Black Clover: Strong Magic Knight Captains (Ranked)

The universe depicted in Tabata Yuuki’s novel Black Clover is one in which mana is valued as a phenomena and those skilled in manipulating it are admired. 

Ironically, the primary character of Black Clover is a Magic Knight named Asta who is unable to sense the infinite supply of mana but who can negate magically-based skills. 

Black Clover has a variety of unique characters, but one group in particular sticks out, the Magic Knight Captains.

These captains are top-tier experts in mana manipulation who can guide their squads on missions and offer guidance that unlocks the potential of their team members.

Here’s a list of Black Clover’s most powerful Magic Knight Captains:

Magic Knight Captains
1Jack the Ripper
2Rill Boismortier
3Noel Silva
4Charlotte Roselei
5Dorothy Unsworth
6Fuegoleon Vermillion
7Yami Sukehiro
8William Vangeance
9Mereoleona Vermillion
10Julius Novachrono
List of Strongest Magic Knight Captains

What is Black Clove?

Yki Tabata is the author and sketch of the Japanese manga series Black Clover. Since February 2015, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s shnen manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump, with chapters collected in 33 tankbon volumes as of November 2022.

The plot rotates around Asta, a young boy born without magical abilities. This is unknown in the world he lives in because everyone appears to have some sort of magical power. Asta intends to become the following Wizard King alongside his fellow Black Bulls mages.

The series pursues Asta, a young orphan who is abandoned in an orphanage with his fellow orphan, Yuno. While everyone is born with the ability to use mana as magical power, Asta, who lacks magic, focuses on physical strength. Yuno, on the other hand, was born as a prodigy with immense magical power and the ability to control wind magic.

The two teenagers developed a friendly rivalry over the desire to become the next Wizard King, an authority figure second only to the king of Clover Kingdom. Yuno acquires a legendary four-leaf grimoire once owned by the kingdom’s first Wizard King. The four-leaf grimoire is a rare grimoire given only to the most powerful mages.

How many Black Clover volumes are there?

Shueisha Inc. publishes the volumes under the Jump Comics imprint. The Black Clover series has 32 volumes as of April 4, 2022.

Yki Tabata had already written a one-shot of the same name prior to the series’ serialization. The one-shot was included in the second volume of Jump NEXT in 2014. After that, the one-shot was rewritten for serialization. The dual protagonists setting of Asta and Yuno is one of the elements shared by both versions.

Following its serialization, Black Clover began to gain traction among Japanese readers. As a result, the magazine commissioned multiple color pages in quick succession to promote the series.

The list of magic knights of Black Clover have been given below.

Jack the Ripper

Not much is known about Jack’s past in the Anime. The Black Clover Manga, on the other hand shows Jack to be a self-made Magic Knight who develops his battle skills when confronted with peril. 

Jack, the captain of the Green Mantis Squad, tries his best to help the Clover Kingdom despite having an evil appearance. 

He and Yami Sukehiro frequently compete to see whose strength is greater. 

In keeping with his physical prowess, Jack has a fixation on taking out his adversaries. 

Depending on his willpower, he can utilize Mana Enhancement Magic to create blades that are sharp enough to cut through a variety of barriers.


Jack is a tall, lanky man with gold eyes and loose, black hair that is around shoulder length. 

He has a thin, red birthmark (or scar) on the left side of his face that extends from his forehead to his chin, crosses over his left eye, and terminates at the left side of his lips.

Power and Abilities

The majority of Jack’s magical abilities depend on his cutting ability. 

Nevertheless, the way Jack uses this ability and his mental condition can make it extremely deadly. 

In the Anime, Jack demonstrated the versatility of his strikes by slicing through spatial magic that should be intangible. 

Jack poses a threat to mages with self-healing traits because his cutting ability also has the potential to damage one’s capacity for regeneration.

Rill Boismortier

The captain of the Aqua Deer, Rill Boismortier, has exhibited extraordinary abilities ever since she was a young child. 

