The Nine Titans: Who’s the Strongest? (Discover)

With a success rate that broke the charts globally, Attack on Titan is one of the highest-ranked shonen Anime. The show deals with enormous man-eating humanoids known as Titans.

Titans come in various shapes and have their strengths and abilities. They are the Eldians who inherit Ymir’s powers and have a life span of 13 years. 

When any of the Titans die, their power gets inherited by a new user as humanity continues to get destroyed by them.

The show features many powerful characters that frequently manage to send chills down the fans’ spines many times. But there are only nine of them who are shifters. The video below explains them:

All 9 Titan Shifters and their powers are explained in this video.

Now that I have got you wondering about the Nine Titans, I am pretty sure you must be wondering about their abilities.

Today I will be ranking all the Nine Titans based on their abilities and power. Together, let’s enter the world of the Titans!

Nine TitansRank
Founding Titan01
Attack Titan02
Beast Titan03
Female Titan04
Armored Titan05
Colossal Titan06
War Hammer Titan07
Jaw Titan08
Cart Titan09
The nine Titans and their corresponding rankings.

1. Founding Titan

This Titan is the most lethal of all.

The first and unquestionably most powerful Titan on the show is The Founding Titan. It acts as a connecting bridge between all the Subjects of Ymir.


The list of inherits of the power starts with Ymir Fritz and ends with the most thrilling one, Eren Yeager. 

  • Ymir Fritz
  • Karl Fritz
  • Rod and Uri Reiss’ father
  • Uri Reiss
  • Frieda Reiss
  • Grisha Yeager
  • Eren Yeager


The Founding Titan possesses more power than any other Titan. It can manipulate anatomy by turning Eldian genes into a Titan with just a scream.

It possesses the power to initiate rumbling, where Titans are unleashed on humanity. It does not require transformation to use these powers: all it requires is just a scream.

If the Founding Titan has riyal blood or connection, it can command all the Titans. From the ability to alter the memory bank, and change forms of Eldians, to controlling the minds of every Titan, this Titan is the most destructive of all.

2. Attack Titan

These Titans have a high pain threshold, regeneration abilities, and adaptability to any combat situation.

Attack Titan is unarguably amongst the strongest Titans. He is regarded as a great shonen protagonist who initially helped comrades. Later on, he turned into an antagonist who, during his quest for freedom, destroyed the world.

Despite his Attack Titan’s lack of combat ability, he is still amongst the most powerful Titans in terms of strength.


The inheritors of this power are:

  • Eren Kruger
  • Grisha Yeager
  • Eren Yeager


It possesses a unique and strong ability. It can see the future of Titan Inheritors and the past as well.

It has a high threshold for pain, regeneration abilities, and flexibility to adapt to any combat. All these abilities make him land amongst the most powerful in the show.

3. Beast Titan

This Titan has an ape-like build and is slightly larger than the other Titans.

A Titan who not only acts like a beast but also looks like one. This Titan is a Titan covered in fur and has an ape-like appearance. He is slightly bigger than other Titans, and the appearance of this Titan varies from user to user.

Tom Ksaver’s titan was sheep-like whereas Zeke Yeager’s appears to be ape-like. 


The appearance of the Beast Titan depends from user to user. The two inheritors of Beast Titan are:

  • Tom Ksaver
  • Zeke Yeager


He has a tough exterior and maximized qualities that make him a powerfully terrifying Titan.

Beast Titan retains some distinct abilities. It possesses the ability to toss objects with precision, crush stones, and wreak havoc. Its abilities are further intensified, for it shares royal blood. He can control the anatomy of any subject of Ymir by infusing his spinal fluid into them.

4. Female Titan

With her adaptability and lack of any weaknesses, Female Titan is one of the most powerful Titans ever seen.

The Female Titan Is the first Antagonist of the popular series. 

The Female Titan has the title of being someone who defeated Eren’s Attack Titan. With this achievement and her unique set of skills, she lands herself among the most powerful Titans.


The Female Titan has been inherited by one only, and that is:

  • Annie Leonhart


She is a skilled fighter who bears the ability to harden the selected parts of her body. She possesses mobility and good speed. 

