor Moon

Certain features of the Anime have been presented in the table given below:

Sailor MoonFeatures
AuthorSukehiro Tomita, Yoji Enokido, Ryota Yamaguchi
Directed byTakuya Igarashi
Produced byToei Animation
GenreMagical girl
Data table for Sailor Moon

Following are the details of each character along with the rankings based on their powers. If you’re up to knowing their relative strengths and abilities, this is the absolute right place to be at.

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What is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon, subsequently renamed Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, is a Japanese superhero anime television series created by Toei Animation that uses Super Sentai elements. It is based on Naoko Takeuchi’s manga of the same name, which was serialized in Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997.

The series chronicles the exploits of the titular heroine, Usagi Tsukino, a middle school girl who is given the ability to transform into the Beautiful Soldier. She also finds other Sailor Soldiers to join forces with, and she saves Earth against a slew of bad villains.

The anime also depicts Usagi’s development from an emotional middle school girl to a responsible young woman.

Who is Minako in Sailor Moon?

Minako Aino is the civilian identity of Sailor V and the current iteration of Sailor Venus. In the Sailor Moon manga, Minako is the original Sailor Guardian, the heroine of Codename: Sailor V, and the head of the Inner Sailor Guardians.

Minako is athletic and extremely active. She frequently misuses idioms and spends her time looking for new idols to chase and new “first loves” to gush about. This lack of commitment has plagued her for the most of her life. She, like Usagi, is an academic underachiever who puts little effort into her studies and requires Artemis’ nagging to be Sailor V since she quickly loses interest in being a “Guardian of Justice” for the sake of Justice.

All else in her life is subordinate to one thing: protecting her Princess. This is true even before she regains her memories, and when she remembers, she becomes obsessed with finding her fellow Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Scouts Ranked By Strength πŸ’ͺ

1. Sailor Mercury

Ami assists the other guardians by managing crowds with her skills.
Ami assists the other guardians by managing crowds with her skills.

While Sailor Mercury has powerful attacking skills, his primary ability is intelligence, something she can use to organize the battleground and prepare attacks.

The main benefit of hiding under Mercury’s Bubbles Shower is to gain a competitive advantage whilst competitors are confused. With her ability to manage crowds, Ami helps the other guardians. Her computers can decide the most appropriate course of action in addition to keeping and locating crucial data.

2. Sailor Neptune

Whatever she does, whether it’s performing violin, sailing, or fighting evil, Sailor Neptune always carries herself with the elegance and sophistication that the other figures lack. Although she is not in Sailor Senshi mode, she still possesses a good deal of strength.

She is considered one of the most interesting personalities among the general population, having intuitive insights and predictive dreams. Undoubtedly amongst the most enigmatic is Sailor Neptune. As effortlessly as she breathed, she would rip her adversaries to shreds.

3. Sailor Starlights

The planet Kinmoku, which is not a part of our solar system, is where the three Sailor Starlights with the names Star Warrior, Star Creator, and Star Healer originate.
The planet Kinmoku, which is not a part of our solar system, is where the three Sailor Starlights with the names Star Warrior, Star Creator, and Star Healer originate.

The three Sailor Starlights titled Star Warrior, Star Creator, and Star Healer, come from the planetary Kinmoku, which is not part of our planetary system. Therefore, these really aren’t Sailor Guardians from Earth. They battle against Sailor Galaxia in the Anime and overcome him. They were not quite as fortunate in the manga, though.

However, Galaxia got harmed by the Starlights from the Anime. Sailor Moon was the only Sailor Guardian who was capable of performing it.

Those Starlights have been demonstrated to eradicate organisms with a single attack in much less desperate circumstances. The animation Starlights were much more daring and persistent than the manga Starlights, which ultimately failed to hold out against the foe for so long.

4. Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter has kung fu training, and she is the power fighter for the Inner Scouting organization.
She also has kung fu training, and she is the power fighter for the Inner Scouting organization.

The Sailor Scout who has the greatest muscle strength is Sailor Jupiter. Even when in the scouting state, she has been powerful enough to take up and smash a Youma to the floor.

She has kung fu experience as well, and she serves as the Inner Scouting group’s power fighter. She possesses fighting proficiency as well as strong, distinctive mystical attacks that are focused on thunderstorms and natural order.

Character development makes Sailor Jupiter likable and believable. She had a notoriety for always being awkward at times and was ridiculed in high school for her height.

5. Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus represents the most potent Sailor Guardian in the Sailor Moon Anime in regard to physical skills, mystical abilities, and overwhelming tenacity. She is not just a skilled fighting practitioner, but she already has the strongest blows among all of the primary Sailor Guardians.

The Inner Guardians’ other companions, Uranus and Neptune, are not really always on their side too; during one stage, Uranus was really intent on capturing Sailor Saturn.

6. Sailor Pluto

The Spatial door, which leads to being tetra dimensional, is guarded by Sailor Pluto. She devoted her entire life to a highly significant and solitary task.

All other Sailor Guides remained unsure that she even existed due to her extreme isolation. She swears to assassinate anybody who tries to infringe on the underworld since she considers her responsibilities an extremely serious manner.

Pluto is a Sailor coach of the planets existing outside the Solar system, and she carries a magical treasure. She uses her Garnet Rods weaponry, which contains the garnet orb. She uses the concepts of time, space, the underground world, death, and nothingness in her assaults.

7. Sailor Chibi-Moon

Sailor Chibi-Moon is superior to other sailor heroines in addition to being the successor to the Silvery Millennium.
Sailor Chibi-Moon is superior to other sailor heroines in addition to being the successor to the Silvery Millennium.

Chibi-Moon is rated highly because of her propensity for strength.

Apart from being an heiress to the Silvery Millennium, Sailor Chibi-Moon ranks higher than other sailor characters. Chibi-Moon is not feeble in the majority of certain other interpretations of the narrative that differ from the original Anime. Mistress 9 gets subdued by Chibi-Moon with only a single Pink Sweet Cardiac Arrest.

Indeed the collective power of five more senior Sailor Guardians fell short of doing this.
Additionally, Chibi-Moon is capable of using the Iconic Silver Crystal. Furthermore, the Golden Crystal was present in the original Anime.

8. Sailor Moon

The strongest Sailor Guardian is the main protagonist. Not only does Sailor Moon have an incredibly strong power to love, but also given that she is the owner of the Fabled Silver Crystal. Her strength entirely transforms into one of curing because of her compassion.

She fixes everything that has been damaged or contaminated. Sailor Moon is deserving of first place. Moon can reconstruct universes after they have been destroyed by Saturn.

9. Sailor Mars

In the many versions, Sailor Mars’ personality has undergone a lot of modifications.

She serves as Usagi’s nemesis in the 1990’s Anime because the duo are often at odds with one another and also share affection over the same guys.

She also experiences prescient dreams and aspirations, which allow her to alert the inside Senshi to impending risks.

Rei's character is a reflection of her Sailor Mars ability.
Rei’s character is a reflection of her Sailor Mars ability.

Final Verdict

  • The Anime is centered on a group of girls making wonders which is depicted as a sense of women empowerment much like that of Miraculous Ladybug.
  • The Anime is regarded to be among the most impactful shojo ever produced and is largely responsible for the global popularity of the marvelous girl sub-genre.
  • The above article is stuffed with brief details of relevant characters that were included in the scouting group intended to protect Earth.

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