Rill’s origin is similar to that of most Magic Knights with strong and unusual talents in that he was shunned by people in his hometown as a result of his enormous power. 

Rill was shunned, but he still managed to rise to the rank of Magic Knight Captain, demonstrating his talent. 

With the help of Picture Magic, Rill can transform everything he paints into potent spells. 

Rill is formidable due to his versatility, but he is classified among the bottom echelons due to his lack of experience, which is an important consideration in bouts with mage-type opponents.


Rill is a young man with an unkempt pile of aqua-colored, spikey hair on top of his head. 

He has on a light-colored shirt underneath a vest that is dark blue and fastened with a belt that is bronze in color. 

His slippers are bronze in hue, and his dark blue slacks end halfway up his shins. 

He covers this with a long, open coat in white with two sets of sizable turquoise diamonds on the front and sleeves. 

A dark blue diamond tassel hangs from the front clasp of his squad robe.

Power and Abilities

The young wizard has already accomplished a commendable feat by becoming the youngest magic knight Captain. 

Rill can create anything he wants through painting, which is his most amazing talent. His extraordinary versatility makes him a serious player in Black Clover.

Bill is the youngest magic knight captain.
Rill is a young man with an untidy mound of spikey hair in an aqua color on top of his head.

Nozel Silva

Nozel is introduced in Black Clover as a nasty character who doesn’t concerned about his younger sister, Noelle. 

But as the Anime continues, this story shifts and explains the motivations behind his jerkish behavior. 

Nozel is one of Black Clover’s top Magic Knights despite his arrogant personality. 

Nozel is extremely skilled in manipulating Mercury, which is where his talent rests. In various instances, Black Clover displayed Nozel’s capacity for deception. 

He can, for instance, make creatures out of Mercury, such as the silver eagle he employs to fly, which demands a lot of focus to maintain. 

He occasionally utilizes Mercury as a shield to demonstrate his ability as the ideal offensive and defensive strategy.


Nozel Silva is a tall, thin man with light skin, elongated purple eyes, and sparse eyebrows. 

Other characters occasionally make mention of his silver-white hair, which is worn in a very unusual way and is exceedingly pale. 

The top and upper sides of his hair are heavily styled and swept back into a long, spiky fringe. 

His hair is long and kept straight at the lower back. Between his eyes and the tip of his nose, where a little House Silva pendant is fastened, his long bangs are braided into a bun.

Powers and Abilities

Nozel’s mercury ability is his most dangerous power, excepting his amazing mana manipulation and control abilities. 

Attacks from Nozel are hazardous because of how poisonous mercury is. 

When Nozel uses mercury to fight a foe, the foe might not perish right away because mercury poisons the brain, but if the foe is not stopped, it might.

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte, the somewhat timid squad leader of the Blue Rose, is one of the few Captains whose skills are equally at home in both combat and support roles. 

Charlotte spent years honing her skills to break a spell that the nasty curse devil Megicula had put on her. 

She joined the Magic Knight Captains thanks to her desire to get stronger. 

As a genuine Magic Knight Captain, Charlotte uses her Briar Magic to harm her foes while defending those in the vicinity of the conflict. 

Charlotte eventually developed her skills to the point that she could employ anti-curse magic, which greatly improved her fighting skills.


Charlotte is a tall young lady with long, braided blonde hair and blue eyes. 

She typically wears her hair in a bun with just one single braid falling to the left of her face. 

She is seen as an extremely lovely woman by many of the series’ characters.

Powers and Abilities

Charlotte isn’t any less outstanding than the finest captains, despite being one of the few female Magic Knight captains. 

Charlotte’s most outstanding achievement is none other than changing Briar Magic’s capacity to absorb curses so that it poses a threat to the majority of devils.

Roselei tries to touch Yam
One of the few Captains whose abilities are equally at home in combat and support roles is Charlotte, the somewhat reserved squad leader of the Blue Rose.

Dorothy Unsworth

Since Dorothy Unsworth was always dozing off, including during important meetings, and little was known about her skills, she would have likely been ranked as the weakest Magic Knight at the beginning of Black Clover. 

