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Ten Best Anime That Deal With Time Travel

Some of the most intriguing and well-liked animated series subgenres in recent years is time travel, which has served as the foundation for many science fictions or fantasy series.

If you also are a fan of such Anime, you are absolutely in the right place. Given below is a list of ten Anime series that I found amazing in regard to time travel.

Keep reading to know about them in detail.

1. Inuyasha

In Sengoku-era medieval Japan, Kagome Higurashi discovers that a potent diamond has been reincarnated inside of her, after being ripped to shreds by a demon.

Kagome must work well with partially demonic Inu Yasha to find the jewel’s fragments after it breaks during an attempt to recover them.

It was damaged due to one of the numerous devils who were seeking its powers. They must retrieve all parts of it before the jewel’s capacity is misused.

Protagonists from Inuyasha
Even more than two decades after its release, Inuyasha’s unique plot and captivating characters continue to win over both new and devoted fans.

Even after more than two decades since its debut, Inuyasha’s remarkable storyline and enthralling characterization keep winning around both new and longtime admirers. Audiences are taken on a voyage through time and Japan in an amazing fictional tale of darkness and light as Kagome and Inuyasha switch between the past and the current.

2. Orange

The inaugural day of Naho Takamiya’s high school has a shaky start. She wakes up close to the end time and finds an odd note on the doorstep. Furthermore, she is writing a note to herself, ten years in the coming years.

Review of Anime Orange

For a while there, Naho is uncertain about the message, but after seeing some of the incidents outlined happen, she comes to the conclusion that the message is actually from her 26-year-old self.

In the letter, Naho expresses her desire for her earlier self to be able to undo the blunders that she has made in her previous life since she knows that her future life will be full of guilt. The note also cautions her to maintain a vigilant check on Kakeru Naruse, the incoming new student.

3. Zipang

It relates the tale of the Japanese Marine Self-Defense Corps personnel who are sent over six decades to the past, to 1942. They arrive in a very distinct Japan at the beginning of the 1940s.

They are knowledgeable enough to know how to overcome the Enemies using the strength of their nation. But, they also want to avoid any situation that even barely resembles conflict.

Among other things, a much more stable Japan as well as a least devastating cold war were the results of the Japanese surrendering to the U.S in 1945 on even more amicable terms.

From 2004 to 2006, TBS aired a twenty-six episodes animated tv series produced by Studios Deen and supervised by Kazuhiro Furuhashi.

4. Erased

The thriller Erased, which is premised on the manga of the exact title, features Satoru Fujinuma, the lead character.

He has the unusual power to travel back to the past shortly before a major, life-threatening tragedy takes place, allowing him to stop the incident from happening. This power and its consequences center on a significant event that happened in Satoru’s journey 18 years before.

The storyline and plot are remarkable and really compelling. Every episode left viewers eager for more details regarding Satoru, his situation, and the broader narrative. There is a mysterious quality to it that has definitely attracted focus.

In addition to using masterful filmmaking methods, the series makes use of themes that enhance a sense of dread and suspense, making you desire even more.

5. Future Diary

Nishijima's Death In Future Diary
The chance that Yuno finds a way to get back to him is left unresolved in the last episode.

Deus Ex Machin, the Deity of space and time gives twelve different people Future Diaries, which are incredible documents that can foretell destiny. The Diaries Play is a fatal grudge match among them, with the winner inheriting the world.

This unfortunately results in the climax of the series, where Yuki, the main protagonist, is the only individual left in a lonely world despite the fact that his actions caused ripples into the next era and provided everyone a good ending.

The episode leaves the possibility unanswered that Yuno discovers a means to return to him.

6. Nobunaga Concerto

Sabur, a student in high school with a terrible instructor and no passion for Japanese history, is the protagonist of the story. Saburo always comes out as dumb and messy. He eventually acquires the nickname Nobunaga the Fool, and he intends to carry out Nobunaga’s mission until he is able to travel back in time.

When Saburou arrived in the Sengoku Period, he was dumped at the hands of nobody other than Oda Nobunaga. He would take on the persona of renowned warrior Oda Nobunaga, who helped unify Japan.

The treachery of Noboyuki’s protector and his following seppuku were two significant events that the Anime brushed over, but I believe the show successfully conveyed the main idea of the story.

7. Punch Line

Punch Line Episode 2
Under the guidance of the cat spirit Chiranosuke, Yuta must learn how to control his spiritual abilities in order to protect his friends.

With four other girls, Yuta, the lead character used to reside in the Korai housing complex. After a bus hijacking accident, Yuta gets himself suddenly evicted from his physique and transformed into a ghost. For the purpose of regaining his bodily form, Yuta needs to look for the Sanctified Tome of Koraikan.

Yuta must understand how to manage his spiritual abilities under the guidance of the cat spirit, Chiranosuke in order to shield his companions from the different situations they encounter. He gets a boost of power every time he views a female’s undies. But, the Planet will be struck by a meteorite if Yuta glimpses a female’s panties two times in a relatively short amount of time.

The irony in the term, Punch Line, refers to what will be happening to mankind if the lead cast, Yuta watches several undies as it will lead to the perishing of humanity.

8. Charlotte

In the parallel reality where Charlotte is set, a relatively brief meteor named Charlotte orbits the Planet after 75 years. Because this occurs, dirt is dispersed over onto the planet, and a small proportion of young adolescent kids who breathe it in eventually develop supernatural skills.

The protagonist of the story, Yuu, likewise suffered the effects that the meteorite’s consequences caused. He forgot the whole of his recollections after ingesting a large number of various powers from individuals from all over the world. He only recognizes how crucial the phrasebook meant to him throughout his voyage and also why he was unable to leave it.

Although Charlotte received accolades for her unpredictable nature and emotional occasions, its pace and organizing have drawn criticism for being unproductive. It has been characterized as accessible to a broad audience.

9. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

A scene from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
She uses the miracle right away in a variety of ways to make life easier for herself.

A walnut-shaped item is knocked over by Makoto, a bubbly student in high school who then has the capability to figuratively leap across time.

She immediately makes use of the wonder in a number of different ways to ease her daily struggles. She is delighted to see that the entire number of temporal leaps she is capable of making is also permanently inked on her wrist.

The concept of multiple time-leaps functions something such as using your 3rd magical wish to make further wish requests. For individuals who find history time-traveling unappealing, the Anime is lovely to watch and also offers a glimpse of life.

10. Tokyo Rangers

Tokyo RangersFeatures
AuthorKen Wakui
GenreAction, Drama
Directed byKoichi Hatsumi
Data table for Tokyo Rangers

The plot of Tokyo Revengers begins when Takemichi Hanagaki, the main character, learns something strange about a girl he was in relation with in high school. Her name was Hinata Tachibana and she got assassinated by the Tokyo Manji squad, a clan of vicious gangsters.

When Takemichi had the idea of going back in time twelve years until when he was still attending school and had already formed a wonderful relationship with Hinata Tachibana, his dull and dismal lifestyle was abruptly transformed.

Final Verdict

  • The time travel-related anime are thrilling because folk’s lives are shown up for grabs.
  • The daily lives and emotions and feelings are likewise highly emphasized in the time-traveling subgenre.
  • In the above article, ten of the most notable Anime series with the mentioned subject line i.e; time-travel are ranked.

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