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Ranked: Most Iconic Anime Archers Of All Time

We don’t frequently consider archery to exist in Anime, which is surprising. We’re so used to watching our favorite characters openly carry weapons, unleash firearms, and perform magical exploits. Anime characters appear to have a wide range of interesting professions and skills.

Anime archers may perform remarkable things with bows and arrows, crossbows, and other weapons, while there is a tiny but recognized bunch of these figures.

In this article, I’ve tried to compile some of the most amazing archers who appeared in Anime series. Given below are their identities in tabularize form:

Sword Art OnlineSinon
Attack on TitanSasha Braus
Tari TariSawa Okita
Hunter x HunterPokkle
BleachUryu Ishida
Data table for Anime archers

Let’s get into the details of these characters.

What is anime archer?

Archers in anime are an uncommon breed. These are the anime’s unsung heroes, who rely on a simple but effective talent – archery! The majority will use a bow and arrow, but a handful may use a crossbow.

Anime characters appear to have a wide range of interesting jobs and abilities. Some are enormous mecha pilots, some are strong warriors, and a few are pop idols, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

There is, however, a tiny but illustrious group of anime archer characters who can perform astounding feats with bows and arrows, as well as crossbows.

1. Sinon from Sword Art Online

In the Sword Art Online short novels and animated show, a female character by the title of Sinon enters. Sinon is also the term of her identity.

In the shooting game Gun Gale Online, Sinon was a skilled archer who aided Kirito in his search for the season’s villain, Death Gun.

Sinon as an archer in Sword Art Online
Just as Phantom Shot arcs, Sinon changed from being a sharpshooter to using an archery bow and arrows as her shield.

Sinon switched from acting as a sharpshooter to utilizing an archery bow and arrows as her shield just after Phantom Shot arcs. She started off as a Cait Sith sniper, able to strike shots from 200 meters out with a crossbow that is only supposed to be accurate up to a hundred meters away.


She is an expert shooter who seldom loses her target.

She is a cool and collected individual with a lovely personality who is devoted to the people she cares about.

2. Sasha Braus from Attack On Titan

An important supporting figure in the animated film series Attack on Titan has been Sasha Braus. She had been a member of the 104th Armed Services and adds humor to the generally depressing and hopeless premise of the movie.

Sasha Braus, the best archer from AOT
She had served in the 104th Armed Services, and her presence brings humor to the film’s gloomy and hopeless central conceit.

Sasha is alone and just armed with an archery bow and arrow when she is confronted by Titans. Sasha succeeds in killing the Giant with an arrowhead in addition to saving the young girl who is going to be devoured. Sasha flees, but the truth that she possessed the guts to use everyday weapons to destroy the Titans speaks much about her courage.


Sasha enjoys eating and earned the nickname potato girl for stealing a potato out of utter despair.

Sasha’s love of eating is evident right away owing to the surprising action. Also, she committed blunders along the way, but she never gave up and always went with her gut.

3. Sawa Okita from Tari Tari

One of the movie’s primary protagonists is Sawa Okita. She is the child of church owner Shichi Okita. Sawa is devoted to becoming a jockey and is a participant in the archery range as well.

Tensions get heated between Sawa and her dad when he disagrees with her goal of becoming a horse rider. Even though her father is willing to assist her, Sawa discovers she must comply with a weight requirement for participants in the horse riding institution, preventing her from pursuing her ambition.


Sawa has trimmed and amiable mannerisms.

Sawa is humorous and enjoys making fun of other people. However, she might occasionally become overly emotional due to her eagerness. Horseback riding and Japanese shooting are hobbies of Sawa.

4. Pokkle from Hunter x Hunter

Pokkle receives his badge in Hunter x Hunter

Pokkle’s abilities include a basic understanding of martial arts and sufficient athletic ability to accomplish Hunter‘s Test.

He has shown himself to be very intelligent because he recognized how much weaker the Chimera Wasp was than him.

Pokkle was a master shooter who always had a bow and arrows with him. Pokkle’s preferred weapon prior to actually discovering Nen was a crossbow and wooden arrows. A potent poison in the arrows caused paralysis for a week.


He was extremely assured in his skills but also quite circumspect. He constantly has a backup plan and can tell whenever he is truly in jeopardy.

A white blouse, white leggings, and a red blazer were all that Pokkle wore as an archery expert in the movie. He had brown hair that reached his shoulders and was covered by a soft purple hat.

5. Uryu Ishida from Bleach

Uryu Ishida from Bleach
Swordsman Uryu Ishida’s specializations include starks powers and arcane blast.

Swordsman Uryu Ishida’s specialties include arcane blast and starks powers. Along with Byakuya Kuchiki, he serves as one of the two notable protagonists’ supporting characters in the Bleach Anime. A Quincy’s arrows have increased strength and accuracy as they get more adept at utilizing their bows.

All through his relationship with Ichigo Kurosaki, Ury Ishida has significantly developed his strength and expertise. He can easily destroy hollows with a single shot because of his excellent precision.

He battles Jirb Ikkanzaka, again a shotgun slug fighter, during the Ryoka Invasion and handily destroys him. Following his defeat, Uryu shoots two arrows through his soul slumber, stopping him from ever hurting anybody again.


Young teen Ury is a dark, mustachioed, ordinary-height boy who tries constantly to act cool in front of other people while being naturally reserved and introverted.

The Ishida group is the origin of Arya.

Who is the anime’s badass female archer?

Hikaru Minamoto is one of the anime’s most badass characters.

She is an expert archer as well as a competent swordsman. Hikaru should mimic her brother Raiko in order to find the magatama of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Her brother is nearing the end of his life. Throughout the adventure, she defeats numerous foes. Hikaru accomplishes this with the assistance of a friend. 

Final Verdict

  • Most of the time, you get a chance to see the best archers in the Anime series of action genres as there are lots of scenes having fights and disagreements.
  • Though there are several Anime series presenting hundreds of archery experts in them, still we had to go for the ones, most highlighted.
  • In the above article, I’ve enlisted the characters that I find the best ones regarding archery from the top-rated movies.
  • Apart from these, some other characters shown as best archers include Umi Sonoda from Bokura, Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha, and, Michelle Cheung from Read or Die.

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