Is Chainsaw Man Good To Watch? (Explored)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Chainsaw Man”? You might assume that it is talking about a man who just really enjoys chainsaws. 

It's about a person whose parents hated him and gave him the name of a piece of power equipment.
It’s about a person whose parents hated him and gave him the name of a piece of power equipment.

Perhaps it’s a person whose parents named him after power equipment because they detested him. It’s possible that the upcoming superhero will arrive to save the day. 

Or, if you’re familiar with the upcoming Anime series, you know that it centers on a young guy who develops a link with the cute chainsaw devil pup Pochita (Shiori Izawa), which gives him the ability to transform various parts of his body into chainsaws.

This article will tell you all about this show and whether it’s worth watching or not.

What is Chainsaw Man about?

The plot of Chainsaw Man revolves around a young guy named Denji who is entrusted with repaying his father’s yakuza debt by serving as a Devil Hunter.

Devil Hunters search for, hunt out, and slay devils who cause destruction on Earth. Denji is soon betrayed by his yakuza bosses, and in order to save his life, Denji’s friend Pochita fuses with him, becoming his heart and transforming him into the titular Chainsaw Man.

Denji eventually becomes entangled with Makima, a high-ranking public service Devil Hunter who takes on perilous tasks to eliminate Devils that endanger Japan’s safety. He rapidly becomes familiar with other Devil Hunters and even Demons themselves, drastically altering his previously tranquil life. Denji gradually realizes that not everything is as it appears.

Who are the Devil Hunters?

Devil Hunters are people (human or otherwise) who have taken it upon themselves to battle against Demons whenever a threat linked to them arises in the world.

They frequently employ contracts with Devils to give themselves a fighting chance against their gigantic opponents, giving them a tremendous edge over ordinary law enforcement when Devils come. They play an important role in the plot of Chainsaw Man because of Denji’s job as a Devil Hunter in both the Private Sector and Public Safety.

There are over a thousand devil hunters in Tokyo, counting the Private Sector Devil Hunters, indicating that being a demon hunter is a prevalent vocation. Government Devil Hunters are paid on a regular basis, just like any other government employee, but private sector Devil Hunters turn in bounties and do not have a permanent monthly pay. Some demon hunters may choose to sell devil corpses on the illicit market to supplement their income.

Devil Hunters would occasionally catch devils rather than kill them, mainly to use them to establish contracts, with the Future demon being an example. Devil Hunters are also the only persons permitted by the government to make a contract with the devil.

Is Chainsaw Man worth watching?

The plot revolves around young Denji (Kikunosuke Toya), an epic sadboi created by the renowned Anime studio MAPPA

He has been forced to take on odd occupations and sell off pieces of his body in order to exist because of the debt his deceased father left him (including one of his testicles). 

His only company is the aforementioned Pochita, whom he first encounters in an extremely depressing flashback while standing in the pouring rain at his father’s grave. 

The two then decide to support one another and spend their days seeking what they refer to as “devils” in order to make as much money as they can.

Even though he laments the lack of a woman in his life to play video games with before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms, he is managing to make the difficult existence work for him (again, sadboi). 

Not all is lost, though, as he has his adorably adorable buddy who will up being his savior when he finds himself against the wall and no one else is around to help.

He will be placed in an unforeseen trap later in the first episode of the show, which will put the two of them to an entirely new test. 

Denji will next undergo a transformation that turns him into the named Chainsaw Man after everything is said and done. 

The moment soon heralds the opening of the floodgates of bloodshed, and the character is an exact replica of the one from the Tatsuki Fujimoto-created original Manga series. 

Nothing compares to what occurs when this new form comes free in all its beauty, even though there had been a few grisly and horrific moments prior to it.

He dispatches a horde of mind-controlled foes quickly with a chainsaw on his head and one on each arm before killing the Zombie Devil in charge of them. 

It is a brief scene that appears to be rushed and dependent on over-explaining through narration what was already clear from a striking visual sequence. 

It is part of a ballet of brutality. It explains things a little bit too thoroughly when we had already started to grasp them.

Naturally, the purpose of this is to give the character a private monologue in line with his brooding personality. 

We hear the chainsaw start to sluggishly rev up before it reaches a peak of sound and fury, which thankfully makes all of these somewhat needless asides disappear into the background. 

As a result, we hear about his metamorphosis before we fully see it, which makes the reveal much more exciting. It’s much more entertaining to watch Denji truly let loose when he adopts a psychotic demeanor, laughing and killing with ease. 

The juxtaposition of him becoming more silent and unsure again when the bodies are all that’s left of them gives a funny punchline that fits the situation.

It establishes humorously how the horrible killer we just saw in action still harbors the uncomfortable, awkward kid who doesn’t know what to do with himself. 

While this particular scene of action offers plenty to be admired, it is also wonderful to see the program continue to make use of the darker humor that was so frequently present in the original work. 