She is the master of martial arts whose scream has the power to summon smaller Titans. The ability to summon Titans gives her an edge over her opponents as she can use them as a defense. 

Female Titan, with her versatility and no weakness, is one badass Titan to be ever witnessed.

5. Armored Titan

It is difficult to hurt him because his skin shields him from harm.

The Armored Titan, as the name suggests, is the Titan whose skin serves as his shield. When it comes to physical prowess, he is the strongest.

Due to his skin protecting him from injuries, it is difficult to injure him. He is one of the best soldiers, and he also joined Paradis to save the day from Eren’s attack.


The Armored Titan has been wielded by one user only that is:

  • Reiner Braun


His ability to be a great defense makes him one of the strongest Nine Titans.

Reiner Braun’s Armored title is a great option to save the day. Along with being difficult to injure due to his hardened armor-like skin, he also has good speed.

6. Colossal Titan

His entire body produces blasts of steam that may completely destroy any adversary.

The first Titan to be introduced in the series, the Colossal Titan, is the largest. Except for its functional areas, its entire skin is covered by a tough exterior.

His transformation alone can cause havoc around, and that is what makes him epically strong.


There are only two people who have had the chance to wield the power of the Colossal Titan, and those are:

  • Bertholdt Hoover
  • Armin Arlert


The Colossal Titan has unconventional control over his body. His entire body emits steam, and the bursts of steam can lay waste to any opponent.

This Titan can cause nuclear-level destruction by just transforming, and it can produce enormous explosions.

What makes him even more powerful is that the steam acts as its protective shield, preventing any enemy from coming close to his range.

By producing blazing hot steam that can make one look as if they have just been grilled to crisp, this Titan remains iconic.

7. War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan is a dangerous Titan to face in combat because of its sudden ability to weaponize.

With a thin, hard armor covering its body, War Hammer Titan is one of the most powerful Nine Titans.


Unlike other Titans, the inheritor of this power is enclosed within a crystal case. And there have only been two users of this power, and those are:

  • Lara Tyber
  • Eren Yeager


The War Hammer Titan is distinctive in its capabilities. Although the Titans need no weapon, the power of War Hammer Titan makes it a must-have for any fight.

It can weaponize and create structures with the use of its hardened flesh.

The War Hammer Titan, with its ability to weaponize out of nowhere, makes him a deadly Titan to be faced in a battle.

8. Jaw Titan

The Jaw Titan has razor-sharp teeth.

It is often said small things come in large packages, and that is exactly the case here.

The Jaw Titan is the smallest yet, the fastest of the Nine Titans.


The strength of the power varies from user to user. And the ones who have inherited the Jaw Titan are:

  • Marcel Galliard
  • Ymir
  • Parco Galliard
  • Falco Grice


The Jaw Titan makes up for his diminutive size with his razor-sharp teeth and quick movement.

With claws that can smash a Titan shell and teeth which can produce lethal results, The Jaw Titan is ferocious in its own right.

It can tear apart absolutely anything that poses a threat. Its speed, fused with its crushing jaws, can pierce through anything and everything.

9. Cart Titan

It is highly handy even though it lacks fighting prowess.

Power-wise, the Cart Titan is the least powerful of the Nine Titans. However, it poses quick mobility and bites, which can injure a human.

It is a Titan used by Marley to carry the weapons in the cart. The Cart Titan has frequently rescued the day thanks to its speed.


There has only been one inheritor of The Cart Titan and that is:

  • Pieck Finger


The Cart Titan has remarkable tolerance and swift mobility. It makes use of two hands and two legs to move around and leap.

Although it is not skilled in combat, it is nevertheless quite useful.

It has the ability to transform as many times as it wants, and its perseverance is indeed note-worthy.

Final Words

  • All the Nine Titans are extraordinary in their own right.
  • In this article, all the Nine Titans have been ranked based on their Titan prowess.
  • Every one of the Nine Titans has distinct prowess and is terrifyingly powerful to be faced.

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