Despite not revealing her talents, it was obvious that Dorothy is a strong Magic Knight given that Julius Novachrono personally chose her to lead Coral Peacock. 

However, the Elf Reincarnation Arc made her magical prowess known. Dorothy entices her opponents into a world of dreams in which she rules supreme. 

She is one of Black Clover’s strongest Magic Knight Captains thanks to this terrifying skill.


Dorthy is a fair-skinned, young-looking woman with violet hair who is a little shorter than normal in height. 

Dorothy is decked out in a pointed hat with a broad brim and a garland of organic flowers encircling the base of the cone. 

A flower-shaped brooch is used to fasten her outer coat. Her insignia is on the cloak of her cape due to the cloak’s multiple layers. 

She has light-colored puffy short pants, a light-colored puffy blouse with puffy sleeves that finish just below her elbows, and a dark-colored vest with light-colored fur falling over her hips on top of her cloak. 

Her pointed shoes contrast the darker tone of her squad’s clothing and are a different color.

Powers and Abilities

Despite Dorothy spending the majority of the time asleep, her dream magic is extremely potent. 

The most deadly feature of this power is that those she locks inside her “Dream World” cannot ever escape it once they fall asleep. 

Without a doubt, Dorothy’s skill at manipulating space is one of the best in the entire series.

Fuegoleon Vermillion

The ebullient Crimson Lion Squad is led by Fuegoleon Vermillion. ‘Being weak is nothing to be ashamed of… staying weak is!’, one of his catchphrases, sums up this passionate man perfectly. 

In terms of pure fighting strength, Fuegoleon is among the most potent Captains in Black Clover. 

Fuegoleon still has extraordinary control over mana after losing one of his hands. He is an extremely dangerous foe because of his Fire Magic. 

He also has Salamander’s support, a Flame Spirit that will only serve strong Magic Knights, demonstrating Fuegoleon’s extraordinary talent.


Fuegoleon is a tall man with long straight crimson hair, and purple eyes. 

His long fringe is styled with a wavy hairdo and nicely combed to the back of his head. 

The red marks around his eyes are one of his distinguishing characteristics.

Powers and Abilities

One of the few people that uses Spirit Magic is Fuegoleon. He doesn’t have the same amount of control as Yuno or Noelle, but he is still a powerful Spirit Magic user. 

Fuegoleon uses his one hand to fire a flame-like beam that has a great destructive ability to strike his foes.

Yami Sukehiro

Yami is one of the most adored characters in Black Clover, despite his harsh exterior that gives him the look of a ruffian. 

His tagline, “Surpass Your Limits,” inspires him and the Magic Knights to make the most of their skills. 

It is hardly shocking that Yami is the Captain of the infamous Black Bulls Squad given his appearance. 

In Black Clover, Yami has the best fighting skills. His talents surpass those of the majority of Magic Knights, relying on Mana Zone, Ki, and Dark Magic. 

Yami was able to exit her dream state during a battle with Dorothy Unsworth by employing the potent talent of Dimensional Slash. 

He is also portrayed as a stage mage of the arcane sort, like William Vangeance.


Yami is a tall, heavily built man. He has black, medium-length hair that is messily brushed backward, sticking outwards, and grey eyes.

He also has a beard and a mustache that are stubbled. 

The only items of clothing that Yami is wearing are a white A-shirt and black pants. His outer thighs and knees are covered by an additional layer of brown leather on the pants. 

Only a belt around his waist serves as additional support for the trousers. 

Another belt is used by Yami to carry his grimoire. Last but not least, he has on a pair of tall, black boots that mostly hide his calf muscles.

Powers and Abilities

Fans are already aware of Yami’s true power because he is one of Black Clover’s key protagonists. 

He can produce potent attacks thanks to his Dark Magic, Ki manipulation, and Mana Zone. 

Dante would have lost to Yami if it weren’t for the Supreme Devil host’s capacity for regeneration.

