Why Should We Watch Anime? (Discussed)

Many people may refer to Anime as something similar to cartoons but there is more depth to Anime than cartoons. You can find Anime on any subject, genre, issue, or theme.

It has more diversity and a message like saying to not be so hard on yourself, accepting your flaws, mending a relationship, etc. 

Tanjiro from Demon Slayer
Anime is more complex than cartoons.

Depending on what genre you choose Anime can make you forget your worries for some moments and enjoy the art and story in it. 

We didn’t mind watching Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon before school when we were younger, and you undoubtedly look back on those moments with nostalgia.

However, as people become older, they make a mindset that Anime is for kids only and try to dismiss it. 

But, in an effort to reignite the Anime craze, I’ve compiled all the reasons why you should watch Anime!

Why is Anime so important?

The brave, troubled, colorful and just plain cute characters brought to life in Anime reveal a lot about Japan’s culture.

Anime productions, with their bright, hand-drawn, and computer-animated images, offer glimpses of Japanese culture, values, and social standards, as well as ordinary language and idiomatic idioms used in context.

Anime has evolved over several decades into a kind of living cultural encyclopedia with a vast amount of audiovisual information about Japanese society and popular imagination that is fairly easy to access outside of Japan, with a wide variety of films and series now available to international audiences.

Aside from its cultural importance, Anime can be a good educational tool. Shows like Dr. Stone and Cells at Work! can be a good way to teach students science and biology.

Since these shows take reference from factual science and not just fiction. 

Lastly, the slice-of-life genre has a bunch of great shows and movies to teach you a thing or two about life, friendships, relationships, regrets, and how to overcome them. 

What is a good reason to watch Anime?

Here are 10 reasons why you should watch Anime.

You Can Find Anything On Anime

When I say anything it means anything! From a guy who eats a magical fruit and dreams to become a pirate king.

To a high school where a weird octopus teaches students, or about a universe where some mythical creature co-exists with humans. 

A high school kid discovering a book that can murder people and a girl and boy swapping bodies in different time zones both passed the test! A bald hero killing his adversary with a single blow!
Naturally, that is a check!

It is rather obvious that many characters from different genres especially shonen appear to have the power to beat anyone.

They can destroy armies, save cities, and conquer the entire planet. There are no bounds on what worlds or characters should exist, which is completely amazing.

Loads Of Relatable Content

A relatable scene from Kiki's Delivery Service
A relatable scene from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Anime has tons of relatable content from an introvert trying to fit in his class, to a person recovering from his past traumas, unrequited love, and the loss of a loved one. 

Like in the series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood the main character delves into an existential crisis most of the time, he embarks on a journey to discover the meaning of life. 

Sports Anime in particular have a lot of relatable content. Even if you have never played a sport, sports Anime may be extremely realistic and intimate owing to three factors. 

  • One, sports Anime has a lot of complicated characters and connections. 
  • Two, the genre has a lot of key concepts that are relatable to audiences. 
  • Finally, sports Anime features storylines that properly mix sports, drama, humor, and other genres, making it appealing to a wide range of individuals.

Anime has many strong female characters

Anime presents women as strong and powerful—one of the wonderful aspects of Anime is the number of strong female characters that appear throughout.

Women are not presented as helpless victims or damsels in distress. Rather, they are fearsome, robust, and powerful, capable of standing up to any guy. On contrary, the female characters often defeat their male counterparts.

One of my favorite female-centric stories is Violet Evergarden.

Violet, who was abandoned as a child and grew up to become a soldier, had no concept of feelings.

Violet chooses to uncover the true meaning of her commanding officer’s last words to her: “I love you,” after failing to save him and losing both her arms in the process.

To do this, she works as a ghostwriter for folks who can’t write but want to express themselves in a letter. Violet grows and learns via her encounters with her clients over the course of thirteen episodes.

Anime Has The Best Action Sequences

Anime is well-known for its extravagant action sequences.

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of an Anime battle scene, and it’s no wonder that numerous Anime series, such as Dragon Ball Z or Demon Slayer has served as inspiration for large animated films.

Because of the quick speed of the fights, it’s easy to get lost in them, especially when accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack.

Super Saiyan Goku Vs Beerus full fight

Anime Has Lessons

Animes are entertaining. A great Anime has it all: lively action, drama, fantastic humor, and a fascinating premise.

Although they are intended for public enjoyment, they also include many lessons that we may apply to our daily lives.

If someone wants to change the world, they have to do it with their own hands.

-Lucy Ashley, Fairytail.

By this Lucy meant that If you want the world around you could be different. Don your gear and begin changing it. Don’t count on anyone else to do that for you.

Anime Is Educational

Anime is certainly enjoyable, but it can also be informative! There are a number of wonderful shows to help you raise your brain power through Anime.

Whether you’re a student trying to break up your studies with something more fascinating than your notes or just someone who wants to enhance their brain power through Anime.

Riki, for example, is one of the major characters of Little Busters.

In the first few episodes of the series, I learned about narcolepsy. I had no idea such a thing existed until Little Busters showed it to me.

Excessive tiredness, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations are symptoms of narcolepsy.”

What about the trigger? When you are relaxed, comfortable, and pleased, your body shuts down and forces you to sleep.

Regardless of the time of day. Think about how inconvenient this must be. There is always something to learn from Anime if you pay attention. 

Amazing Backgrounds And Aesthetic Animations

Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki’s Aesthetic Animation

Many Anime episodes and films are aesthetically gorgeous. Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke from Studio Ghibli are wonderful instances of amazing quality animation and character designs with backdrop artwork that could be framed and exhibited in an art gallery. 

Indeed, many animation cells, backdrops, and production designs are widely recognized by artists and gallery curators, and touring art shows containing Anime artwork are extremely popular.

Anime has some of the best soundtracks

Japanese Anime is backed by a fantastic soundtrack and music on par with Hans Zimmer or even better. Great piano, violin, or even electronic tunes manage to transmit an emotion to those watching.

Not to mention the sung openers and ends done by prominent Japanese singers or even the character voice actors.

Song NameAnime Title
GurengeKimetsu No Yaiba
Tank!Cowboy Bebop
A Cruel Angel’s ThesisNeon Genesis Evangelion
Theme from Lupin The ThirdLupin The Third
ButterflyDigimon Adventure
We AreOne Piece
Cha-La-Head-Cha-LaDragon Ball Z
Most popular soundtracks from Anime shows

Why do Anime make me happy?

Anime enthusiasts are accustomed to immersing themselves in highly romanticized episodes and using their imaginations far more frequently than the typical individual.

As a result, they are far more innovative and open-minded than others.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of watching Anime is how frequently a show can surprise you. Occasionally for the better, sometimes for the worst.

Anime is ideal for such occasions. Whatever you feel like viewing, there’s certain to be an Anime to suit your mood.

Anime is divided into genres, with some being more cheerful, sci-fi, or serious than others. You may simply choose something to cheer you up or something to make you feel better.


  • You should watch Anime explore some meaningful concepts about life, relationships, and personal development.
  • Anime is fuel to a person’s vivid animation, the color themes and aesthetics can lift a person’s mood and make them feel better after a tiresome day. 
  • Anime can teach you about different things in a way that sticks with you and you never forget about them.

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