Inuyasha: Toga’s 3 Sword (Explained)

In the Isekai Anime Inuyasha, a young girl named Kagome falls into a well and ends up in feudal Japan. She is required to work with the half-demon fighter Inuyasha to gather all of the Shikon jewel pieces. 

In the process, Inuyasha and Kagome develop a deep bond, and his father’s mementos play a significant role.

Toga, a mighty yokai and the father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, gave one sword to each of his kids. Tessaiga was given to Inuyasha, Tenseiga to Sesshomaru, and So’unga was the third sword. 

Each of the swords has extraordinary qualities, and Toga carefully considered who would receive which one.

Toga was Inuyasha's father
Inuyasha’s father was Toga.

Who is Inuysha?

Inuyasha is the titular main character of the manga series InuYasha and its anime adaptation.

The half-demon offspring of the Tga, a strong demon father, and Izayoi, a human woman. When attempting to claim the Shikon Jewel, he was bound to a sacred tree by a magical arrow from the priestess Kiky’s bow. Inuyasha wanted the Jewel, believing it had the power to change him into a full-fledged demon.

Kiky’s modern reincarnation, fifteen-year-old Kagome Higurashi, broke the curse, although she soon smashed the Shikon Gem into hundreds of fragments. They grudgingly decided to act as a team on Kaede’s behalf to gather all of the shards strewn over Feudal Japan before they fell into the hands of the wrong people.

What is the background of Toga’s three sowrds?

Toga, the father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru and an exceedingly powerful yokai, left one sword for each of his children and a third for them to deal with.

Tessaiga was given to Inuyasha, Tenseiga was given to Sesshomaru, and So’unga was the third. Each of the swords has remarkable properties, and Toga carefully decides who gets which sword.

Inuyasha is an isekai anime about a young girl named Kagome who falls down a well and ends up in feudal Japan. She must work with Inuyasha, a half-demon fighter, to recover all of the shards of the Shikon gemstone, a power gem. In the process, Inuyasha and Kagome get close, and his father’s relics play an important part.

Toga’s 3 Swords in Inuyasha: A Comprehensive Guide

What Sword did Sesshomaru give to Towa?

Tenseiga is the sword that Sesshomaru give to Towa.

The Tenseiga is a daiyokai sword that belonged to Sesshomaru and was used by him throughout the main plot; it was first used by Toga, Sesshomaru’s father. 

It was revealed that Toga gave instructions to make this blade by separating the Meido Zangetsuha from the original Tessaiga so that he would have two swords, one for each of his sons. 

The sword had the unique ability to cut and severely hurt beings from the realm of the dead but could not harm or kill any living things.  Its ability to raise the dead and heal the injured gave Tenseiga great power in the world of the living.

Tenseiga’s compassionate wielder was able to see the creatures of the underworld, kill them, and revive up to 100 creatures with a single swing. 

Tenseiga was also incapable of harming people, but it was capable of killing non-human beings such as ghosts, hell hounds, the undead, and other creatures that were indigenous to the Netherworld. 

Sesshomaru could see that Tenseiga had a faint form of sentience at various times when they were speaking, and it expressed to him things like a desire to draw or prompt him toward specific actions for the benefit of others, specifically young Rin.

What are the 3 Swords of Inuyasha’s father?

The 3 swords owned by Inuyasha’s father are Tessaiga, Tenseiga, and So’unga

TessaigaSword of Destruction
TenseigaSword of Life
So’ungaSword of Calamity
The three swords are owned by Inuyasha’s father.


The Tessaiga, sometimes referred to as the sword of destruction, was made by a swordsmith named Totosai from a Toga’s fang. 

100 were said to have been killed in one blow. It looks like a battered katana when it isn’t triggered and has a very low damage capacity. However, it turns into a huge weapon resembling a dadao sabre when it is activated by Inuyasha using it to defend humans. 

It also resembles the fang from which it originated in this improved form.

