One Piece: How Strong Is Zoro’s Asura Form?

Zoro is the strongest swordsman and fighter in the Straw Hat Pirates clan. He is the second most skilled and powerful member after Luffy.

Due to his strong combatant skills, he has always been a part of all the iconic fights in the One Piece series and with every win, he gets closer to his dream of taking Mihawk’s place as the Greatest swordsman in the world. 

Zoro is commonly known for his Santōryū (Three Sword Style) where he wields his third sword with his mouth

Ever since the death of Kuina, Roronoa Zoro has gained more and more power to fulfill his promise to Kuina. And in pursuit of this vow, he has attained more and more skill and strength in the series. 

And not just any power-ups, he has gained some incredible swords and also had developed some of the rarest Asura, which we have witnessed on a few occasions in the series. While the power of Asura is huge, it is still a mystery to most fans out there. 

Zoro’s Backstory

The first thing we know about Zoro is that he lived and trained in Shimotsuki Village. Zoro used to encounter Kozaburo when he was a youngster. Kozaburo generously gave Zoro two swords he forged himself after seeing his willingness to defeat Kuina.

The elderly man also imparted some of his knowledge on the nature of swords to the youngster, while considering Enma to be his finest creation.

Although Zoro is the second most crucial member of the Straw Hat Pirates there is still a lot unknown about him. Fans have made numerous theories on his origin and powers but none have been confirmed as true by the creators.

About Zoro’s Asura

Roronoa Zoro plays a key role in the Ennis Lobby arc and joins hands with Nico to save the day. He is a significant part of the Straw hat pirate’s Monster trio—like Luffy’s Second Gear and Third, including Diable Jambe’s Hellfish flames. Zorro possesses the power of Asura, The Demon Spirit. 

Since the beginning of the series, Zoro has this demonic entity with him and it grew stronger over time. Sadly, there is little known about his powers and how they can be used.

But fans got a glimpse of his powers during the Ennis lobby arc when Zoro’s Demon aura unleashed its physical form, shocking his mates too. 

Character nameRoronoa Zoro
Also Known AsPirate Hunter 
Age19 years old at the time of debut 21 years old after 2 years time skip
BirthdayNovember 11, 1503
BirthplaceEast Blue
Some important facts about Roronoa Zoro

How did Zoro become Asura?

One thing I have observed about Zoro is that his demonic aura grows stronger with Combat.

During his showdown with Kaku of CP9, his combatting skills grew stronger. Consequently, his demonic aura also reached its high strength and it began manifesting further. You can instantly feel that Zoro’s aura is so strong that Kaku was overwhelmed and came out in cold sweat.

Hence this made it clear that Zoro’s demonic aura can be manifested when it is needed. But fans are still unsure if his Haki is linked to his Aura or not. Although there is a strong possibility, given that Asura is his willpower’s manifestation.

Zoro then tapped into his Asura to use the demon aura Nine Sword Style to defeat Kaku. Nine Sword Style, as the name suggests is a demonic form that creates an illusion of 2 more heads and 4 extra arms. which increases his sword count to 9. 

Zoro’s skill grows three times whenever his Asura awakens, he can use his Nine Swords to kill or slice at 3x faster speed than his normal ability. He does this by rushing past his enemies in a matter of seconds. 

Zoro initially used the Nine Sword Style during his bloody combat with CP9 agent Kaku. Zoro awoke Nine Sword Style after being exhausted by Kaku’s vicious assaults. But his Asura helped him in defeating Kaku’s most potent Rankyaku and killing the CP9 member. 

He used this tactic again during the Sabaody Archipelago storyline when the Straw Hat Pirates were fighting a Pacifista. Unlike the last time, unfortunately, Zoro’s usage of Asura was unable to destroy the Pacifista.

The Pacifista was not destroyed by Zoro’s use of Asura.

Is Zoro an incarnation of Asura?

Yes, Zoro is the reincarnation of Asura.

The 300th episode was titled “Zoro the Fierce God! The Incarnation of Asura Revealed by His Soul” where Zoro defeats Kaku by unleashing Asura.

Zoro kept relentlessly enduring Kaku’s attacks and the insults thrown at Robin. He manifested all his rage for Kaku in his demonic aura. Eventually, the two swordsmen had an epic showdown where Zoro unleashed his Nine Sword-style Asura. 

A scene from Zoro`s episode 300
Episode 300: Zoro reveals his Asura in his showdown with Kaku

Some believe Zoro is a Demon DemiGod disguised as a human. He doesn’t summon Asura too much throughout the series since he doesn’t want to reveal his true form to anybody.

He is a power-hungry character, and his ability to conjure such a shape is supernatural— and no one else is capable of it thus far. Zoro’s resolve is incredible, and his powers could be even more if we see his full potential.

Is Asura Zoro’s strongest move?

Asura was a technique originally used by Zoro before the two-year time jump in One Piece, during the Enies Lobby arc. To be clear, Asura is easily Zoro’s most powerful strike right now.

According to Kaku, Zoro transforms into Asura with his Wado Ichimonji in his mouth and his other two blades held out in front of him, creating an illusion of his spirit.

To observers, Zoro appears to have gained another pair of heads and four more limbs, all carrying replicas of his swords, each appearing twice more, for a total of nine swords.

Simultaneously, a vague, six-armed, asura-like silhouette appears behind Zoro, resembling the being described by Kaku as a three-faced, six-armed demon deity.

The Anime adds to the first-ever use of Asura: when Zoro was enraged by Kaku, a dark aura began to encircle him, extending several meters around him and causing a whirling whirlwind to develop.

Zoro’s Asura unleashed during his fight with Kaku

What is Zoro’s most powerful form in One Piece?

Zoro’s most powerful attack was permeated with Haoshoku Haki.

Kaido even admitted that Zoro possesses “kingly attributes.” To put it another way, Zoro can use sophisticated methods to increase his offensive capability. It should be noted that Enma is one of the 21 Great Grade Swords.

The excellent level of craftsmanship ensures that it is razor-sharp. Zoro has the ability to enhance this blade to Supreme Grade.

Who is the most tenacious Straw Hat?

Luffy is by far the most powerful member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

As the Fifth Emperor of the Sea, Luffy is extremely powerful and can compete with the Yonko of the One Piece world. He wields the Gomu Gomu no Mi’s power in incredible ways and continues to become stronger.

Luffy is also a user of all three Haki kinds, and he has access to the advanced forms of all of them. Luffy has transformed himself into a pirate worthy of confronting the likes of Kaido by coating himself with Conqueror’s Haki. He towers over the rest of the group, standing tall as the strongest.


  • Zoro is One of the most skilled combatants in One Piece.
  • His Asura also known as the Nine Sword Style is one of his strongest powers.
  • There are many theories about Zoro being a reincarnation of a Demon DemiGod Asura but the Anime has not confirmed the claims yet.

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