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Should I Watch Tomodachi Game?

Adapted from the Tomodachi Game Manga by Mikoto Yamaguchi and Yuuki Satou, the Tomodachi Game animated series is produced in Japan. The Anime had 12 episodes in total when it debuted in April 2022. You may easily watch it on Netflix and other well-known websites like Disney and Crunchyroll.

Several fans refer to it as the anime adaptation of the Squid Game. Although the competitiveness between friends might not appear lethal at first, the series’ underlying message of betrayal is intensely real.

Let’s get into the details of Anime in the article below;

AnimeTomoachi Game
Directed byHirofumi Ogura
AuthorKenta Ihara
GenrePsychological thriller
Content table for Tomodachi Game Anime

What is Tomodachi Game?

Mikoto Yamaguchi created the Tomodachi Game manga series, which Yuki Sato wrote and drew.

Since December 2013, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. In 2017, a television drama adaption and two live-action features were publicized. Okuruto Noboru’s anime television series adaption ran from April to June 2022. Tomodachi Game R4, a second television drama adaption, broadcast on TV Asahi in July 2022.

Yichi Katagiri was taught the value of friendship when he was young, and he is able to enjoy high school life today because of his group of four friends. After the school trip money for their class is stolen, the five are forced into the mysterious Tomodachi Game as a result of someone’s debt. The five’s friendship will be put to the ultimate test against the promise of riches there.

What is the story of the Tomodachi Game Anime?

A teenager in high school named Yuuichi Katagiri is the focus of the Anime, and he values his small group of peers. Shiho and Makoto, who were assigned with receiving payments, meanwhile, become estranged from the remainder of their class as a consequence of the theft of the cash for the impending class tour.

Shortly afterward, unidentified attackers trick Yuuichi and his companions into gathering up and knocking them out cold.

The squad discovers itself imprisoned in a white chamber with the contentious character Manabu-kun upon awakening. He announces that they will pay off their private debts of 20,000,000 yen collectively. They now have to take part in a number of mind games to get rid of the debt, which will put their relationship and morality to the mark.

Characters from Tomodachi Game Anime
Characters from Tomodachi Game Anime

Who is the central character of Tomodachi Game?

The Anime version of Tomodachi Game features Yuichi Katagiri as the central protagonist of the story.

Firstly, Yuuichi Katagiri is seen as a student in one of the high schools. He seems to be a struggling child who supports himself by working extra and staying solitary. His buddies are the most important matter to him. He becomes entangled in a ridiculous debt-paying affair as a result of an unfortunate incident.

At the beginning of the story, Yuuichi looks to be a responsible and positive young person who works hard in school to be able to go on the study tour with his friends.
At the beginning of the story, Yuuichi looks to be a responsible and positive young person who works hard in school to be able to go on the study tour with his friends.

Yuuichi seems to be a responsible and upbeat youngster who studies diligently in order to participate in the study tour with his buddies at the start of the narrative. But as the story progresses, we also came to see the evil side of the main character. Despite the fact that Yuuichi Katagiri has killed three individuals and doesn’t recognize who his actual parents are, little is clear about his background. His upbringing with somewhat evil people has traumatized him.

Certainly, one of the story’s wisest characters may be said to be Yuuichi. Yuuichi’s accomplishments throughout the plotline are largely due to his characteristic bluntness. In order to achieve his objectives, he doesn’t really think twice to intimidate people or follow through on these warnings.

What is the history of Yuuichi Katagiri?

Yuuichi Katagiri’s past is currently unknown, while it is known that he has murdered three people and has no idea who his real parents are.

Yuuichi was raised by his adopted mother, Katagiri Yuka, who had to sell herself to make ends meet, a horrific memory for him. Shiba Taizen, a swindler, also served as a father figure to him, teaching him numerous psychoanalytic procedures and mentalist tactics.

Despite the fact that he employs these to great success throughout the series, he does not hold Taizen in high regard in his memory. He appeared to look up to him as a child, yet he refers to him as a devil and filth at various points throughout the story.

He returned to the “regular world” after killing Taizen and began attending school while manufacturing paper flowers to fund his living expenses. He formed friends with Shibe, Tenji, Shiho, and Kokorogi after starting high school. This circle was well-kept until the Tomodachi games began.

Is the Anime adaptation better?

A high score is deserved for Tomodachi Game. The Anime adaptation stands out from the rest because it focuses on psychiatric and survival issues. Among few of the Anime’s merits include the various bends and flips, the storytelling’s precision and humor, along with the individuals’ distinctive attitudes.

The Anime’s initial segment isn’t all that spectacular, specifically if you don’t know the concept. Additionally, Anime series often pack far too many episodes into a single season that the tempo is obtrusively hurried. The very first chapter of Tomodachi Game is largely centered on the show’s fundamentals.

When necessary, the Anime did a fantastic job of integrating the background story. Instead of using power, the anime makes use of sarcasm. Such mind-bending psychic battle involves the use of wealth, treachery, companionship, and personal ambitions. The Anime has excellent aesthetics. It has a great impression without any extraneous backgrounds that can divert your interest.

Is Tomodachi Game worth watching?

The subject matter of Tomodachi Game is mostly friendship and human nature, with less emphasis on discrimination and social as well as economic difficulties. Parallels are present though. The majority of the teams win matches to perhaps clean their names or transfer the debts, which they all bear.

Due to the way things are shaping up, there will be plenty of conflict and mysteries will be revealed everywhere. The ability of Yichi Katagiri, the protagonist, is what actually distinguishes it. We can’t disclose what occurs, but we will mention that he is a cunning evil mastermind who figures out how to beat every competition.

Undoubtedly, Tomodachi Game is a good animated movie. However, the major reason you should watch is to witness how Yichi pits himself with as well as against his schoolmates. Even though Tomodachi Game can’t be considered especially remarkable, it is nonetheless worth watching in every one of its forms.

Is Tomodachi Game Anime worth watching?

Final Verdict

  • At first, the main character is shown as one having extreme kindness but as the story progresses, we got to see their evil side owing to the difficult situations he was in.
  • The Anime Tomodachi Game is a worthy thing to consider watching if you are interested in watching things based on psychic games.
  • A lot of people find it similar to Squid Game but it is not exactly like that instead it has its own theme and concepts throughout.

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