BNA Season 2 Release Date Confirmed? Trailer, Manga [2023]

The primary season of “BNA: Brand New Animal” was aired from Apr 9, 2020, to Jun 25, 2020. A few fans have proactively watched the series and are enthusiastic about more data about the BNA Season 2.

In 2020, the action and fantasy anime series Brand New Animal made its debut. It was Kazuki Nakashima who wrote the original anime series, which was helmed by Yoh Yoshinari. The anime-specific script was then adapted into a manga and light novel.

On MyAnimeList, BNA: Brand New Animal is ranked at #2144 with a rating of 7.37 with about 320,992 members. Meanwhile, on IMBD the series received a rating of 7.2, based on fans’ feedback.

Will There Be A BNA Season 2

The anime series has not yet received a second season renewal from Netflix, Studio Trigger, or any other organization associated with it as of August 29, 2022. There hasn’t been a cancellation, though. One of the most popular Netflix shows of 2020 was it. If all goes as planned, BNA’s second season will debut in 2022–2023.

BNA Season 2

Whether the studio is presently engaged in sequel development is unknown. They haven’t yet released any material on this subject. Despite the fact that some viewers really enjoyed the series, everything is based on income.

BNA Season 2 Release Date

BNA Season 2 release date has not yet been determined or confirmed by Studio Trigger, hence there is presently no official information available about it.

The anime’s revival has not been officially confirmed by the production studio. Furthermore, because it is not based on any manga series, figuring out the plot is difficult. Where the tale takes place is left up to the filmmakers.

The conclusion of the first season left one untied thread. The condition of Michiru and Nazuna was not resolved, and they were changed into humanoids.

BNA Season 2

Release Date: Estimate 2023 (Unsure)
Anime Name: BNA: Brand New Animal
Total Episodes: 12
Streaming: Netflix

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BNA Season 2 Plot

Michiru Kagemori, a young adolescent girl who abruptly transformed into a tanuki beastman when her closest friend Nazuna Hiwatashi was kidnapped after receiving a blood transfusion, is the star of the show.

In Anima City, a shelter built for Beastmen, Michiru flees and finds the enigmatic wolf beastman Shirou Ogami. While trying to find out what caused Michiru’s metamorphosis, the two run into a plot involving Sylvasta Pharmaceutics, a hospital research facility.

Shirou and Michiru first see each other in Anima City, a Beastmen city that was decimated by humans millennia earlier. The proprietor of Sylvasta Pharmaceutics, Alan Sylvasta, discloses that the Beastmen were actually afflicted with Nirvasyl Syndrome, a condition brought on by stress.

Nazuna plays the Silver Wolf to relieve tension as Michiru accepts her predicament. But Alan’s strategy entails making Nazuna appear to be a Beastman while asserting his own immortality and pure bloodline. They also discover that Michiru’s blood may be used as a treatment, which prevents a crisis by getting Michiru to accept her situation.

BNA Season 2 Trailer

For viewing in 2022, the official BNA Season 2 trailer has not yet been made available.

Instead, check out the season one trailer here. Watch it to experience how fantastically animated the first season of BNA: Brand New Animal was.

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Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Michiru Kagemori Sumire Morohoshi
Shirou Ogami Yoshimasa Hosoya
Nazuna Hiwatashi Maria Naganawa
Marie Itami Michiyo Murase
Jackie Megumi Han
Alan Sylvasta Kaito Ishikawa


II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Yoh Yoshinari
Series Composition, Script Kazuki Nakashima (8 episodes)
Kimiko Ueno (eps 5, 9)
Nanami Higuchi (eps 4, 6)
Character Design Yusuke Yoshigaki
Studio Trigger


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