Attack On Titan: 10 Best Moments of Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman, one of the most well-liked characters in Attack on Titan, is a maestro of battle with the distinction of being the strongest soldier under his belt.

He has had his share of intense moments where he possesses a strong propensity to chop people and things into pieces.

Levi Ackerman is the shortest on Paradis Island Levi, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for with his combat prowess and deadly demeanor. Although he is not one of the nine shifters, this man is surely not one to be messed with.

You know something fervent is about to unfold whenever Levi Ackerman takes over the screen. Come with me as I list the best Levi Ackerman moments to date!

All the Levi fans, behold!

Best Levi Ackerman Moments
Levi vs Female Titan
Levi’s Introduction
Levi vs Kenny
Levi vs Beast Titan
Levi’s God Mode
Levi Meets Erwin
Final Fight with Kenny
Levi’s Decision
Levi’s Appearance in Liberio
Humans Fighting Humans
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What is Attack on Titans about?

Attack on Titan is a Japanese dark fantasy anime series based on Hajime Isayama’s manga.

It takes place in a planet where humanity lives within cities surrounded by massive walls that protect them from monstrous man-eating humanoids known as Titans. The plot revolves around Eren Yeager, who seeks to recapture the planet when a Titan destroys his hometown and kills his mother.

The Attack Titan is one of the Nine Titans who have struggled for liberty over the ages. Eren Yeager presently has control of it.

Who is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackerman, often known as Captain Levi, is the squad captain of the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad and is widely regarded as humanity’s strongest soldier.

Levi is described as a “clean freak” by those who know him intimately as a result of his early childhood years, since he loves his environment and himself to be spotlessly clean. He dislikes getting his hands or his weapons dirty, and has been known to clean away his blood-splattered blades while still on the battlefield. He will, however, not hesitate to touch filth if he believes it is required.

Despite his obsession with cleanliness, Levi is not particularly personable. He rarely displays emotion, giving the appearance that he is frigid to others. He is not afraid to provoke or dismiss people who oppose or irritate him.

His wit leans toward the profane, offensive, and dark, and many people find him unnerving as a result of all of this.

1/10 Levi vs Female Titan

Female Titan from Attack on Titan
One of the strongest Titans is thought to be a female, as this combat clearly showed.

This fight was one of the most thrilling fights in Attack on Titan that easily enthralled us Anime buffs.

Female Titan is considered one of the strongest Titans, which was well demonstrated in this fight. Seeing the enormous woman trampling over and killing people left and right, including the Scouts, was indeed intense.

In the efforts to defeat her, fans got to see the sight they were waiting to seethe team up of Mikasa and Levi. With Eren in Female Titan’s mouth, we saw the two chasing to capture her.

Levi’s mastery of combat was depicted in this fight as the viewers saw Levi slicing the Titan’s head that too effortlessly.

2/10 Levi’s Introduction

Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan
Levi with his first memorable entrance.

The first appearance of Levi in Attack on Titan was to the contentment of heart for Anime fans.

The introduction of humanity’s strongest shoulder had to be of the kind that can stand on its own, and it sure did. In his introduction, this man captured the hearts of many and unraveled intensity.

With his combat prowess, Levi showed the Titans that there could be someone other than them at the top of the food chain.

Levi, emerging from the shadows took down three Titans without flinching. You sure do not want to be on his bad side due to his deadly persona complemented by his composed demeanor.

In this Battle of Trost, Levi showed his spin move and battle skills and casually replaced Mikasa as humanity’s strongest soldier.

3/10 Levi vs Kenny

Levi vs Kenny
The high-quality visuals of Levi’s fight with Kenny.

The first fight between Levi and Kenny was the one that raised the bar for high-quality cinematography and well-executed direction.

In this fight, Kenny chases Levi across the rooftop as Levi runs and dodges the shooters.

It is a full-fledged action sequence filled with Levi’s skills as he successfully escapes the shooters without breaking a sweat.

