Why You Should Watch Death Note?

Usually, it happens that you keep a list of movies in your ‘to be watched‘ list but delay watching them. But this should not be the case if you are a fan of Anime series.

One of the best Anime series of the last few decades is frequently regarded as Death Note.

Particularly talking about Death Note, it is one of the most amazing Manga series to hit the Japanese screens in the year 2007. Consisting of a total of 37 episodes, the series best caters to the adult audience as it contains dark and intense content.

Directed byTetsuo Araki
GenreMystery, Thrill
Released On2007-10-21
Data table for Death Note

In this article, I’ll present this Anime from a variety of aspects and if you’re interested to know about it in detail, let’s get into it directly!

Why Is Death Note Considered The Best Anime Ever?

It won’t be any wrong if we consider Death Note as one of the most wonderful Manga. Death Note stands out above all others for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because;

  • It dispels the assumption that Anime is a cartoon for children.
  • It resembles a western investigative series in many ways, but it also features a lot of animation cliches.
  • Death Note uses music and tempo to keep you interested while aiming for the surprise and amazement impact. You might choose to overlook the minor plot or animation flaws in this mode.

The sum of the aforementioned aspects will provide you with a truly remarkable understanding.

Who Were The Main Characters In Death Note?

A list of characters who acted as the main protagonist in the Manga series, Death Note is mentioned below;

  • Light Yagami, a genius student who got Death Note and is famous by the name Kira
  • L Lawliet, a mysterious person who doubts Light of being Kira whose doubt is true though
  • Ryuk, a shinigami who put Death Note, a mysterious book in which, persons having their names will die. The book was picked by Light Yagami.
  • Misa Amane, an energetic girl possessing the eyes of Shinigami and is a Kira too for having Death Note later, feels affection for Light Yagami.
  • Nate River, also known as Near, is a great recruiter who was able to recognize that Kira is Light Yagami. With white hair, he always seems involved with toys and solving puzzles
  • Mello, a competitor of Nate River later surrendered and was involved with the American Mafia. He seems like a motivated person and appears to have chocolates with him often.
  • Teru Mikami is a great strength of Light Yagami but his idea of evil opposes the Light’s viewpoint. Also, he has had great aspirations to ensure the prevailing of justice since his childhood.
  • Minoru Tanaka, one of the lead characters of the series tried to cash out the Death Note which infuriated its owner and he killed Minoru as a result.
Relationship between Misa and Light

What Is The Series Death Note All About?

An enigmatic booklet is the subject of the series “Death Note.” Light Yagami, the main protagonist, was a student at high school in the very first volume who was granted an identity by a Shinigami titled Ryuk. He had killed bandits with the notepad and gained the name, Kira.

His ultimate purpose was to banish wickedness from society, establish himself as the next divinity, and dominate the new realm. Light, who considers himself to be the Lord of the New World, persists to employ the Death Note.

Afterward, when Light is offered Shinigami eyes by Ryuk, he rejects the opportunity to lose half of his life. The Shinigami eyes were crucial for viewing inscriptions above people’s heads, according to Ryuk.

A few mysteries arise as the plot progresses. For example, Light asks Misa to retrieve it after learning that Light, a shinigami, had already been monitoring him. Misa negotiates with Ryuk to get the shinigami eyes in return for them. She will forfeit the chance to expose her actual identity as a result of this commitment.

What Are The Reasons For Death Note Being So Popular?

No matter what series you’re concerned about, if it is an animated one, it will have much more chances to be liked by the masses of the audience.

Light Yagami, the protagonist in Death Note Anime

It may be due to several reasons. In the case of Death Note specifically, though there may be a lot of reasons for its being so hyped, I’ve compiled a few of them for you;

1. Straightforward Concept

The appeal of the series is purely due to its clarity. Yes, certainly, it is interesting, while at the same time, the idea behind the whole movie’s creation was very simple.

When the show reaches its conclusion, all of your concerns will be satisfied. Then this will lead you to the phase of independent review.

Because the protagonists are properly defined and the basic information is explained in detail, it will be simple for you to make connections throughout the series.

2. Powerful Content

There is no more compelling incentive to see the Death Note manga than the compelling storyline overall. The plot or content of the story is what makes it successful.

Death Note series is for you if you enjoy dark, compelling, enigmatic, detective stories. All these components are present in this Anime’s premise to the fullest extent. The Death Note tale has a profound effect since it is clustered with information and requires a keen intellect to understand.

3. Good Dubbing

Subtitles will never be a problem for die-hard enthusiasts simply because they just do not require any. But beginners may require additional time to become accustomed to a strange, new language. So, captions could be required.

The Death Note animation is a boon for individuals who don’t enjoy consistently yapping the subtitles correctly as it features the best character for the English translation.

So, with an English version and no captions, anyone may enjoy this anime series. Additionally, the dubbing artists did an outstanding job. Each individual has the ideal voice for them, according to their character.

4. Considerable Ratings

It is a common practice to check ratings and reviews of anything before we buy any product or watch a series. We usually rely on these ratings and the Death Note series has good enough ratings to consider watching it.

Also, you must be wondering if the website you consider for checking ratings and reviews is authentic enough or not. So, to cater to that issue, I’ve come up with a reputable website named, IMDb. It rates the mentioned series as 9 out of 10 which is indeed a good figure to consider giving your time to!

Is It Worth Watching Death Note?

Yes, in my opinion, Death Note is good series to watch but the point of view may vary from person to person.

The Anime contains interesting content and the performance of the whole cast is appreciable as well. People who are fans of spending their time on animated series would surely love to watch them. Also, the whole drama has great twists that will keep audiences curious about what will be next.

The competition Nate River feels with one of the main characters, Light Yagami is the motivation in the series while the battle between both protagonist and antagonistic character, L, is also performed amazingly. Overall, the series is great but still I suggest that it’ll best cater to the adult audience who enjoy watching dark and exciting content but it is not appropriate for teens and kids.

Review of Death Note Anime

Is it worth it to buy Death Note?

Death Note is a fantastic series for both seasoned anime fans and aspiring anime lovers. Now let me explain why.

  • It’s the perfect length.
  • The first episode is nearly perfect.
  • Light is fascinating to watch at times.
  • The rivalry between Light and L is historic.

How many Death Note episodes are there?

There are exactly 37 episodes in Death Note.

However, 37 episodes of Death Note is not a difficult peak to scale. It displays a streamlined world, mythology, and cast of characters. So if you’re not used to keeping up with some of anime’s more vast narratives, you can gain a handle on them with this.

Final Verdict

  • The buzz around Death Note is well-deserved because it is a superb manga.
  • Death Note is a good entry point for anyone interested in trying out Anime, even though the Anime even has its highs and lows throughout the series.
  • The most probable reasons for the series’s popularity may be the high viewership it received, and decent performances with nicely dubbed versions.
  • The movie is highly rated on one of the authentic websites, IMDb.
  • Although you may consider or dislike watching it depending on your personal choice but it is not that much appropriate series for teens to watch.

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