10 Best Female Anime Assassins

There are many different fighters in Anime, but none are as fascinating as assassins. Although they don’t have the same flash as some of the best fighters in Anime, their cunning, and subtlety make up for it.

Particularly among female assassins, the beloved femme fatale stereotype completely eliminates the tired damsel in need cliché.

Action-packed Anime battle scenes can add excitement to a show, but assassination missions and political intrigue can offer more exhilarating thrills and suspense than fights. 

A protagonist who is an assassin might occasionally provide the thrill as we wait to see how they’ll pull off a difficult operation.

Other times, we find ourselves riveted as we see a villainous assassin leave their mark, elude detection, or reveal themselves to be someone we trusted.

This video features the deadliest assassins of all time.

Top 10 Deadliest Assassins of Anime World

The best assassins in Anime tend to be strong-willed female protagonists, which makes it fantastic.

Here are some of the top female assassins from Anime that are wonderful to watch and proficient in their craft.

Character NamesAnime Titles
ChiantiCase Closed
Yugao Uzuki Naruto
Nico RobinOne Piece
Irina Jelavic Assassination Classroom
Kyoka IzumiBungo Stray Dogs
Akame Akame ga Kill
Maki ZeninJujutsu Kaisen
Alphard Al Sheya Canaan
Yor Forger Spy x Family
Vermouth Case Closed
10 Best Female Anime Assassins

Each one is unique, possessing her own personality, methods, and motivations; occasionally, they can deceive us, the audience, into thinking they are innocent when they are not. 

Keep reading as I cover each of the above-mentioned assassins in detail.

Chianti (Case Closed)


Chianti presents as a typical thin woman with light orange hair and pale skin. She also frequently appears in her collared black leather suit.

Chianti has a tattoo of a swallowtail butterfly’s wing on her left eyelid. 


Chianti is a ferocious assassin who revels in taking their life.

She is extremely impatient, unlike Korn, and seems to detest Vermouth as well.


She demonstrated her sniping prowess when she and Korn used their sniping rifle to kill Kevin Brown during a practice session.

However, she cannot compete with Akai because she can only shoot out to 600 yards while Akai can shoot out to 700 yards or more than 1300 yards. She always drives her blue Dodge Viper, so she might have some driving skills.

Yugao Uzuki (Naruto)


Yugao is a young woman with warm brown eyes, straight purple hair that falls to her waist and dark red lipstick.

Yugao has a tattoo of the iconic Anbu design on her right shoulder

Yugao is a member of the Anbu and wears a porcelain cat-shaped mask with three red stripes on it: one on the forehead and two on the cheeks.

She also sports the traditional Anbu garb, which consists of a katana strapped on her back, metal arm guards, and black and grey armor.


From what little has been seen of her, she appears to be a loyal and kind individual.

She has also been characterized as someone who gives her all to whatever she does and loves to watch the moon, which could be a play on her name.

In the Anime, it is depicted that Hayate’s passing left an emotional scar on her, causing her to shun battle up until Sakura forced her to reconsider.


Her abilities are substantially enhanced in Anime.

Although her abilities have not yet been shown in the Manga, Yugao is a highly competent kunoichi and is a member of the Anbu.

Nico Robin (One Piece)


Nico Robin is a tall, slim girl with shoulder-length black hair and dark, dilated pupils in her eyes (her eyes are depicted to be brown in the Manga as well as the tenth and twelfth movies; while in the Anime, her eyes are depicted to be blue).

She also has a clearly defined, long, and thin nose. In contrast to Manga-colored artworks where Robin’s skin tone is lighter, the Anime version of Robin has a significantly darker tan.

With the exception of her hair color and style and having a somewhat darker skin tone than her mother, Robin likewise has a striking resemblance to her mother.

The length of Robin’s limbs, especially her legs, substantially enhances both her fighting prowess and overall height.


She is extremely intelligent and patient in all situations.

Although Robin doesn’t have a specific job on the ship, she has the ability to predict what might be found and how it might benefit others. She is seen as a particularly intelligent member by Luffy.


She has the ability to grow replica body parts from her own body, inanimate objects, and even other people.

Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)


Irina is a tall, attractive girl. She has wavy blonde hair, fair skin, and big light blue eyes. She makes use of her charm to control her assassination targets and accomplish her objective.

She typically sports a light-brown blouse under a white collared shirt with the sleeves pulled up, white business-casual pants held in place by a brown belt, and white sandals with high heels.


Irina initially came across as a nasty, calculating, and haughty individual who had little regard for the Class E kids (earning her the nickname Bitch-sensei).

She is a self-assured, experienced woman who has been characterized by her students as exuding a mature, black widow aura because of her high hit count and model-like beauty.


Irina has reportedly learned the Kiss of Death technique from Olga, as seen by her ability to randomly French kiss people in order to get multiple Hits off of them.

She has instructed her pupils, including Nagisa, in this method. Planning is regarded as one of Irina’s best skills, second only to her seduction methods.

She is capable of creating intricate schemes entirely on her own, with backups for any unforeseen complications, leaving her targets with no possibility of escaping. 

Irina is conversant in ten different languages, making her a highly accomplished conversationalist.

She is able to elicit information from her targets thanks to these powers and her sneakiness.

Kyoka Izumi (Bungo Stray Dogs)


She typically appears dressed in black slacks and a white top.

