Binge-Worthy Anime Series with 12 Episodes

If you are new to Anime then it’s good to start with mini-series with not too long or not too short runtime. Or If you are looking for a recommendation to go on a binge-watch weekend then you are in the right place!

Anime is a vast niche with every type of content, you can find short OVAs to long Anime series. But when you want to spend a binge-watch Saturday on your bed with your laptop or TV then a 12-episode Anime is what you need to make it more entertaining.

In this blog, I will share some of my personal favorite 12-episode Anime that I’ve watched.

Characteristics of Anime

Art styles, animation methods, production, and procedure distinguish anime from other types of animation.

Visually, anime works exhibit a wide spectrum of art styles that differ depending on the authors, artists, and companies. While no single artistic style dominates anime, certain features such as animation technique and the character design are shared.

The use of limited animation, flat expression, the suspension of time, its thematic range, the authenticity of historical figures, its complex narrative line, and, above all, a distinct drawing technique distinguish anime, with characters distinguished by large and oval eyes, very defined lines, bright colors, and limited movement of the lips.

How can you call a show binge-worthy?

The potential of a show to be “easily binged” is affected by a number of criteria, including how rapidly it goes, how well the plot is intertwined, and how much variety there is from episode to episode.

These shows, whether they run one or two seasons, have a way of capturing viewers’ interest with their compelling plots and charming characters. Because of the variety of styles and genres accessible, this event has something for everyone.

Violet Evergarden

A fictional character named Violet Evergarden, who is a soldier adjusting to life after the war, appears in a story that is based on the novel Violet Evergarden.

After the great war ended, Violet Evergarden, a young ex-soldier becomes an employee of a writer’s agency where she writes letters that heal and connect people.

This series may sound boring to some because of its slow plot in the beginning episodes. But I’d say the first half was there to admire the art, and the second half explains the story.

Spy X Family

This Netflix original has won my heart and made me want to become a spy, an assassin, and a middle school kid all over again.

Spy X Family tells the story of Loid, an undercover spy on a mission. To complete his mission he has to disguise himself as an ordinary family man. In order to get this done, he adopts a little girl named Any and marries an assassin named Yor.

Loid has to pose as a regular family man in order to carry out his duty.

Why? Because it is the best show of 2021. The Manga had already won our hearts but the Anime just made it more special.


If you like horror and thrillers then Another is the best choice for you. Its Manga is written by Yukito Ayatsuji, a mangaka who is famous for his horror and thriller series.

Despite being classified as a horror Anime, another is actually much more of a mystery thriller.

Another has quite an impressive animation with some spine-chilling sequences for a 2012 Anime series.

It tells the story of a boy, Koichi Sakakibara, who is a new student at a school with a shady backstory. At first, it seems strange, but as time passes by the curse comes back and the true story comes to light.


I consider it to be one of the best mystery, science fiction, and thriller series by Kei Sanbe, who is famous for Mangas like Hohzuki Island & Kamiyadori.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi sometimes referred to as Erased in Japan, is a Manga series created by Kei Sanbe.

Satoru Fujinuma, the protagonist of Erased gets the power known as Revival. Using this power, he travels back in time to undo a tragic disaster.

While he works hard to avoid the accident, he also makes use of this time to correct earlier mishaps.

Just Because!

Unlike other school-themed Anime ‘Just Because!’ has a calm atmosphere. The plot is built up slowly but the character developments and the soothing vibes make up for this.

Just Because! is a story of five students and how their life turns out in five months. The plot highlights the struggles and difficulties the characters face during their character development, the dilemmas in their youth, and the problems they face socially.

Just because!
The story emphasizes the challenges and tribulations that the protagonists encounter as they grow as people.

Astra Lost In Space

This Anime has my heart for its incredible artwork and well-executed plot. The Manga concluded even before the Anime got produced so no annoying cliffhangers.

In the year 2061, when humans can travel through space, the story takes place.

The story is set in the year 2061 when humankind can travel across space.

Nine youngsters are warped into outer space by a strange orb and find themselves in the middle of an assassination plot while attempting to rescue a spaceship and return home safely.

Caird High School students depart on their planet camp when space travel is now practical and financially viable.

Aoi Bungaku

Aoi Bungaku known as the Blue Literature Series is a twelve-episode series based on six short stories from Japanese literature.

Aoi Bukago
A high school kid turns to drugs for comfort to get rid of the dejection that has taken over his life.