The sword has a few unique abilities, including the capacity to absorb the talents of demons it kills and a strike that can instantly kill 100 people. 

Kagome successfully defended herself from Sesshomaru and the spider-head demon, demonstrating that even while a human cannot activate the Tessaiga because they lack yoki or demonic energy, they may still take advantage of its defensive abilities. 

This is further demonstrated by the fact that Inuyasha himself, while in his human form on the night of the new moon, was unable to fully wield the sword. 

The Tessaiga’s final talent is its capacity to maintain control over Inuyasha’s demonic half.

Tessaiga finally breaks, which is unfortunate for Inuyasha. Totasai was able to reforge it using an Inuyasha fang long after this terrible occasion thanks to him. 

This caused the sword to rely on his strength rather than his father’s. This modification made the sword much stronger yet heavy.

Tessaiga, the sword of destruction.
One of the sword’s unusual traits is its ability to absorb the capabilities of the demons it kills, as well as its ability to immediately murder 100 humans with a single blow.


The Tenseiga is the sword of life, in contrast to the Tessaiga, which is the sword of destruction. 

It is said to have revived 100 people in one stroke. When applied to a live thing, it cures them rather than doing any harm. However, it can injure entities from the afterlife.

Totosai also created this sword from a Toga fang. The Tenseiga and the Tessaiga, however, were once one sword, but it was later discovered. 

After the Tessaiga stole the capacity to heal and raise the dead, Toga had them divide into two because he believed it was too risky to impart that knowledge to Inuyasha. 

Instead, Sesshomaru received this sword and initially believed it to be useless because it could not be used to harm living things. 

He eventually accepted it as a weapon once it had the ability to send an enemy to the underworld.

Tenseiga, the sword of life.
When Sesshomaru first got this sword, he thought it was useless because it couldn’t be used to hurt living beings.


The So’unga was referred to as the sword of calamity. It was said to have the power to call forth 100 dead souls in a single swing. 

Toga did not make this sword, nor was it made from a piece of his body. In fact, no one is certain how or why Toga first acquired it because of how mysterious its origin is. 

According to one theory, he obtained it to end the conflict between humans and demons. According to another, it contains the soul of a long-gone, evil dragon.

The So’unga was distinctly evil and would strive to seize the minds of its wielders, unlike the other two swords. 

The blade almost immediately took control of humans, and even strong demons were defeated. 

The only known demon who was able to control the sword without letting it corrupt him was Toga himself. Even Inuyasha succumbed.

Which is the most powerful Sword out of the 3?

Tessaiga is the most powerful sword out of the three swords. 

The Tesseiga sword, popularly known as the “Blade of Destruction,” is the most potent sword in the entire Inuyasha. 

Toga, who is thought to be the strongest Dog Demon, had one of his teeth used to create the blade at first. 

Only a small portion of the Tesseiga sword’s destructive potential may frighten enemies because it has so many other uses. 

Even its sheath has the power to deflect the demonic strikes of an adversary. Its ability to absorb demonic energy is the strongest.

Explaining Inuyasha’s Tessaiga | InuYasha Explained


  • Toga, a mighty yokai and the father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, gave one sword to each of his kids and left them with a third to handle. 
  • Tessaiga was given to Inuyasha, Tenseiga to Sesshomaru, and So’unga was the third sword. 
  • Each of the swords has extraordinary qualities, and Toga carefully considered who would receive which one.
  • Each of the swords that Toga left behind was incredibly potent and effective in a variety of situations. 
  • His sons were the only ones for whom the Tenseiga and Tessaiga were constructed, and they were meant to teach them special lessons. 
  • He hoped that Sesshomaru would develop compassion and lessen his enmity towards Inuyasha. He hoped that Inuyasha would grow to love his human side and defend people just like Toga had hoped to do. 
  • He had hoped that Inuyasha would grow strong enough to rule So’unga, which he had not intended to entrust to them. 
  • In the end, his children were strong enough to permanently vanquish it, thoroughly absorbing the teachings their father had tried to teach them.

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