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Who Is The Generation Of Miracles? (Discussed)

Five incredibly gifted basketball players who were teammates on the Teik Junior High squad made up the Generation of Miracles. 

Before graduating and dispersing to various high schools to compete against one another, they won the junior high school Nationals for three straight years

Even though the Generation of Miracles is typically thought of as a group of five, each prodigy has acknowledged a hidden sixth guy.

The Generation of Miracles are widely acknowledged as the league’s top players, and due to their abilities, some have dubbed them “monsters.” 

Their abilities have been compared to those of players like Tatsuya Himuro, Shogo Haizaki, and the Uncrowned Kings, but only rivals like Taiga Kagami and Team Jabberwock can genuinely match them.

Continue reading to know more about the Generation of Miracles.

What is the Generation of Miracles?

The Generation of Miracles ( Kiseki no Sedai ) is a group of five highly gifted basketball players that played together on the Teik Junior High squad.

They won the junior high school Nationals three years in a row before graduating and dispersing to different high schools with the purpose of competing against each other. While the Generation of Miracles is usually considered as a group of five, each of the prodigies acknowledges an additional phantom sixth man.

The Generation of Miracles is immediately recognized as the best players in the league, with their talents even leading some to refer to them as “monsters”.

Who is a part of the Generation of Miracles?

Teik Junior High School’s all-star team is called The Generation of Miracles. There are five players on the team, and everyone has a special talent. 

The players (including the former) are now dispersed over six different schools, even though the team won everything the previous three years. 

Kagami has his eye on each of them because they are all high school basketball legends. As ambitious as he is, his goal is to overtake them and take first place in Japan. 

Kuroko has committed to assisting him in achieving success. The Uncrowned Kings, Kagami, and a little bit of Himuro are the only players in the league who can compete with The Generation of Miracles for the greatest players.

The Gate

The threshold a player must cross to be considered a genius or to be on the same level as the Generation of Miracles is symbolized by the gate that only remarkable geniuses can enter. 

For a long time, it was difficult for a player other than the Generation of Miracles to pass the closed gate because they were and still are the league’s finest players. 

Only when Kagami’s growth finally started to approach the Generation of Miracles, this gate was forced open. 

When this happened, Kagami’s leaping ability was so great that he was finally able to dunk from the free-throw line.

The Oath

The Generation of Miracles reportedly formed “The Oath” when they broke up after junior high school. 

During the generation of miracles conference, Akashi only addressed this pledge fleetingly, although it did seem to be of some significance. 

Akashi remarks at the meeting that everyone appears to still remember the oath but nothing further has been made public.


One weakness unites all members of the Generation of Miracles. 

This is because even if they all possess talents that are superior to those of a high school male, they all nonetheless possess the physique of typical high school athletes. 

This implies that if individuals consistently use their gifts to the maximum for a prolonged length of time, their bodies become unable to handle it, and their gifts end up being a burden. 

They are simply too strong for their bodies, to put it briefly.

Members of Generation of Miracles

Ryota KiseThe small forward for the Generation of Miracles, Ryota Kise, is currently playing for Kaijo High. He is renowned for his ability to mimic any technique he watches, frequently doing so more powerfully than the original. He is a model as well.
Shintaro MidorimaThe Generation of Miracles’ Vice-Captain and Shooting Guard was Shintar Midorima. He now competes for Shutoku High, one of Tokyo’s Three Kings.
Daiki AomineKuroko’s former teammate and light in Teik, Daiki Aomine, was the star player of the legendary Generation of Miracles. He is the power forward and an ace for T Academy right now. Following their encounters in the Interhigh Preliminary Round and the Winter Cup, he and Kagami have sworn rivalry. Up until the Winter Cup’s opening round, he served as the major enemy.
Seijuro AkashiSeijuro Akashi is the point guard and captain of both Team Vorpal Swords and Rakuzan High. He was the Generation of Miracles’ Captain and most feared leader.
Atsushi MusrasakibaraAtsushi Murasakibara is a former playing center for the Teikou Middle School basketball team and someone who belonged to the Generation of Miracles. Even though they are now enrolled at different schools, he only pays attention to Akashi. Simply because Akashi advised him not to, he did not participate for Yousen in the championship game of the National High School Basketball Tournament. He was the fourth member of GOM to show up.
Members of Generation of Miracles.

Is Kagami a member of the Generation of Miracles?

The star and power forward of Seirin High as well as the deuteragonist of the Kuroko no Basuke series is Taiga Kagami. 

