What Is The Philosophy Behind Attack On Titan?

Attack On Titan is one of the most amazing Manga that entertained its audiences on the Japanese screens in the year 2009. Ten years after its release, it became one of the most-watched Manga with a number of awards including the Kodansha Manga awards and Harvey awards.

Here is given a data table regarding some details of Manga:

GenreAction, Dark Fantasy
Published inBessatsu Shonen magazine
Data table for Attack On Titan

Now, the discussion of interest here is morality shown in the mentioned Manga.

In this article, I will explain different aspects of morality whether it be in the overall story or among individual characters in detail. Keep reading to know about it further.

How does the Story Attack On Titan progress?

Attack On Titan starts in a city having barriers at three sides that are besieged by Titans, which are enormous, ruthless, nearly untouchable, and sentient beasts.

People in the society, under brutal military dictatorship, think they are the only remaining mankind’s defenders.

It takes place in a world where humans are compelled to live in cities enclosed by three great walls in order to protect themselves from enormous man-eating Titans.

The militia is split up at the beginning of the film into a self-serving, tainted police force, with barracks that frequently consume alcohol while working, and a scouting unit that has not ever been successful in its target of capturing any terrain outside the lines.

Three key heroes, a unit with a death rate of around 50%, enlisted in the scout many years after the Titans breach the first level of the barriers.

What Is The Moral Of Attack On Titan?

In the Manga, Attack On Titan, Isamaya has left the audiences with an unclear kind of morality in which you can not differentiate who is positive or negative. But still, we can consider the morality of Manga in three regards depending on the actions of individual characters.

One among them is the objectivity stance. It essentially sets forth actual values, the violation of which is considered immoral. According to that argument, Marley and Eldia are both inherently immoral.

Also, the stance of a side is important. Such as, what is fair or nasty varies depending on the individual or team. For example, Eldia is excellent from the perspective of the Eldians of Paradise, and Marley is exactly the same. But neither viewpoint is incorrect.

Depending on the acts of specific characters, manga has three different moral dimensions.

Lastly, we can consider the country’s interests as well.

It proves that individuals who are ready to defend the national interest are inherently virtuous and people who are opposing it are evil.

Eren is noble because he wishes to safeguard Eldia, and the world around him is fair because it wishes to prevent the battle. Ally and Yelena are evil in this aspect for compromising their respective nations.

Is Attack On Titan Morally Grey?

Yes, the Manga Attack On Titan was declared a morally grey Manga by a lot of audiences.

You will frequently hear Attack on Titan fans laud the series for taking a morally questionable position. Nobody is good or evil and there are no superheroes or villains. Also, there are no morals in battle they would claim, explaining why the plot is so complex.

This type of storyline strikes me as being shallow. The ethically ambiguous plot can only be developed so far before a hero or villain must emerge, as chapter 139 shows. Yams chose to make Eren perform a horrific act of bravery despite the fact that he had killed 80% of the world’s inhabitants.

This figure also includes the billions of unarmed civilians who were never involved in the Marley-Paradis fight. Though the writer has amazingly expressed the vagueness of the conflict in a balanced style still, there aren’t any characters that you can consider absolutely good or perfectly bad.

What are Eren’s True Intentions?

Eren is a distance away from the optimistic main character who enlisted in the Surveying Unit when he was a young lad. Eren has joined forces with his half-brother Zeke in order to take active steps considering that he is refusing to tolerate additional cycles of injustice.

While keeping his fellow Paradisans alive is equally as vital to Eren as his ultimate aim of eradicating all life outside of Paradis.

Collectively, Eren and Zeke can control the entire, divine might of Ymir since Eren holds the Founding Titan and Zeke holds royal blood.

Eren claims that he has been trying to unleash the Founding Titan and stop Eldians from having children, therefore putting an end to the entire group of people which Zeke also wanted to do. It is unclear, however, whether or not Eren’s declaration was accurate.

Eren’s concealed plan probably included fully demolishing the shop and putting the wreckage in flames in order to remove all traps that may conceivably capture Eldia in the coming years. Armin thinks Eren will accomplish this by releasing the Huge Titans confined inside the walls of Paradise Islands.

What exactly is Armin’s philosophy?

Armin desires the freedom to travel wherever he pleases and to see wonderful sights such as the ocean, deserts, lava fields, and so on.

Eren, on the other hand, is considerably more concerned with the obstacles in his path than with the rewards of freedom itself: he despises the Titans and the humiliation of being imprisoned in a cage.

Armin’s purpose is actually rather simple: he wants to be useful and considers himself to be weak. It’s reasonable that he wants to get stronger, given that Eren and Mikasa are constantly fighting in his place.

What exactly is Yeagerist ideology?

The Yeagerists think Eldia is on the precipice of disaster, and that only by committing themselves to Eren Yeager can they save the island.

The rebellious faction says that people who submit to the existing Royal Government’s outmoded values will only be destroyed by the outside world.

The full degree of their power, however, is unknown, with many soldiers and civilians promising to devote their lives to Eren Yeager. At the time of Marley’s assault, around 500 soldiers associated with the Yeagerists are present in Shiganshina District.

Final Verdict

  • Attack On Titan was undoubtedly a great success in the Anime movies and people apart from liking it watched it from different aspects as well.
  • Some thought that there was politics involved in the story particularly, the story of Jews was highlighted and Israel was shown as the Eldians.
  • While masses criticize it due to the fact that there was not a single character in the Manga who can be portrayed as absolutely good or bad instead all the characters have both aspects.
  • Due to this, Manga was declared as the one with grey morality by the masses as well.
  • Eren, one of the protagonists, hasn’t truly revealed his goals but it seemed he is into destroying things on a huge scale which may be possible if he let the titans attack.

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