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Spot On: How Do You Know If Manga Is Original?

Several individuals get interested in purchasing amazing Manga as a result of the Manga market’s recent success surge. However, the issue arises whenever you came across a Manga that is now being offered for a far more discounted cost than the authentic and you are dubious regarding it.

False Manga might be difficult to identify based solely on the covers. The customer must examine numerous factors, such as the visuals, translations, and picture quality.

Here are given types of Manga with each type catering to a unique type of fan:

Manga typeDescription
ShonenCaters young boys
ShojoCaters young girls
SeinenParticularly for adult males
JoseiAttracting adult females
KodomomukeTargeted to young kids
Content table for manga types

This article caters to different aspects that must be considered while purchasing a new manga. In case, you’re a new reader of manga and don’t know much about identifying its authenticity, keep reading the article;

What is Japanese Manga?

Manga is an umbrella term for a vast range of Japanese-produced and published comic books and graphic novels.

Unlike American comic books, which are nearly always published in full color, Japanese manga are almost always published in black and white. Full-color prints are often reserved for limited editions.

Japanese manga is read right to left, but English language publications are read left to right. If you’ve only ever read English newspapers, this may take some getting used to, but you won’t notice once you’ve practiced enough.

The majority of manga series are multi-volume affairs. This is vital to remember before beginning a new series because reading the volumes in the correct order is critical. Smaller series, such as Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon, which has just approximately 12 volumes, may find this easier than longer-running series, such as Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, which has 42 volumes.

Is there anything significant you should know about manga?

There is no rule that says a grown man can’t read a shojo series or that a teen girl can’t read a seinen series.

Many manga series, such as Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist, span gender and age barriers to be loved by all. There are also manga that contradict genre rules, like as Kaiu Shirai’s Promised Neverland and Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba, both of which are technically shonen manga but have female protagonists.

We share this so that readers can better comprehend what sets each manga series apart. People frequently think that all manga is aimed at teens or children, which can cause problems if a well-meaning educator, parent, or library accidentally provides a young child with access to a sexually explicit manga planned for adults.

Manga, like any other type of narrative, may range from serious, heart-wrenching drama to stupid, mindless entertainment. Most manga involve exaggerated scenarios, comedy, or art, as exaggeration is nearly synonymous with the genre.

How do you know if your Manga is Bootleg?

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama
Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

A bootleg tape is an audio and video capture of an event that has not been authorized by the performer or by another legitimate process. Bootlegging is the practice of creating and disseminating such tracks.

The most accurate way to determine if the Manga you purchase is a bootleg is to look at the license pages. The majority of the time, it’s simple to distinguish a bootleg Manga from its own authentic equivalent because it lacks a license sheet as well as an ISBN.

However, the problem with bootleg Manga is that it may take on any format. Therefore, everything that the genuine ones will have would also be present in the counterfeit versions. It is clear that such Manga is a bootleg whenever the publication’s title on the license page differs from that found on the cover picture, specifically on the spines.

Why is Manga so cheap in Japan?

If you live in Japan, you may become interested in purchasing Manga because it is among the country’s best-known literature-based exports.

Manga may be a very affordable pastime if you are aware of where to look.

In Japan, Manga is mainly a cheap pastime that you may enjoy while working. In Japan, many individuals with part-time employment may purchase thesea few even possess significant collections of Manga.

Manga is primarily an inexpensive hobby that you might do while working.
Manga is primarily an inexpensive hobby that you might do while working.

If you’ve been seeking weekly newspapers and magazines, these volumes are even more affordable. You may also purchase 2nd hand or used Manga volumes. However, Manga is also reasonably priced, so you may not be required to purchase it pre-owned. If they are the more recent volumes or the best reprinted, most contemporary Manga is also amazing.

Purchasing secondhand Manga in Japan is excellent for its qualities, besides the cost. The majority of Japanese people are exceedingly cautious with their possessions, some only peruse a manga volume once before keeping it in their bookcases. Purchasing old Manga must always be simple until you’re searching for buyers’ editions or a Japan-only publication.

What is Japan’s most popular Manga?

Owing to the ease with which everyone may acquire Japanese entertaining content, Manga has lately become considerably more widely known all over the world.

Shortly after being released in Japan, renowned Manga is converted into languages other than Japanese and marketed in several different territories and locations.

In this section, I’ve compiled for you a list of Manga that proved to be the most popular of their time;

Yu Yu Hakusho

Probably one of the best adventurous Manga in Weekly Shonen Jump comics in the nineties is Yu Yu Hakusho, which was penned by Y. Togashi.

Yusuke Urameshi, the central character, is killed in a vehicle collision but later comes back to life.

As an underground world investigator, he looks into paranormal happenings alongside several distinctive characters like Kurama, Goki, and Hiei.


Released on Young Animal in the 1980s, it is a continuing Manga based on dark fantasy.

The narrative centers on the quest of the central protagonist Guts, who utilizes his big sword to live in the realm of imagined medieval Europe.

Both video games and an animated adaptation of Berserk have already been produced.

Review of Berserk manga

Fist Of The North Star

Buronson and Tetsuo Hara collaborated on the Japanese comic series Fist Of The North Star
Buronson and Tetsuo Hara collaborated on the Japanese comic series Fist Of The North Star

One of the most well-known adventures of Manga in Japan during the 1980s was featured on Weekly Shonen Jump from 1983 to 1988.

The backdrop is the desolate globe following the nuclear war in the nineties, and Kenshiro, the inheritor of the legendary Hokuto Shinken assassinations martial art, endures by fending off evildoers.

Final Verdict

  • The pricing is the biggest indicator of whether a manga is real or not because genuine Manga is priced comparably higher.
  • Because a lot more amount is used in generating higher visuals in the manga, the genuine one will possess the finest visuals.
  • Along with that, some of the most notable manga are mentioned in the article written above.

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