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Who Are Inuyasha’s Family? (Explained)

The main character of this Anime, Inuyasha, is a hybrid of human and demon who lives in feudal Japan. 

This background results in a convoluted and generally dysfunctional family tree. 

Inuyasha and Kagome in search of the Shikon Jewel

The audience is introduced to various living, deceased, and impersonated relatives of Inuyasha’s family throughout the program. Each interaction exposes a tiny bit more about our protagonist, but it can be challenging to gain a comprehensive picture.

To gather the pieces of a sacred jewel that have been broken, Inuyasha must work with Kagome, a contemporary reincarnation of his love Kikyo, in a play set in feudal Japan that is overrun by demons and sorcery. 

Inuyasha sets out on this voyage with the sole intention of using this gem to fully transform into a demon and cast off his human ancestry. 

He and Kagome both discover, nevertheless, that his distinct ancestry is what makes him as strong as he is.

Is Inuyasha a demon?

Inuyasha is the primary protagonist of the manga series InuYasha and its anime adaptation.

He is a dog demon. The half-demon offspring of the Tga, a strong demon father, and Izayoi, a human woman. When attempting to claim the Shikon Jewel, he was bound to a sacred tree by a magical arrow from the priestess Kiky’s bow. Inuyasha wanted the Jewel, believing it had the power to change him into a full-fledged demon.

Kiky’s modern reincarnation, fifteen-year-old Kagome Higurashi, broke the curse, although she soon smashed the Shikon Gem into hundreds of fragments. They grudgingly decided to act as a team on Kaede’s behalf to gather all of the shards strewn over Feudal Japan before they fell into the hands of the wrong people.

Inuyasha’s Family Explained: Who Are They? 🐶🦊🐺

Family Members of Inuyasha

Here are the family members of Inuyasha:

TogaToga was a powerful yokai and was also referred to as the Lord of the Western regions. He was a tremendously big dog demon who was capable of killing 100 people with a single strike. He used his fangs to create two magnificent swords as gifts for his two kids. These swords were each given unique abilities that were designed for his offspring. Despite being gravely wounded in combat, he was able to preserve his newborn son, whom he named Inuyasha, as well as his mortal beloved Izayoi.
IzayoiIzayoi was regarded by humans as having remarkable beauty. This is perhaps what initially attracted Toga. Inuyasha, their lone son, was born to them both. She was the only person in Inuyasha’s early life who did not treat him cruelly because of his demon blood, and she sobbed when she had to explain what a half-breed was to him. She only left Inuyasha with her makeup, which he later gave as a gift to his lovers.
Sesshomaru and his branch of the familyInuyasha’s half-brother Sesshomaru is a full demon. Because Tessaiga the sword was left to Inuyasha and Tenseiga to Sesshomaru, he and Inuyasha frequently disagree with one another. When compared to Tessaiga, which is said to have killed 100 enemies in one blow, Sesshomaru believes that his sword is useless because it can only injure the living and heal the dead. They have a brotherly bond, frequently fighting but also occasionally cooperating.
KagomeInuyasha’s first love, Kikyo, has returned as Kagome. Kagome, who is from the present, finds herself in feudal Japan. The Shikon no Tama, a priceless jewel that demons from all over the globe want, is protected by both Kikyo and Kagome. Its contamination can only be resisted and purified by the two of them. Her interaction with Inuyasha eventually develops into love, and the two go on to marry and have a daughter named Moroha. Inuyasha is warmly welcomed by Kagome’s family in the present day, and despite their little interactions with him, he displays clear devotion.
MorohaInuyasha believes that his relationship with Moroha resembles his father’s relationship with him in several ways. He had to send her away soon after her birth for her protection. Then Sesshomaru traps Inuyasha and Kagome to prevent them from witnessing Moroha’s formative years. She eventually finds them, and the reunion is emotional.
Family members of Inuyasha

What is Inuyasha’s relationship with Kikiyo?

They indeed cared strongly for one other. Yet it was the first time each of them had fallen in love or felt passionately linked to someone, and they came from quite different worlds. 

This notion is reinforced when we hear that InuYasha will become human in order to be with Kikyou—because she cannot be with a demon.

In my perspective, the selfish expectation of change is the beginning of being unwell.

Kikyou expected InuYasha to reform since she believed being a demon was immoral. Meanwhile, InuYasha was only looking for acceptance. He was willing to give up his demon blood in order to obtain it from the person he had fallen in love with.

But, given that a half-demon is not nearly as powerful, in his opinion, there isn’t much for InuYasha to gain. His original plan was to utilize the diamond to become a full-fledged demon, so going the other route could be peaceful and worthwhile.

Why did Inuyasha and Kagome abandon their daughter?

Inuyasha, a hany, and Kagome, a human, gave birth to Moroha, who is a quarter-ykai.