All of this results in a skillfully animated introduction that is sure to pique the interest and imagination of the numerous legions of anime lovers who are looking for their own next show to watch.

Having said that, there is still a long way to go because this is only the first book in the series. 

There are numerous individuals that we haven’t even had a chance to meet yet, as well as whole narratives that will be introduced but will mostly ignore this narrative framework. 

One gets the impression that this is all simply the appetizer for the main course, which still needs to justify continuing the macabre feast. 

The episode does give viewers a glimpse of Denji’s journey toward joining the Public Safety Devil Hunters and the numerous adventures that would undoubtedly follow once he does.

Therefore, although straightforward and strong, the series’ first episode nevertheless leaves room for a good dose of skepticism. 

This is just the beginning; everything that follows will need to be more challenging than what was just experienced in the final segment of this first episode. 

Although the brutality we have witnessed has been effective, if it is not continued moving ahead, it will quickly become blunt.

If Chainsaw Man were to move forward and have the same effect on audiences as its inspiration did, it will still be necessary to expand upon all of this considerably. But this is unquestionably a good place to start.

Denji and Pochita make a promise to help one another survive.
Denji and Pochita make a promise to help one another survive.

Is there anything inappropriate in Chainsaw Man?

Although Chainsaw Man belongs to the shounen genre, which is typically written for teenagers, parts of its chapters are not suitable for younger readers. 

Parents should be aware of the series’ content because Anime will be more or less authentic to the Manga.

Violence and GoreThe Anime’s brutal tone is established by Denji’s mutilation of other devils and zombies in the first episode. Every chapter of the Manga features frequent instances of dismemberment, mutilation, gut leaking, and a lot of blood. 
Sex and NudityAlmost no clothing is worn at times by characters like Power in the series, which mostly features female nudity. Although there aren’t many sexual moments, you should be advised that Chapters 54 and 59 contain some rather explicit scenes of Quanxi and her harem.
ProfanityThe series does include some swearing, though not a lot. The first episode refers to Denji as a “dog” in a disparaging way. 
Alcohol, Drugs, and SmokingSince a large portion of the characters in the series are adults, they do their fair share of consuming alcohol and smoking. In Manga, characters like Himeno and Aki frequently smoke.
Inappropriate things in Chainsaw Man.

No scenes from the Chainsaw Man Manga will be censored, according to MAPPA CEO Hamura Otsuka, who stated this at a panel discussion at Anime Expo 2022. 

The production committee guaranteed the fans that no scenes would be left out despite the Manga’s abundance of graphic content. 

The production committee decided to stay true to the Manga even at the expense of getting the Anime tagged with an 18+ classification because they wanted the Anime to feel as raw as its source material.

Chainsaw Man contains violence.
Chainsaw Man contains violence.

Is Chainsaw Man better than AOT?

There isn’t much of a connection between Chainsaw Man and Attack On Titan other than the fact that they were both made by MAPPA, their blood, and perhaps their shared emptiness and despondency. 

In actuality, the former sets itself apart very nicely thanks to its comedy and sense of humor. 

Even more so than the high-flying animation employed in Attack On Titan, Chainsaw Man exudes flair and slickness amidst the sadness. 

Additionally, the primary cast members have a lot more jokes and nearly slapstick violence, which gives the film a fairly even level of levity. 

The Manga uses a struggle with a purported “testicle monster” to explain away a character getting punched in the groin as one illustration.

Attack on Titan, in contrast, hardly ever cracked jokes, with this “grimdark” tone emphasizing how serious the situation was. 

Because of this dearth of comedy, Attack On Titan: Counter Rockets’ hilarious antics became infamous. 

In fact, there is a scene in the fairly absurd series where the male characters all pursue Lil, the female lead, with their lips pursed and ready to respond to her romantic availability. 

Attack On Titan is generally so dark and serious, therefore a sequence like that had no place in the main franchise at all. 

Given that tone, comparisons to Chainsaw Man are very odd; they amount to arguing that a comedy like Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and the aforementioned Bleach are interchangeable.

Chainsaw Man is an Anime film through and through, but Attack On Titan has a lot more of an appeal to people who don’t often watch Anime. 

Attack on Titan is as deadly serious as its namesake adversaries, whereas Chainsaw Man is totally self-aware of its happenings, many of which can be downright absurd. 

In addition, the characters in Chainsaw Man are much more visually appealing and dimensionally richer, whereas the circumstances in Attack on Titan result in a cast that is less visibly affected. 

It goes without saying that there is a gulf between these shows that is equal to that of the Titans themselves, therefore it is puzzling why fans are putting the two MAPPA Anime side by side.

Was The Chainsaw Man Anime good or a disappointment?


  • Tatsuki Fujimoto is renowned for using his stuff to express cruelty. The Manga of the same name served as the basis for Chainsaw Man. 
  • In conclusion, Chainsaw Man offers an intriguing main character, thrilling battle scenes, and a gorgeous woman who has the potential to become a waifu. I believe that the excitement surrounding this Anime is justified.

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