Is Demon Slayer A Good Anime?

Yes, Demon Slayer is undoubtedly, one of the greatest Anime series to consider watching.

In the present age, Anime series have a huge fan following and people have plenty of options to watch depending on the genre they are interested in.

Here, I’ve come up with one amazing Anime named Demon Slayer. Released on October 16, 2020, it was one of the best Anime series that aired on the screens in Japan.

Strong emotional attachment among main characters

Here are given some of the details of this Anime;

Written byKoyoharu Gotouge
GenreAdventure, Dark Fantasy
Total Episodes44
Directed byHaruo Sotozaki
Duration1hr 57mins
Data table for Demon Slayer

If you wish to watch this Anime but are not sure if it will be good enough to spend your time on or not, you’re absolutely in the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing in detail all the different aspects of this.

Let’s get started!

What The Plot Of Demon Slayer Tells?

The entire series features the life of two siblings, their family being attacked by demons, one of the main characters, Nezuko being devoid of her humanoid nature, and his brother’s struggles to save her.

Tanjiro Kamado, one little lad who resides in the highlands of Japan, is the protagonist of the series Demon Slayer. It is an organization working to combat human-converted demons. These demons possess great strength and other paranormal capabilities.

An intense moment of a Demon Slayer.

Once, it happens that a demonic gang strikes his house and murders, everyone, in his family, but his sister Nezuko survived as she has turned into a beast herself.

After facing such a drastic incident, his life is radically changed. The purpose of his life now is only to get her sister back. For this, Tanjiro decides to enlist in the Demon Slayer Legion in an effort to save Nezuko from her demonic form.

The purpose of his life now is only to get her sister back. For this, Tanjiro decides to enlist in the Demon Slayer Legion in an effort to save Nezuko from her demonic form.

Why Is Demon Slayer, The Best Anime?

The mentioned Anime, Demon Slayer can be categorized as one of the top-rated Anime series.

There may be a multitude of factors behind this. Some of them are discussed as under;

1. Impressive Storyline

The thrilling storyline of Demon Slayer instantly fascinated viewers. The story of Tanjiro is equally exciting and horrifying.

Audiences are at the forefront of their attention as they witness Tanjiro’s stubborn refusal to give up on Nezuko whilst also striving to ensure the safety of everyone else.

Tanjiro along with the other demon ninjas deals with a variety of fascinating demons, each of whom has a unique history.

2. Emotions of Main Characters

Tanjiro and Nezuko’s romantic relationship serves as the catalyst for Demon Slayer’s storyline.
Tanjiro wouldn’t desert her, and Nezuko’s love for her brother outweighed her unexpected demonic appearance.

Consequently, they rethink the nature of the interaction between humans and demons and alter the world.

3. Good For Action Anime Fans

Although the series is brutal and violent, graphic violence never seems to be used merely for the shock factor.

Demon Slayer has a lot to offer fans of Japanese Anime who enjoy action-packed battles, devastating finishing strikes, and characters who are continually refining and developing their abilities.

Review of Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Or Attack On Titans: Which One Is Better?

Demon Slayer can be considered more convenient as compared to Attack on Titans in many regards.

Although both the Anime series are good to watch in their own way and depending on the personal choice of the audiences as well. But if there comes a comparison of these two, I’ll personally prefer Demon Slayer over the other. There are many reasons for this.

First of all, if you’re not much used to watching Anime series or just have started watching them, you will find Demon Slayer relatively simple and easier to understand than the other. The latter is comparatively ambiguous and requires Anime knowledge to develop understanding.

Demon Slayer by Koyoharu Gotouge

Secondly, if we consider the popularity of both of the mentioned Anime series, the Demon Slayer is the one more popular. Through this, we may assume that it was more likable among the masses than Attack On Titan.

But still, the sum up of this discussion is not merely that you should not go for Attack On Titan.

Where To Watch Demon Slayer?

Due to the hype Demon Slayer got associated with it in no time, the Anime series was made available on some of the best platforms. It is easily available at them and you can have a watch conveniently.

Given below are enlisted some of these sites;

Final Verdict

  • Demon Slayer proved to be one of the most popular Japanese Anime of the time with the Action genre being the most dominating throughout the movie.
  • There are a number of things in it that kept the attention of readers grabbed and one of them is the affection between the lead characters, the two siblings for one another.
  • Another reason for so much popularity the Anime gained is the plot which is written so impressively that it was applauded a lot.
  • Some of the most notable sites where Anime is available are also mentioned in this article.

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