5 Great Anime To Welcome In The Summer Heat

Summer is a season of liberation and unfettered enjoyment for several Anime enthusiasts. Anime that highlights refreshing waters or adventures are ideal for summer because it is the period for vacations to lakes, pools, hikes, and other outdoor destinations.

It’s never difficult for interested Anime lovers to discover a new show as an escape from the summer heat.

For the sake of your convenience, here have been enlisted five Anime series that I personally found great to watch in the summer. Have a look at their relative ratings:

TsuritamaGenre: Sports, Comedy, Sci-fiction
Rating: 7.7/10
Squid GirlGenre: Comedy, Drama
Rating: 7.4/10
Black LagoonGenre: Crime Fiction, Thriller
Rating: 7.9/10
Free! Iwatobi Swim ClubGenre: Comedy, Sports, Drama
Rating: 7.4/10
Parallel World PharmacyGenre: Fantasy
Rating: 7.1/10
Data table for best Anime to welcome this summer

To enjoy the detailed review of all these Anime series, continue reading with me!

1. Tsuritama

Yuki Sanada, a severely shy high school student, is compelled to move once more due to his grandmother's shifting profession.
Yuki Sanada, a severely shy high school student, is compelled to move once more due to his grandmother’s shifting profession.

Tsuritama has succeeded in pulling it off by merging an outlandish tale of interdimensional companionship with suggestions on competitive fisheries and lovely, vivid graphics.

Because of his granny’s changing employments, Yuki Sanada, a painfully shy high school student, is forced to relocate once more to a different place. Because of his anxiety disorder, Yuki struggles to attract friendships and feels like he is suffocating in plenty of other people’s company. He encounters an eccentric self-described alien here anyway, who rapidly convinces him to go for the fishery in order to protect lives.

Although Yuki already considered his existence to be terrible, matters are now becoming much more difficult for him. Tsuritama is all about the peculiar and lovely events which just occur in the summertime. Overall the story is humorous, touching, and with just the right balance of ridiculousness and enticing audiences to get right in and delight.

2. Squid Girl

Ika Musume is a part-time squid girl who lives in the sea and has terrible squid-like abilities.
Ika Musume is a part-time squid girl who lives in the sea and has terrible squid-like abilities.

Probably the most disgusting areas of environmental pollution caused by mankind throughout many centuries are water resources. It is because of the waste that is still deposited therein. Furthermore, nobody even considers that all of these and the mounds of trash that collect at the bottom make life there extremely miserable.

Ika Musume is a marine resident and part-time squid girl who possesses the terrifying prowess of a squid. Her abilities include strong hair strands, the capacity to spew ink, as well as the capacity to summon bioluminescence at desire.

She determines to seek vengeance on humans for all of those rubbish heaps. She is completely unaware of the size and population of the civilization surrounding her.

She makes final arrangements to wipe out everyone. In order to do so, she tore down the barrier of a lovely beach bistro. After that, she is compelled to work more hours within the same location in order to make up for the harm she inflicted.

3. Black Lagoon

The popular seinen tale Black Lagoon is just another action-packed summertime animated movie. The story follows the iconic Black Lagoon group of misfit warriors on various exploits in Southeast Asia’s crime syndicate.

Rokuro is a business tycoon whose typical day involves getting abused by the supervisors plus casual partying with visitors. However, he eventually gets a rest when his boss assigns him to carry a device to the tropical waters of China. A group of assassins known as Black Lagoon was recruited to kidnap him for the sake of that disc.

Including its breathtaking action scenes and chic setpieces, the above elegantly created adventurous Anime series respectively welcomes and fights the summer warmth. The shimmering ocean is a continuous acquaintance for the warriors as all of them battle for their survival beneath scorching sunlight including all weaponry ablaze.

The criminality seinen Anime has been a longtime favorite amongst anime viewers because it features excessive levels of adventure and gratuitous violence. Also, it involves a colorful ensemble of gangsters who serve as the series’s primary characters.

Why you should watch Black Lagoon?

4. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

After a heated argument with his comrade Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haru, who had formerly been a swimming phenom, did lose his enthusiasm for the said sport. In high school, Haru with his closest pal Tachibana Makoto is sought out by Hazuki Nagisa. He is a student who is serious about reviving the elementary school’s swimmer team.

Whilst building a swimmer group is not an easy task, the difficulties the guys face collectively outside of the swimming pool serve as a reminder that regardless of where they end up in life, they’ll always seem to have each other, which is exactly what the summertime animated series revolves around.

About Free!, there are presently 3 animated series and 5 movies in a sequence focused on men’s professional water sports. The show features lads in swimwear with its vivid, vibrant graphics and enticing soundtrack. This same Anime recently made headlines through its debut and is still gaining popularity even a decade later.

5. Parallel World Pharmacy

Characters from Parallel World's Pharmacy
Due to its modern focus and upbeat outlook, Parallel World Pharmacy is a fun watch.

This Anime centers on Kanji, a pharmaceutical who resurrects as a youngster in a household with a reputation for making medicines, rather than a hero or villain.

As Falma, Kanji seeks to make a contribution to humanity via treatment as opposed to aggression. Falma is undoubtedly outmatched, but he has to use the medical training to aid others, and Paralleled World Pharmacy’s science-based aspect appears to have been well-researched.

Falma stopped being interested as the series went on because he transformed further into a typical isekai hero, who is able to do almost everything without exerting much effort. However, Parallel World Pharmacy is a fun watch because of its contemporary focus and optimistic attitude.

Following the Black Death arc, which had its best moments but which also felt hurried, the Anime came to a close. The concluding episode scarcely gave the antagonist some build-up before swiftly and painlessly eliminating them.

Final Verdict

  • The above series, regardless of whether they feature scuba diving or the metaphysical, are excellent picks for getting ready for summertime.
  • They represent the optimism and happiness that summer heat carries with it, with concepts of companionship and venturing beyond one’s usual environment.
  • Summertime is the season to make lifelong memories, as every one of the above series shows.

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