How Strong Is Mikasa Ackerman? (Find Out)

Mikasa is one of the main characters in the Attack on Titan series. She is a childhood pal and one of the closest people to Eren Yeager. After being saved by him from a traumatic experience in her childhood the two became inseparable! 

Mikasa is a kind and loyal friend to his comrades.

There is more to their relationship than meets the eye, although Mikasa always wanted to live a normal life she got recruited by the military scouts where she was applauded as the best soldier in the 104th training corps

Later in the story, she becomes a part of the survey corps to protect Eren followed by becoming his most important ally in the series.

Although Mikasa has many flaws as a character she eventually changes these flaws into her strength and plays a pivotal role in the plot.

Her character has depth and many qualities that add to her strength as the deuteragonist of the series. 

This blog will shed light on Mikasa’s strengths and Abilities as a soldier and how she impacted others with them. 

What is the story of Attack On Titan?

Almost 100 years ago, the Titans, huge humanoid but mindless beasts whose main purpose of existence seemed to be to consume people, arose.

There was an overwhelming power difference between them and humankind, and as a consequence, humanity was quickly decimated to the point of extinction. The survivors replied by building three concentric walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina, which provided a century of tranquility.

But, one day, a Colossal Titan considerably larger than any ever seen penetrated the outside wall, allowing the lesser Titans to infiltrate human land and forcing the survivors to escape to the inner walls.

Eren Jaeger, a child whose mother was devoured during the invasion, resolved to wipe out every last Titan and joined the military, determined to take his vengeance.

Who is Mikasa Ackerman?

Mikasa Ackerman, along with Armin Arlert, is one of the series’ two deuteragonists.

Mikasa was saved by Eren Yeager after her parents were slain by human traffickers and resided with him and his parents, Grisha and Carla, before the collapse of Wall Maria. She is the only descendent of the Shogun clan to remain on Paradis Island and so linked to the Azumabito dynasty, and she wields considerable political power in Hizuru.

Despite her wish to live a tranquil life, Mikasa joined the military, where she is regarded as the greatest soldier in the 104th Training Corps. She subsequently joins the Survey Corps to follow and defend Eren, eventually becoming one of its most valuable assets. She is now operating in the Corps as an officer.

About Mikasa’s early life

Mikasa Ackerman is of European and Asian descent, and she was adopted by the Yeager family following the violent death of her parents.

With the breach of Maria Wall, she and Eren Yeager joined the military in the hopes of joining the Survey Corps and killing Titans. 

BirthdayFebruary 10
Specifications about Mikasa Ackerman

How is Mikasa so powerful?

Mikasa is the descendant of the Ackerman clan which is the reason why she is so powerful.

Generations before she was born, the ancestors of the Ackerman family were made test subjects. Where they were tested by giving them titan powers without changing their physical human form.

These experiments drove the royal family to eradicate them, but all of this stopped during Levi’s Childhood (He is also Mikasa’s Cousin).

However, these terrible experiments also resulted in giving the Ackermans a new ability. They are not entirely influenced by the founding titan in the same way as the Eldians were. 

The Ackermans were created to be a race that would serve and defend Eldian rulers. When a figure acting as a Titan host directs the Ackerman family to act, their power is triggered.

Eren unleashed Mikasa’s abilities when he told her to confront the robber who murdered her parents and abused them both as youngsters.

Eren speculates that Mikasa’s capabilities bind him to her because he was the host that ignited her abilities.

Is Mikasa physically stronger than Levi?

Mikasa and Levi are cousins since they both belong to the Ackerman clan
Mikasa and Levi are cousins since they both belong to the Ackerman clan

Levi outperforms Mikasa in terms of speed and accuracy. He moves quickly and accurately.

Levi was significantly superior to Mikasa at the start of AOT, who made far too many dangerous movements and would have killed during the Female Titan Arc if Levi hadn’t rescued her.

But when it comes to S4, it’s Mikasa. Levi is too injured to keep up with her. He is no longer at his best, and Mikasa will murder him if necessary.