Four years after Kagome’s return from the modern era and her marriage to Inuyasha, Moroha was born as the quarter-ykai daughter of the two parents, Inuyasha, a hany, and Kagome, a human. 

Since the Shikon Jewel had vanished seven years earlier after the battle with Naraku, Kagome learned from Riku that Zero intended to kill her unborn child and new half-nieces because of Tyga’s prophecy of the Shikon Jewel. 

This stated that a being that is neither human nor yokai would eventually bring about the predestined death of her late paternal grandfather’s rival, Lord Kirinmaru of the Dawn in the Eastern Lands.

Inuyasha and Kagome had Hachiemon carry Moroha away to safety shortly after she was born to safeguard her from Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru. 

Kagome offers Moroha the Beni as a farewell present before departing. Sesshomaru then took the second Black Pearl from Inuyasha’s right eye, sealing him and Kagome at the Afterlife’s Border. 

Moroha was raised by the Wolf Demon Tribe and learned very little about her parents as a result of how she came to be in their care.

Yawaragi served as Moroha’s instructor before eventually selling her to Jybei, a corpse trader. As part of their agreement, Yawargi’s sword, the Kurikaramaru, was given to Moroha. 

Jyūbei used Moroha as a demon bounty hunter while waiting for Yawargi’s debt to be settled. The names Beniyasha and Bake-Hiroshi no Moroha are given to her.

Who raised Inuyasha’s daughter?

Koga and his wife Ayame will take care of Moroha till her parents come back. But the two remain impaled on the line to this day.

Before going into combat, Kagome and Inuyasha temporarily trusted Hachiemon with their child. 

However, the altercation turned violent, trapping Kagome and Inuyasha on the Afterlife’s Edge. 

To this day, that is where the two are, and Hachiemon was compelled to look for someone who could take care of Moroha.

Koga was the only person available to keep an eye on Moroha as their own. After word of Kagome’s demise reached Moroha, The Wolf Demon Tribute moved there. 

Moroha’s care will be provided for by Koga and his wife Ayame until her parents return. The two, however, are still impaled on the boundary today. 

This indicates that Koga is mostly to blame for Moroha’s uncontrolled energy, and it appears that her adoptive father still has a soft place for the youngster. 

After all, Koga has never forgotten his first love, Kagome, and through time, Inuyasha developed into an unsuspecting ally. 

It comes as no surprise that Koga consented to look for Moroha while they were gone, but it is still unclear how Kagome and Inuyasha will respond.

What happened to Inuyasha’s parents?

Toga was also known as the Lords of the western regions.
Toga was also known as the Lords of the western regions.

Toga, the father of Inuyasha, was the ruler of the Western Lands and a formidable dog demon. 

He met Ryukotsusei, the dragon demon, and engaged him in combat to protect his land. 

Not even Toga could easily defeat or seal Ryukotsusei, one of the most powerful demons of his day. In a desperate attempt to seal him, the latter pierced Rhyukotsusei just above the heart with one of his fangs. 

Sadly, Toga was gravely injured despite triumphing and sealing the monster.

While Toga was occupied slaying the draconic demon, another thing happened. He was in love with Takemaru, one of the staff members in Izayoi’s (Toga’s wife’s) palace. 

When he discovered she was pregnant, he set out to stop the birth of the half-demon, and by killing both the mother and the unborn child, he was successful. 

Hearing this, Toga assumed his actual form and went to save his wife and son despite being fatally wounded due to his fight with Ryukotsusei.

When he got to the mansion, he used Tessaiga to quickly defeat the hostile soldiers. 

However, grieving at the loss of his wife and son, Takemaru gave the order for his soldiers to set fire to the castle as Toga slashed off his left arm and rushed inside. 

The Great Dog General found Izayoi and Inuyasha’s corpses, and as the castle burnt around them, he revived them with Tenseiga. 

He instructed them to leave as he battled Takemaru while covering them both in the Robe of the Fire Rat. 

Toga and Takemaru died as the burning mansion collapsed after encouraging his family to live long and prosper. 

The dog demon was wounded and killed, but he managed to survive long enough to save his wife and son.

The dragon demon Ryukotsusei is held accountable for the death of Inuyasha’s father, though not directly.

Yashahime: Inuyasha and his wife Kagome with their daughter Moroha in a cute soft moment!


  • Toga, a more powerful demon, and Izayoi, a human woman, are the parents of Inuyasha. 
  • He was conceived not long before his father passed away, thus his mother reared him. Unfortunately for Inuyasha, she passed away when he was only a child, yet he still attributes or blames her for his love of people.
  • Inuyasha’s half-brother Sesshomaru is a full demon. They have a brotherly bond, frequently fighting but also occasionally cooperating.
  • Kagome’s interaction with Inuyasha eventually develops into love, and the two go on to marry and have a daughter named Moroha.

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