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One Piece: Best Filler Arcs (Top Picks)

The Manga series One Piece, which served as the inspiration for the Anime, is one of the longest-running ones currently airing and hasn’t even reached its conclusion. 

Even among long-running shonen Anime, the current season of the series has nearly 1,000 episodes.

The plot of One Piece has been developing for many years. 

Filler arcs are rather common in the animated version of One Piece in order to prevent the Anime from surpassing the Manga and to provide for intriguing “what if?” scenarios. 

These filler arcs range from straightforward episodic quests to material that provides background for the Anime’s several motion pictures. 

One Piece stands out from other Anime because of its extensive overarching plot that develops gradually but steadily as the main character Luffy matures. 

What is One Piece all about?

One Piece depicts a young kid named Monkey D. Luffy in a world of magic and pirates. Monkey consumed a mystical fruit known as a devil fruit as a small child. 

Luffy was now able to stretch his limbs out like they were made of elastic. 

After deciding that he wants to rule the pirates, Luffy embarks on a quest to find One Piece, a fabled treasure. 

As he attempts to navigate this unusual planet and its hidden past that might be connected to powers that have been influencing Luffy’s destiny without his knowledge, he meets both friends and enemies along the way.

Is One Piece worth watching?

One Piece is a story that has been in the works for decades. Filler arcs are common in One Piece’s animated version to keep the anime from outperforming the manga while also allowing for interesting “what if?” possibilities.

These filler arcs range from basic episodic adventures to stuff that serves as context for the anime’s numerous films.

One Piece reached 1000 episodes, with the great bulk of the content being canon. Toei has often preferred to gently adapt the original material to ensure the anime does not catch up to the manga rather than constantly stopping the tale dead to go on a side trip.

What are filler arcs?

Concurrent production of the One Piece Manga and Anime can lead to complications. 

The Anime frequently runs out of Manga to adapt and creates new filler material to buy time for the manga to catch up. 

The One Piece filler arcs, on the other hand, frequently adapt side content or incorporate previously skipped plot points. 

You should be careful what you ignore because many filler arcs contain important details and character development.

What is the best filler arc in One Piece?

Marine Rookie arc is one of the best arc in one piece.

One Piece filler arcs ought to be more like the Marine Rookie arc. 

When it comes to how it begins, the arc’s premise is typical, but what it accomplishes with its narrative is what sets it apart. 

Due to Luffy’s actions, the crew is in trouble, as usual, so they must invade a Marine base while pretending to be Marines in order to find food.

Fans get a closer peek at how the Marines operate and train their recruits, which makes this arc more intriguing than most others. 

Filler arcs can be made more interesting and compelling by including subtleties like these, which go beyond simply passing the time until the next arc and offer viewers something to look forward to.

The Marine Rookie arc is one of the best arcs of one piece.
The Marine Rookie arc is one of the best arcs of one piece.

Should I watch the One Piece fillers?

Filler is needed to lengthen the run time so the anime doesn’t catch up with the manga, whether it builds on the core tale to great effect or adds entertaining side storylines.

Filler is an unavoidable evil in long-running anime such as One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Super.

Filler has a reputation for being boring and just plain lousy. Not all filler fits into this category, and some absolutely magnificent One Piece episodes keep the anime interesting to watch week after week. Some episodes soar to the top and surpass the quality of the anime canon.

What filler arcs should I skip?

Which filler arcs should be avoided is a hot topic of conversation in the One Piece fandom. 

Some fans will advise you not to miss any of them because they all contribute to the world-building and adventure-like sense of One Piece. 

However, the majority of fans concur that you can skip:

Both storylines are brief and don’t significantly advance the main plot. Additionally, they don’t provide story development that you can find elsewhere.

There are additional arcs that folks advise missing if you’re desperate to take out some episodes. 

This is due to the fact that minor arcs are not as closely related to the main plot as the main arcs are. You can also skip: 

  • The Post-Alabasta Arc (131–135)
  • Goat Island Arc (136–138)
  • The Ocean’s Dream Arc (220-224)

While there are many enjoyable moments in these, skipping them won’t leave you confused later on, even if you do miss a few occasionally great character moments.

What are the top 3 arcs in One Piece?

Here’s a table that shows the top 3 arcs in One Piece:  

Z’s Ambition Arc – 7Episodes: 575-578
Little East Blue – 7Episodes: 426-429
Caesar Retrieval Arc – 6.7Episodes: 626-628
Top 3 filler arcs of One Piece.

Z’s Ambition Arc – 7

Used to set up One Piece Film: Z, the Z’s Ambition arc is the most interesting if you intend to watch the entire film. 

It doesn’t really fit into the canon timeline and is, overall, a forgettable article. 

Z’s Ambition, which is the first post-time skip filler tale that is set after the Fish-Man Island arc, at least features excellent animation. 

The Straw Hats eventually find themselves in the Maubeugemour Sea, which has unusual weather patterns. 

The idea behind this place is intriguing, but Z’s Ambition does not really take it as far as it could.

Little East Blue – 7

Little East Blue acts as a reminder of the crew’s past accomplishments as well as a nostalgia trip. 

While it doesn’t offer much in the way of filler, it does set the stage for the events of One Piece: Strong World. 

The group discovers East Blue, an island that is virtually a recreation of their home. They have a good time until they come upon some pirates and have to fight them off. 

Because of the nostalgic appeal, many fans rated this arc highly as a filler arc. After being away from home for so long, it was a treat to see the Straw Hats enjoy their favorite things.

Caesar Retrieval Arc – 6.7

One of One Piece’s most significant supporting characters, Caesar is the focus of several story arcs due to his relationship to Vegapunk and his expertise in Science. 

Following the events of Dressrosa, the Straw Hats continue to accompany Caesar since they may use him as a pawn to pressure Doflamingo and Kaido. 

Given how the bond between Law and the Straw Hats has grown since Caesar’s first arc, Punk Hazard, this one highlights it even more. It’s a very typical filler with humorous moments aside from that.

One Piece and fillers

Is the G-8 Arc worth watching?

There are filler arcs in One Piece, but a lot of them are interesting to watch. The G-8 arc, which has just 11 episodes, is oddly the longest filler arc in the entire run. 

The Straw Hats sail near heavily defended marine waters rather than the open sea in this scene after they left Skypiea (Sky Island Saga).

Almost everyone agrees that One Piece’s G-8 arc is one of the best filler episodes. 

G-8 has a similar outline to practically every other filler episode from the series, but it differs in that the story is also told from the perspective of the Marines. 

Smoker’s change of heart during the series demonstrated that the Marines had adopted dubious methods of enforcing the law. 

Similar inquiries are made by the Marine in charge of the Straw Hats’ invasion base, and along the story’s course, the Marine gradually changes his mind. 

Characters also experience defining moments in these episodes, demonstrating the exceptional writing for this story and capturing what makes One Piece so captivating.

G-8 Filler Arc is one of the most interesting arcs according to the fans.
G-8 Filler arc is one of the most interesting arcs according to the fans.


  • One Piece is a massive Anime with over a thousand episodes (and counting) to watch, thus it can be difficult for individuals to get through it. 
  • A real epic, Eiichiro Oda’s Manga spans decades and portrays a magnificent tale of aspiration, exploration, and tenacity.
  • While traveling, the Straw Hats encounter many highs and lows; they cry and laugh a lot.
  • The filler arcs may feel as though they just add to the bloat because there is so much canon stuff to read rather than adding anything to warrant their inclusion.
  • Because of this, new viewers of the program could choose to just skip over the filler content. 

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