But if S4 Mikasa and Peak Levi can both put up a fight, I believe it will be a tie. Otherwise, Levi would have won. He is significantly more seasoned, battle-savvy, and perhaps stronger than S4 Mikasa.

What is Mikasa’s strength?

Mikasa Is A Skilled Fighter

Mikasa developed her fighting skills at an early age to defend Eren, who frequently ran out looking for danger.

She easily tossed lads bigger than her and terrified them so that they ran when they saw her despite their greater numbers. 

Mikasa has undergone extensive training and is now strong enough to carry Eren and numerous equipment crates off the ground with ease.

Her abilities were proved when she defeated Reiner in the second battle for Shiganshina.

After her comrades expertly targeted thunder spears fractured his jaw, she bravely leaped atop the Armored Titan’s tongue and rammed an explosive down his throat.

All fights of Mikasa with Titans

Mikasa Has Enormous Physical Strength

Eren has always been physically bigger than Mikasa, despite being more rowdy and belligerent. Mikasa’s innate abilities significantly outweighed Eren’s from the time they were kids until they joined the 104th Cadet Corps.

Mikasa’s strength may exceed Eren’s in his titan state. He has inherited powers from past titans and has years of experience as the Attack Titan, making the combat more intense.

Mikasa, on the other hand, has always been a master of strength and dexterity.

She was strong enough to lift several large steel beams over her head at the same time, thanks to her Ackerman ancestry.

Mikasa Retaliates In No Time

Mikasa Ackerman is a soldier feared by many
Mikasa Ackerman is a soldier feared by many.

Mikasa is always the first to initiate essential conflicts throughout the Attack on Titan series. She instantly pulls her blade to fight after realizing Reiner and Bertholdt’s hidden identities.

She rushes her swords into both people, and while her effort to kill them fails, her determination to accomplish what she believes is needed is undeniable.

Her capacity to rapidly deduce and eliminate dangers shows her intelligence and ability to move fast in a crisis.

Mikasa Is The Most Connected Character

Mikasa has been the only character closely connected to every group in the AOT series. She was a close friend to the Marleyan remnants including her former colleagues.

She was the  Love interest of Eren who was powerful enough to bring world destruction. Also the only descendant of the Azumabito Clan. 

The latter promised powerful potential partners capable of assisting Paradis in catching up with the rest of the world’s technology. As a result, Mikasa was in a tricky position to vastly improve her countrymen’s lives.

Mikasa’s Obsession With Eren

Mikasa’s devotion to Eren might cloud her judgment at times, causing her to rush into titan clashes or get extremely agitated anytime Eren is in danger.

But it is her devotion to him that has shaped her into the woman she is today.

That being said, Mikasa will scold Eren once he is too intolerable, yet her wrath on Eren generally calms him down or causes him to come to his senses.

Mikasa Puts Honor Before Her Love

Mikasa’s unwavering love for Eren may have helped them endure severe situations, but it proved crippling as he started the Yeagerist organization and revealed his plans for the rumbling.

Despite his blatant disdain for Mikasa’s emotions, she stopped Armin to prevent him from attacking Eren.

Despite her devotion to Eren, Mikasa took the tough decision to prioritize her conscience before love.

As Eren’s Rumbling circled the remaining world population, she used the opportunity Armin provided to break through the Founding Titan’s jaws and decapitate him.

Mikasa still loved Eren and visited his grave regularly, despite the ways he treated her or broke her trust. Her sense of dignity is obvious, given the sacrifices she made for the rest of humanity.

Final Thoughts

  • Mikasa may seem like an emotionless character to some fans, but she has a painful past, which fits with the general mood of her persona.
  • Mikasa has combat skills and strength that could help her battles where the chances are negligible.
  • Although she may seem a hot-headed character only following Eren, her character made the right choice in the end.
  • She sacrificed her love for Eren to free the world of the rumbling making her a selfless character.

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