She doesn’t have any underwear on, either. A dark green scarf is also noticed on her.


The personality type of Kyoka is an ISTJ, which is an INTP. She can be a little chilly and aloof, but she can also be really upbeat and friendly, so this can be fairly realistic.

Although she generally gets along with everyone, she can be a little headstrong. She takes her work extremely seriously, yet she also has a tendency to procrastinate. 


Demon Snow (Japanese: Yasha Shirayuki) is a talent that causes a large, powerful, sword-wielding phantom to appear.

Due to the error in her mother’s attempted power transfer, it can only be managed by calling Kyoka’s phone. 

Akame (Akame ga Kill!)


A thin, pretty young woman named Akame has long, black hair and crimson eyes. She sports a red belt with a red side skirt cover and a black, sleeveless short dress with a white collar and a red tie.

Long black socks and black shoes complete her outfit. She also has black gloves and red gauntlets on.

In conflict, she occasionally dons a long, dark coat. She frequently appears with her Teigu, Murasame.


Due to the torturous training the Empire made Akame and her sister endure, she comes out as a very somber and cold-hearted young woman, but it turns out that she is simply socially shy.

She has a great deal of concern for her fellow soldiers and is constantly afraid that one of them won’t survive.


Akame is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can dodge and counterattack with deadly accuracy.

Akame is incredibly quick, agile, and quick to react.

Additionally, she fights with almost no lethal intent, making it impossible for the opposition to detect her.

Maki Zenin (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Maki is a young lady with a tall, fit frame. She has long, black hair that is typically pulled back into a tiny ponytail, small golden eyes, and dark green hair in the Anime.

Maki’s glasses enhance her abilities.

She wears various pairs of glasses that allowed her to see curses and had fringes of hair across her forehead and tiny strands framing her cheekbones.


She is incredibly capable, driven, and strong-willed in her desire to defy the expectations that her putative family members have placed on her.

Strong cursed techniques are essential in a sorcerer clan, but Maki couldn’t even see curses.


Only after Mai’s passing did Maki finally lose the last of her cursed vitality and develop superhuman physiology that rivaled her cousin’s.

Alphard Al Sheya (Canaan)


Alphard is a charming young woman with olive skin, shoulder-length black hair that she typically wears in a ponytail (although she will occasionally wear it down), and cruel grey eyes.

She typically wears a smirk or a neutral expression on her face. Alphard is dressed in a dark purple trench coat, black leggings, and a black tube top.

She was inked with a serpent by Siam on her left arm. Later, she shot off this arm in order to sever her ties to Siam and Canaan.


Alphard is an erratic but typically composed young woman who exhibits no regret for her deeds, including brutally killing the guy who served as a father figure to her during her attacks.

She disregards all of her friends and doesn’t seem to be interested in dating.


Usually, whatever Alphard was aiming at is hit when she fires a shot. She can modify her aim for such situations and take into consideration a shifting target.

On moving trains, she doesn’t really lose much precision. She can even deal with targets while swinging because of her quick drawing speed.

Yor Forger (Spy x Family)


Yor is a pretty, tall young lady with upturned red eyes, long black hair, and light skin.

Her hair is divided into two sections, crossed over her head, and fastened with a headband to create two thick strands that hang below her chest. 


Camilla refers to Yor as a robot since she lacks social skills, first comes across as a bit of an aloof person, interacts little with her coworkers, and is quite simple.

Yor is similarly extraordinarily cool-headed and able to maintain her composure while engaged in a fight.


Yor has monstrously inhuman physical abilities despite her petite body.

She can throw her weapons hard enough to splinter through a wooden door and impale someone on the other side. She can easily pierce human skulls with them.

Yor looks innocent but is ferocious during combat.

Vermouth (Case Closed)


Vermouth looks to be a tall, slim woman with light blue eyes, long silver hair, and pale skin. Vermouth doesn’t seem to get older for some reason.

Vermouth has not altered physically in the twenty years since she killed Jodie’s parents. When his shotgun discharge brushed Vermouth’s face, Shuichi Akai further demonstrated that she was not concealing her identity.

In particular, it is unclear whether Vermouth hasn’t aged over time or if she suddenly got younger.


Although Vermouth takes orders from the top echelons of the syndicate, she frequently follows her own agenda and whims, even when they are not in the best interests of the Black Organization.

She is discreet and cunning, especially when dealing with other members like Calvados, who had a crush on her.

Vermouth is adept at using different situations to her advantage.

Vermouth can weave intricate conspiracies on her own and gain the upper hand even while being watched by opponents because she is incredibly bold and confident in her talents.


Vermouth is shrewd and bright, able to independently examine results and shape circumstances to her benefit.

Vermouth is an expert in reconnaissance and infiltration and has a reputation for working quickly but cautiously to obtain information.

Vermouth is able to carry out audacious ideas that put her in close proximity to her targets and further her schemes even without the help of other syndicate members thanks to her confidence, knowledge, and effective use of abilities.


  • There are many many ways in which a woman might be strong. In the Anime world, female assassins are all strong, and that is what makes them the best.  
  • Even while their levels of confidence may not be comparable, it does demonstrate that if you truly want to win someone over, you should be tough and sure that you earn your place in the world.
  • Some of the best female assassins are Nico Robin (One Piece), Yugao Uzuki (Naruto), and Chianti (Case Closed).

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