There are a total of 6 arcs in these 12 episodes with a unique way of storytelling and a variety of characters representing each arc.

Girls’ Last Tour

Just as how I imagined it to be, Girls’ last tour has both a funny and pensive side to it. Both the protagonists share an amazing bond with each other and the post-apocalyptic setting is what we need to make Anime binge-worthy.

Girls last tour
This story is set in a post-apocalyptic world with war-torn countries and emphasizes the value of appreciating the small pleasures in life.

Two girls are on a quest as they stroll across a dark and dreary environment. Rations are their sole source of food, each other’s companionship is their only source of comfort, and their only partners are a Kettenkrad motorcycle and a protect rifle.

This is a narrative about a post-apocalyptic future, war-torn nations, and the importance of enjoying the simple things in life.

Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride is a manga adaptation of the same name that is a shoujo romantic slice of life.

It tells the story of a passionate high school student who wants to know what happened to her three-year-old crush and why he changed.

Ao Haru ride
While most young ladies make an attempt to flaunt their feminine charms, Futaba Yoshioka makes it clear that she wishes to turn away any potential suitors.

Overall, Ao Haru Ride was really moving and lovely. It conveyed its story slowly but completely so as not to leave out any important elements of the Manga on which it was based.


Moving on, Charlotte, released in 2015, is an Anime with a unique plot.

Hoshinoumi Academy is a school established to safeguard young people with unique powers who emerge after adolescence.

The story is set in an alternate universe where superhuman abilities develop in humans after they reach puberty, with one exception being a boy. This Anime is a good watch for comedy-drama and supernatural-fiction genre lovers.


Orange is the conclusion Anime on the list. This 2016 romance, drama, and slice of life Anime is a high-school drama.

A high school drama with a fantastic twist of two kids becoming friends, one of them is remarkable by discovering a letter from herself from ten years in the future that warns her to keep an eye out for a new transfer student.

Hiroto Suwa’s perspective is used to repeat the primary narrative as he continues to promote Kakeru and Naho’s love.

Other than these titles you can take recommendations from videos too:

A video about the best 12-episode Anime

How much time does it take to watch 12 episodes of Anime?

Depends on how invested you are in the story.

Like I usually finish a 12-episode Anime in a day or night. But it usually depends on how much time I have.

Let’s do some Maths to find out. Each episode usually has a runtime of 24 minutes (it can be 30-40 minutes too but that’s too rare for a 12-episode Anime). So 12×24=288 minutes or to put it simply 4 hours and 48 minutes.

Hence, you can finish a 12-episode Anime within 5 hours max. And if you include the snack breaks, toilet breaks, and the time that you take to decide on what to watch it can take you 6 hours to finish a 12-episode Anime in peace.

How long is a typical Anime episode?

The standard time is 20 minutes for every episode but some Anime do have a runtime of 40-60 minutes per episode.

20 minutes is most likely to fit within the show’s usual 30-minute time period.

  • Episode length: 20 minutes
  • 3 minutes opening + ending credits (90 seconds each)
  • Commercials

It takes roughly 30 minutes. But there are some Anime episodes that are longer than the usual 20 minutes time period. Below is the list of all Anime shows with long runtime:

Anime TitlePer Episode duration
Hotarubi No Mori E45 minutes
Hellsing Ultimate40 minutes
Katanagatari50 minutes
Detective Conan: Case Closed30 minutes
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure34 minutes
Anime duration

What are Anime episodes called?

Cour is a term used to describe Anime episodes that aired on Japanese television for the first time.

One Cour lasts three months and normally consists of 10 to 14 episodes, however, a whole season may be included if the season is short enough.

Cour means a quarter, it is used to denote the duration of broadcast between the Anime episodes. Even when it is a 12-episode Anime, it can take up to 3 months to complete a one-season broadcast.

A two-Cour show would last half a year, a three-Cour performance would last three-quarters of a year, and a four-Cour presentation would last a whole year.

The term Cour is mostly used in Anime. They usually broadcast a group of episodes initially, then take a hiatus for a few months before broadcasting another batch of episodes. Seasons are groups of episodes, and Cours are the lengths in which they are published.


  • A 12-episode Anime is an easy watch for beginners and people who get bored of lengthy plots.
  • The maximum runtime for each episode is 20–24 minutes, which maintains your interest in the story.
  • Spy x Family, Ao Haru ride, Astra Lost In Space, and Charlotte are my favorite picks on this list.

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