Yami only wears white A-shirt and black pants.
Yami used the powerful ability of Dimensional Slash during a battle with Dorothy Unsworth to leave her dream-like state.

William Vangeance

The Golden Dawn Squad, one of the top squads in the Clover Kingdom, is led by William Vangeance as its captain. 

Initially, William Vangeance faced prejudice because of the curse that left a scar on his forehead. 

William nevertheless rose to become one of the kingdom’s most potent Magic Knight Captains despite his tragic past. 

The World Tree Magic, which William uses to cast spells with a tree-like quality that enables him to absorb his opponent’s magic, is the core of William’s power. 

In addition, he is shown to be an arcane stage mage, which implies that the standard Magic Knight metrics do not apply to his abilities.


26-year-old William is a man of ordinary height and a slender physique. He has short white hair and purple eyes. 

William covers the top half of his face with a helmet that also serves as a mask.

Powers and Abilities

It is no surprise that William Vangeance is very strong considering that he leads the most formidable Magic Knight squads. 

He has the ideal attacking and defensive skills in his World Tree Magic. 

However, his ability to absorb mana from his environment and other individuals is what truly stands out as his most astounding talent.

Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona, one of Black Clover’s few fighting geniuses, is unquestionably stronger and more skilled in battle than even her own brother, Fuegoleon Vermillion. 

Mereoleona Vermillion has always been a terrific fighter, even as a little child. 

After her brother was hurt during the invasion of the Clover Kingdom, she took over as the captain of the Crimson Squad. 

Mereoleona ought to have been the Crimson Squad’s captain, but it’s implied that she has little interest in politics. 

Additionally, she was the first Mana Zone user Black Clover unveiled, showcasing her extraordinary abilities. 

Later in the Anime, Mereoleona was shown instructing Yami in better Mana Zone usage.


Mereoleona is a tall, lanky woman with long, wavy vermilion hair and blue eyes. 

She shares Leopold’s red eye circles and has single, prominent canine teeth, just like her brothers.

Powers and Abilities

One of the most powerful characters in Black Clover is Mereoleona, who excels at mana zone manipulation while having an impressive command of fire magic.

Because Mereoleona developed her abilities in a mana-rich environment, she is Black Clover’s finest mana zone user.

Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono, who is currently the 28th Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom, previously held the role of Magic Knight Captain. 

Formerly a member of the Aqua Deer Squad alongside William Vangeance and Yami Sukehiro, Julius was a Magic Knight. 

Julius, despite his youth, was elevated to the position of Magic Knight Captain, demonstrating his prowess as a Magic Knight. 

Julius has incredibly strong powers. His natural inclination for magic is Time and Space Magic, both of which he is adept at using. 

This was evident during his bloody conflict with Licht in the “Elf Reincarnation Arc.” 

Julius is also skilled at using the Mana Zone and Transformation Magic, which is a very helpful ability.


Middle-aged and tall, Julius had short, unruly blond hair and purple eyes. 

One of his distinctive features is a blue six-pointed star that appears on his forehead’s left side and disappears upon death.

Julius is wearing a blouse and pants with a similar color scheme and pattern.

Powers and Abilities

The most amazing magical prowess of Julius Novachrono is his ability to steal time from his adversaries and reserve it for later use. 

However, it appears that there is more to this Wizard King since Lucius Zogratis’ identity was recently revealed in one of the manga chapters, giving the Wizard King story a fresh perspective.

Have a look at this video for more details:

It is a good watch!


  • The magic knights are the strongest characters in Black Clover, and while each kingdom has its own, fans are best familiar with those from the Clover Kingdom. 
  • The brigade captains are included in this group of knights. For a variety of factors, including their power without a doubt, the captains have each been elevated to their current positions. 
  • It’s simple to think of intriguing match-ups because the captains have many rivalries, but picking the winner is still a challenge.
  • Thankfully, following the events of the “Spade Kingdom Raid” arc, fans now have a much greater understanding of what each captain is capable of and can more easily gauge their strength.

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