He is a basketball teammate and buddy of Tetsuya Kuroko who is driven to surpass the Generation of Miracles and become the finest in Japan.

Many characters in the program make reference to the members of the Generation of Miracles, but only Kise, Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara, and Akashi are named specifically because they were the ones that the sports writers, other schools, etc. highlighted. 

Despite being teammates with Teiko, other characters like Kuroko, Momoi, Haizaki, and Nijimura aren’t regarded as Miracles simply because the basketball world didn’t think so.

Because he was not eligible to receive the moniker, Kagami is not a Miracle. The “Miracle Who Was Never A Miracle” is what people mostly call him. The basketball world would have categorically regarded him as one of the Miracles if he had been on Teiko at the same time as the team. 

A moniker (such as “Phantom Sixth Man” or “Uncrowned King/General”) possibly would have been given to him if he weren’t on Teiko and instead played for another team.

Check out this video for more details:

Who is the strongest in Generation of Miracles?

Akashi is the strongest in the Generation of Miracles.

The Generation of Miracles’ former captain, Seijuro Akashi, still has a strong influence over them as evidenced by the fact that not a single person declined his invitation to a meeting of the team before the commencement of the Winter Cup. 

Seijuro Akashi‘s eyes change according to his personality

Akashi is the most adaptable member of the Generation of Miracles in terms of both attack and defense, thanks to his two separate personalities, each of which has its own unique skills on the court.

The “other Akashi,” the first personality in the series, used his “Emperor Eye” talent to conquer everyone on the court. 

Akashi was able to read his opponent’s every move because of Emperor Eye (including their heartbeat, breathing, twitches, etc.). 

As a result, he was able to see through any feint attempts and steal the ball numerous times at advantageous times. 

Emperor Eye also gave Akashi permission to use his trademark ankle-breaking move, which involved swiping the ball over just when the opposition moved their weight onto the pivoting leg.

Both of Akashi’s personalities rely on their teammates’ ability on the court, and they frequently give the ball to whoever is best positioned to secure success, in contrast to other Generation of Miracles players like Aomine and Murisakibara. 

However, when Akashi adopts his original personality, his true teamwork shines through, whereas the other Akashi considered his friends as nothing more than instruments to be used.

He no longer has much use of his Emperor Eye in this position, but he does acquire a larger perspective of the entire court, enabling him to make flawless passes to friends. 

The real Akashi may use his impeccable rhythm passing to support his teammates’ plays and put them in a position that is very close to being in the zone, unlike the “other” Akashi who can enter the zone and further establish his dominance as an individual. He is a significant asset to any squad because of this.

Who is stronger Aomine or Akashi?

You can’t really decide who is the strongest member of the Generation of Miracles between Aomine and Akashi.

Overall, Akashi is the best player and unbeatable. Defenders misjudge him because of his deceptive physique and fail to see his genuine skill and play. He cannot be guarded or passed on because he is the court’s ruler. 

He is so intelligent that he secretly directs events in the court, making sure that everything goes according to his plan. He is the singularity and expertly controls everything that occurs in the game.

On the other hand, Aomine undoubtedly has the greatest handles of the Miracle Generation, and his strength, speed, agility, and other attributes combine to make him an unstoppable force. 

He can outmaneuver anyone with ease, thanks to his handling and agility, and thanks to his talents, he can nearly never be blocked like the formless shot. 

He is thought to be superior to Kise, but I disagree because Kise has yet to demonstrate his full potential due to his recent interest in basketball and the importance of teamwork in basketball.

Daiki Aomine
Daiki Aomine is a complex character.

Weakness of Generation of Miracles

Each member of the Generation of Miracles has one common weakness: their still-developing bodies are unable to endure the physical strain of employing these skills to their full potential due to their tremendous level of natural talent.

If a player pushes themselves to use their full powers for an extended period of time, they may become overexerted or even harm themselves because they still have the body of a high school student. In other words, their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness.

An example of this is the Kaij High vs. T Academy match, in which Ryta Kise was virtually unable to stand after the match and suffered a long-term leg injury as a result of the overuse of his powers.


  • Generation of Miracles includes five extraordinarily gifted prodigies.
  • They were able to excel at the highest levels of the skills demanded of them.
  • Because of the limitations placed on them by their maturing bodies, the members of the Generation of Miracles are unable to fully utilize their skills.
  • Among all, Akashi is considered to be the strongest because of his strong personality.

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