The Politics Of Attack On Titan (Discover)

Released in the year 2009, the Manga Attack on Titan was one of the most wonderful pieces of art with an amazing story and characters. Later on, its three-season Anime series hit the television screens and became equally remarkable.

Best-selling manga Attack on Titan tackled certain political and social topics head-on.

Here are given some of the details of the Attack on Titan in a tabular form;

Written byHajime Isayama
Published byKodansha
Volumes34 lists
GenreAction, Dark Fantasy
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One unique feature about this series is that it features different aspects of real-world politics into it or you can say people after watching it started making their analysis about it. According to most, it is not just a movie but the whole concept of the Holocaust or the Jews genocide is there in it.

In this article, I’ll do a brief analysis about the things like whether are there really any political insights involved in the mentioned Anime or not.

Let’s continue reading to know in depth!

What is the Plot of the Anime Attack On Titan?

In the movie, around two thousand years ago, weird kind of man-eating giants known as Titans nearly wipe out the whole human civilization.

A small portion of mankind succeeded in surviving by barricading themselves inside a settlement guarded by walls that were so tall they could have been mistaken for Giants.

Although Attack on Titan caters to the shonen audience, a mature audience will find Hajime Isayama’s deep and complicated story to be more compelling.

For a century, the city has had a period of uncomfortable calm and has not witnessed a Titan. However, the city’s defense isn’t able to stand for so long. One day, a gigantic giant that comes out of thin air demolishes the stone walls, and Eren, a young boy with his adopted sister Mikasa watches this horrifying event.

The children scream in horror as their mom is devoured alive while the smaller Titans invade the area. Eren swears to kill each and every giant in order to exact justice on humanity as a whole.

How is Attack On Titan Political?

There are some similarities between the series and anti-Semitism, extreme right-wing politics in Japan, Genocide, and many acts of war crimes carried out by the Japanese army. The Eldian civilization, an oppressed and marginalized people group residing in the powerful nation of Marley, is represented by all of the protagonists.

A race of individuals known as Eldians is inherited from a powerful woman. Eren Yeager is an ancestor of the Eldian people.

Eldians served as emblems for the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, and Paradise Islands may have been viewed as a smaller Israel. The fact that only the Eldians possess the ability to become Titans and have the capability to end the world fits into anti-semitic preconceptions.

There are undoubtedly political aspects in Attack on Titan. Figures like Levi and Mikasa’s military strength and intelligence are praised, whereas Erwin and Armin‘s cognitive strength is revered as humankind’s main asset.

Is there any Fascism in Attack on Titans?

No, the Anime Attack on Titan has nothing to do with the concept of Fascism.

Neither fascism nor anti-fascist indoctrination is required for Attack on Titan to be effective. Many viewers ought to quit seeing it as anything more than a simple Anime or Manga due to its overt political undertones. Ethically speaking, inductive reasoning is the approach wherein someone’s perceptions and experiences are used as the foundation for a decision rather than the other way around.

Attack on Titan’s political analysis demonstrates that inductive reasoning is a forgotten intellectual discipline. Anything’s only an Anime and Manga, so there’s no need to overthink it.

Review of Attack on Titan

What type of Government is in Attack On Titan?

The inhabitants of Paradise Island are subject to the Royal Administration’s rule.

In the Anime, the Reiss dynasty served as the covert royal lineage, whereas the counterfeit Fritz dynasty served as the image of the Royal Government from the national capital of Mitras, for the last century. The administration of mankind’s governance, finance, defense, and civilization is the responsibility of the monarchy.

It must also be responsible for defending the inhabitants of the walls. Diplomatic relations with other countries are the responsibility of the government representatives.

The majority of Fritz’s administration is dishonest and cares little for the general populace. Erwin Smith learns from the chancellery that they care more about preserving their posts and fortunes rather than about protecting people.

What is the Main Message of Attack On Titan?

People in the irrational world of Attack on Titan accept any scenario because they are afraid of dying at the hands of those repulsive creatures.

The spectator learns a number of things as they watch Jaeger descend into the shadows and the secluded residents of Paradise Island gradually open to the world outside. We understand how the world was inevitably set on its present course of cataclysmic devastation by trying to follow them.

We may be able to see what is at the root of both Anime and a few of our own core human desires by analyzing these perverted morals.

It is our compulsion to defend our loved ones and our possessions at all costs and our incapacity to see beyond the needs of our own community. It teaches us that a human’s environment influences who they become; wickedness is not a quality that someone is created with.

Final Verdict

  • Attack on Titan is an action Manga with dark and intense scenes as there exists the revenge of the protagonist character Eren from Titans, the killers of his mother.
  • The political aspect of manga is highlighted throughout the movie as it is not a simple movie but a whole view of some politics with the Jews and Nazi concept being the most particular one.
  • The people inside the walls can be seen as the Jews trying to save themselves from the outer world, the scene featuring Adolph Hitler’s era.
  • Overall, there are a lot of good things to be taught from the manga such as empathy forgiveness, and love for humanity.

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