4/10 Levi vs Beast Titan

Levi vs Beast Titan
Levi sliced the Beast Titan into pieces.

With the grand massacre of the ape-like giant, this fight goes down as one of the most iconic fights in the history of Anime.

The messiah of humanity pierces through the body of the Beast Titan and shows that he stands invincible against the man-eating humanoids.

Air aerobics combined with his skills – Levi sure made Erwin’s spirit smile by cutting through the Beast Titan.

Levi beats Beast Titan

5/10 Levi God Mode

Levi and his rage
The moment Levi witnessed the lifeless bodies of his companions Furion and Isabelle, abnormal wrath took the place of his previously cool and collected manner.

The scene demonstrates why Levi became a numb and cold man. When Levi saw the dead bodies of his friends, Furion and Isabelle, his calm and composed demeanor was replaced with an abnormal rage.

In this state of utter agony that fuels his rage, Levi severely punishes the Titan and tortures him brutally before finally killing him.

This scene was one of those where superhuman speed and incredible martial prowess of Levi are witnessed.

6/10 Levi meets Erwin

Levi and Erwin
The first encounter between Levi and Erwin.

Imagine meeting your best friend in the filmiest and most iconic ways possible. Sounds amazing, no?

This scenario was the exact case during the encounter between Levi and Erwin. In a chase across the city that also features blade fights, the destined friends come together.

Seeing the skills of Levi, Erwin offers him to make use of his prowess and join the Survey Corps. The scene provided the basis for one of the most amazing friendships in Attack on Titan.

7/10 Levi vs Kenny – Final Fight

Levi vs Kenny
Levi and Kenny’s final fight.

When the scene has both Kenny and Levi, you and I, we both know that intense moments are about to grip us.

This fight is between Humanity’s Strongest Soldier and Kenny the Ripper.

Kenny makes use of his guns, whereas Levi makes use of his quick thinking. Levi uses a grenade to distract Kenny. Something in which he is successful. Taking the advantage of the situation, Levi slashes his knife directly at Kenny.

With the well-crafted execution and both parties being at their top-notch level – this fight easily goes down as one of the most intense ones.

8/10 Levi’s Decision

A scene from Attack on Titan
The most difficult decision for Levi – choosing between Erwin and Armin

A moment that truly challenged Levi was when he had to choose between feeding the Titan Serum to either Erwin or Armin.

Erwin is Levi’s best friend, whereas Armin is a colleague with whom Levi worked for less than a year.

Humans often turn weak and selfish when faced with difficult circumstances. Hence Levi chooses Erwin at first, but he changes his decision as he sees Erwin throwing the serum away.

He then decides to feed the serum to Armin and free Erwin from the shackles of this cruel world.

9/10 Levi’s appearance in Liberio

Levi from Attack on Titan
The mighty Levi enters Liberio.

Levi Ackerman knows how to make a badass entrance that leaves an impact on all of Anime.

His entrance in Liberio is one iconic one and it appeared in season 4 of the show. While other members are fighting, he is seen casually waiting for his turn.

Once things take a disastrous turn, Levi appears from the shadows and shows the Jaw Titan the wrath of Humanity’s Strongest Soldier.

He proves Poco wrong by showing him how powerful he is and that no Titan stands a chance against him.

10/10 Humans fighting Humans

Levi vs Kenny Squad
Levi’s skills are fully displayed in this battle as he skillfully repels an armed assault using only his blades.

This was one of the most well-executed scenes in all of Anime. Although Kenny trained Levi, they go against one another all the time.

This fight demonstrates abilities of Levi to the full extent as we see Levi deftly fighting off an armed force with just his blades.

Final Words

  • Attack on Titan has a bunch of thrilling moments that are sure to thrill viewers.
  • Levi Ackerman is one of the many characters who fill the series with substance and intensity.
  • When Levi Ackerman appears, one can never move their eyes away from the screens.
  • Levi Ackerman had many memorable scenes in the show, and these are the top 10 ones for me.

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